Analysis of the goals conceded vs Everton

We played some great football at Goodison, and at 0-2 with 12 minutes to play, we should have been home and dry.
I’m afraid that in this analysis, I’ll be picking out some of the same old names again – I apologise in advance if anyone thinks that I’m “out to get” certain players – I’m not! And nor am I going to hold grudges against players that make mistakes because, frankly, even the best players make errors. The worry is that we often make the same mistakes over, and over…sometimes two or three times in the same match!

Full highlights.

First goal.

The move for the first goal develops down our left, Everton’s right. Assou-Ekotto was taken off at half-time, as he was having a poor game and had been booked. Gareth Bale had come on and, despite some useful attacking forays, had looked a little shaky defensively. As the ball is played out to Coleman, Bale’s starting position could be better, but he is certainly still in a position to deal with the danger.

On a yellow card himself, he certainly can’t lunge in, so I would just expect him to stay on his feet, jockey Coleman, and see the situation out for a goal kick or even a corner. Notice at this point that Bassong is touch-tight to Saha in the 6-yard box.

Bale is beaten by the same dummy that Coleman used every time he went forward. Bale is left for dead (literally, if your name is Jamie Redknapp), and Coleman now has time to pick out a cross. Saha’s movement is good – he comes towards the ball, and then drops off. With Bale beaten, though, Bassong has little choice but to come across towards Coleman. Kranjcar seems to see the danger, and makes a move towards Saha.

But Kranjcar stops short, and Saha is left in acres of space. It’s not an easy finish, but Saha is a quality player.

Second goal (1:39 in).

The second goal is generally a bit more of a muddle. The move begins with, I think Cahill, with his back to Dawson and Bassong, well marshaled.

Palacios sees a chance to get rid of the ball. The contact he makes is awful – if you’re going to clear the ball square in a situation like this, you have to make sure it goes into the stands.

Instead the ball comes back out to our friend Seamus Coleman. Notice Bale – in fairness, he spots the danger relatively quickly, and makes his move out towards Coleman. Also worth noting the positions of the centre backs – whilst Dawson has dropped back, Bassong is lingering on the edge of the area, with Huddlestone next to him, and Palacios just on the edge of the D.

Bale seems to slow down, and not attack the ball, leaving Coleman in plenty of time and space.

This time the cross is pretty poor, and it eludes both forwards. It comes out to Everton’s left where Baines, in a very advanced position, picks up the pieces. In this situation, Dawson does what every defender should do, and drops back to protect the goal line – good, instinctive defending from the captain. Bassong, on the other hand, is still lingering halfway between the penalty spot and the edge of the box – he can have no effect on play from there and, indeed, Cahill is now unmarked, because Palacios hasn’t picked him up either.

A relatively simple task for Cahill – Bale has no chance of getting back in, Palacios is watching Cahill, Dawson’s moved toward the line, and Bassong is nowhere near the action.

A worrying lack of defensive instinct from Bassong.

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  1. I have to agree with your comments on Bassong. He performed well early in the season alongside King, however, without Ledleys leadership and instruction he often makes the wrong decisions and seems a second behind the play. Dawson on the other hand has performed exceptionally1
  2. Same problem as Daws had early in his career with Spurs. No Ledley and he plays like a wrong 'un.
  3. Never never more Bale in a Spurs shirt......
  4. I feel sorry for bale, he was on a yellow and I think his only fault is trying to impress so much that he spreads himself to thin between getting forward, pulling in to help his centre backs and his full back duties. If he had tried to stick a leg out and bring down the everton player and got a second yellow we would all be on here saying how naive he was and how his red card cost us the three points.

    Bottom line is he didn't get enough defensive support from Krankjcar and was exposed a number of times - hes young, rusty and needs competitive games. Theres been so much spoken about bale (his inability to defend, he hasn't progressed sufficently enough defensively and the curse of not winning too many games hes featured in) that I look at him and see he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and its affecting his natural game.

    He needs a run of games and to play without fear and then we'll see the best of him. Hes an easy scapegoat when the focus should be on the more experienced players in the team not shutting up shop at 2-1 and seeing the game out. Thats the difference between us and the top 4 teams - we love to bottle it at crucial times - Is it a learning process that the players must go through that will allow them to develop and mature into a real top four outfit or is it just same old spurs?

    Only time will tell.

    (I'm a lot more philosophical today than I was yesterday when the 50inch panasonic viera tv nearly had a chair put through it!!)
  5. The trouble with Spurs is we dont have a settled back four that grows has the season goes on .Dawson is a very good defender and he could break in to the England Squad.But having said this he to suffers from being behind Woodgate and King in organising is defence and if i where Harry he should leave him Captain but make him shout and marshall the defence and move him out of defencive shadow of the other two Bassong was in a defence that got relegated and he must have made his fair share of mistakes and to be fair he has not played with any settled defence.Bale needs a midfielder that helps him like malbranque used to do where is Naughton this lad was plucked from Sheffield and has not played except for the under 21 and all the fighting with players and managers is another indication something is wrong .Davspurs the legend could be right about energy bunnies all these late goals from teams that should be knackered .
  6. Bassong actually was in position to cut that first goal cross out but waves his leg at it and misses the ball. Pity.
    Both goals were well taken by Saha and Cahil. The sort of chance that Crouch misses because he is not sharp enough.
    Dawson is probably 5th choice and quite young . He plays with authority and has two goals in two matches as captain.
    Two years ago he was touted quite widely as a future Spurs captain but he is only third choice centre half at the moment.Tricky.
  7. I agree with JimmyG2 on Bassong "waving his leg". If only he had shown more determination and commitment, instead of a half=hearted attempt at blocking the cross!
  8. Bassong seemed off his game throughout Sundays game. Football is very similar to boxing in terms of 'match ups' ......some styles seem to unexpectedly give paople a problem....Jo despite not providing a finish gave Bassong problems througout....Bassong looked very uncomfortable against the first twenty minutes our high square line was caught out many times by through balls ...the awkward Gomes looking a disaster waiting to happen with his iffy first touch on back passes. The point about inconsitant defensive selections is very true and while I rate all of our individual defenders they have little chance too establish combinations before change occurs again
  9. don't see the blame being laid at bassongs feet? dawson failed to pick up saha? bassongs form has lapsed since the return of dawson and we are leaking goals at critical times..again. dawson is an average player at best. he gets turned far too often and breaks the line early. he would be one difficult bloke to play alongside. since this post he's again not got tight to his marker and doyle has netted. this is typical dawson..always has been always will be. he lacks concentration so imo is best used rarely. we certainly need another CB. bassong is copping it for dawsons frailties. definitely should have picked up saha when bassong moved out. corluka had the player at the back post dawson had no one!


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