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Back in November, I tweeted that we were 8-9 depth players away from being able to compete in the Premier League and in Europe.
  • WindyCOYS
  • 7 minute read
  • 2nd April 2024 at 16:44
Ange says there's no magic door for young players. I think there should be.
  • WindyCOYS
  • 7 minute read
  • 2nd March 2024 at 09:25
Nathan put together this really excellent video about why we struggle against the narrow low block and some potential solutions. If you listen to our podcast, The Extra Inch (Spurs Podcast), you'll know that Nathan is convinced that we are a dribbly winger (or two) away from being a hell of a team. I'm struggling to convince myself that Ange agrees.
  • WindyCOYS
  • 5 minute read
  • 21st February 2024 at 17:12
We're just over halfway through the season, and I wanted to reflect on the season so far, and what it's meant to me and then think forward to next season in terms of squad building and transfer planning. So this will be half 'heart' and half 'head'.
  • WindyCOYS
  • 8 minute read
  • 21st January 2024 at 09:21


Nathan, Bardi and Windy try to work out if we need to be worried.

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  • 16th April 2024 at 05:38
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  • 15th April 2024 at 17:39