Tactics for Chelsea

Yesterday was a little disappointing, but I expected 0 points or 1 point from these two games, so it wasn’t as earth shattering to me as it seems it has been to some. United were well worth the 3 points – Vidic, Fletcher and Rooney in particular were excellent, and Berbatov in the first half was majestic at times.

Next week we play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. They will probably line up something like this:

Bosingwa Carvalho Terry Cole
Essien Ballack Malouda

Lampard and Drogba have been quite exceptional so far (I struggle to see how Defoe took PotM ahead of either of them), and in my opinion our focus must be to contain these two if we are to get anything from the game.

How do we contain them?

  1. Sit Huddlestone just in front of Drogba, so when competing for any high balls, he has King behind and Huddlestone in front. We tried this with King against Kevin Davies last season, and it seemed to work well.
  2. Have Palacios man-mark Lampard. Everything comes through Lampard, so nullifying that threat will mean they have to take chances in other areas of the pitch, which could leave them open to the counter.

Chelsea’s other huge attribute is their height; they are so dangerous from set pieces. In Terry, Ballack and Drogba, they have three of the best in the league at attacking the ball. For this reason, playing both Gomes and Crouch could prove vital. Gomes, whilst being capable of blunders, will compete for crosses, whereas Cudicini hugs his line like Robinson used to, inviting pressure on to us. A decisive goalkeeper against a strong set-piece side is crucial.

My full line up would be:

Corluka King Bassong Assou-Ekotto
Lennon Jenas Huddlestone Kranjcar

NB: If Dawson is fit, he would also be in my side ahead of Bassong/Woodgate, as he has played well against Drogba in the past.

Tough choice to not select Defoe or Keane, but I think both have been poor in the last two games (despite Defoe’s cracking finish against United), and I don’t think we can go with two many small players against a side as big and strong as Chelsea.

Harry was out-thought by Old Whiskey Face this weekend – let’s hope he comes back strongly.

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  1. That line up is ridiculous...
    we won't be able to compete with chelsea's physicality, so we should play players who are gonna get the ball down and play quick football. We must move the ball better than we did against united and not punt the ball at crouch all the bloody time. I would play;

    Corluka King Bassong BAE
    Lennon Palacios Jenas Kranjcar
    Pavy Defoe

    However, I reckon 'Arry will play Keane as opposed to pav, which may help as he drops in to the midfield to give us an extra man when we need it.

    Please no start for crouchy, and for gods sake let Pavy have a game, or part of one.
  2. This team would get walloped by chelsea Spurs got beat by three things cudicini rubbish saves fosters great saves and dodgy energy roony fletcher both played on wed but you wouldent no it giggs and scholes are 36 playing aged 20 the capt is ex drug runner ferdinand Rooney never tires and doesent lose weight and takes the once banned drug that maskes steroids nead i say any more the whiskey head dident out think Harry he used the same methods that the other famous coach.Now at Chelsea.His Ac Milan training PLACE was called the lab no wonder one of his players got banned for the latest steroid it gives you all the Power without the bulk is Ac Milan team failed to get into the champs league that year very strange . So dont hold your breath against Chelsea drogba and Malouda look very slim and powerfull and so do the rest you have been Warned i told every spurs fan fergie would not allow spurs to get to 15 points is old energy bunnie Giggs AND ENERGY ROONY AND SCHOLES AND THE WORSE ONE SKELATOR Fletcher .pADDY kENNY WAS THE FALL GUY AND NOT ALONE .
  3. Er, Mr.Smith, what exactly are you on?


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