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When a new coach is appointed I find that the really fun part is to speculate as to which players already at the club would fit the coach's system, which youth players might get a look-in, and which areas he would need to prioritise in terms of adding new players. It's nice to look forward, to translate the squad over a coach's assumed system and to consider how that might go.
"Paulo Fonseca", I thought to myself, "what do I know about him?". Not a great deal. So I thought I'd better do some digging before I formed an opinion. I've done this via a number of methods, and I'll take you through my process step-by-step and then, at the end, we can have a think together about how we feel about his apparently-imminent appointment.
Let's be clear, it is perfectly reasonable and perfectly sensible for two parties to end a negotiation because a compromise cannot be reached. If one side or both sides have particular needs, requirements, values on which they will not bend, then walking away is clearly the right decision. But, allowing that to play out in public, particularly on the day of the deadline for season ticket renewals, is pretty shameful. As is allowing negotiations get as far as they appear to have got; what a waste of time and effort.
The Premier League Released and Retained lists have been published this evening. There are no great surprises for Spurs, but some news.


Windy, Bardi and Nathan try to make sense of what's going on with our hunt for a new manager.

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  • 7th June 2021 at 21:37

We're back from a short hiatus to react to the fallout of talks breaking down between Tottenham and Conte, and have a look at where Tottenham go from here.

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  • 5th June 2021 at 10:59