I’m a mid-thirties Spurs blogger, focussing primarily on the youth team and development squad, but also writing regularly on the first team.

I can also be found on Twitter, tweeting regularly in-game as well as on Reddit.

I host The Extra Inch podcast and am a regular contributor to The Fighting Cock too.

I write regularly for Paddy Power, and have also written for the following titles/websites:

I’ve also been asked to give opinions and insight on TalkSPORT, Radio Yorkshire and Sirius FM.

You can get in touch with me at Win[email protected].

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I’ve written on here for many, many years for no money because I love doing it, and I think (some) people (sometimes) enjoy reading my thoughts. There are associated costs with running a blog, like the annual cost of the domain, and the odd bottle of whisky for my wonderful web designer, Dan. If you wish to (and can afford to) donate to help keep this site running, please use the button below.