Hypocritical Wenger?

It was interesting to hear Wenger’s take on Eduardo’s dive last night, especially when he’d previously made rather different comments when Eboue dived to win them a free kick (from which they scored) in the Champions League final in 2006:

“It is clear there was no foul. I condemn and regret the attitude of Eboue.”

“I have always risen up against cheating.”

“Eboue cheated by simulating the foul. I detest simulation.”

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  1. so what was his take on eduardo's dive??
  2. He's a lying cheating cnut. Everbody knows that. Slimey French git.
  3. Here are his comments on "Dudu" (ugh):

    "Eduardo might be a bit cautious because of the injury that he had. He might have jumped out of the way," Wenger said.

    "I've never asked a guy to dive to get a penalty but sometimes a player goes down because there is no way to escape a keeper.

    "I would not go as far as to say that he dived but I don't think he would have complained if the penalty had not been given."
  4. So definitely NOT a dive or a penalty….just something else, as of yet, unidentified….

    Utter sht of a man.

    Still, I hope that they get all the way to the final (before getting hammered) as it’ll derail their Prem campaign.
  5. wenger is being economic with the truth so his player doesnt get banned for two games by FIFA.for...diving! .this type if bad sportsmanship is no way to win.....games..
    its cheating.....plain and simple..... refs will be under pressure to get this right without video ref ......we/spurs got a penalty against us at Man u last season .gomes one, which wasnt ..as he got the ball..it turned the game around .in man u.s favour...
    its too important and although they balance over aseason .the big games are pressure moments for refs..and a shame for this to still be happenning..will they , FA and Ref association etc address it?
  6. hypocrisy .....?

    Spurs supporter with a memory here btw ...

    Jurgen KLINSMANN
  7. Oh, no doubt we have/have had players who dive/dived. Zokora against Pompey being the worst I've seen in recent years. Hutton is also keen on throwing himself to the ground.
    I just found myself irritated by Wenger's comments. He was happy enough to hang Eboue out to dry, but poor old Dudu was protecting his poorly leg...
  8. Klinsmann didn't dive when he was playing for spurs. You have a bad memory arse wipe.


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