FA Youth Cup vs Portsmouth, tomorrow at White Hart Lane

Weather permitting, we take on Portsmouth tomorrow night in the fourth round of the FA Youth Cup, which is seen as the biggest prize in U18 football.

The lads will (hopefully!) be playing at White Hart Lane – they did the same twice last year, against Arsenal in the FAYC, and against Watford in the Academy League.

We beat Wigan Athletic in the third round, thanks to a goal from Harry Kane. If you have a subscription to Spurs TV Online, you can see the goal and some other highlights here.

Alex Inglethorpe has a few selection dilemmas, but the likes of Caulker, Bostock, Parrett, M’Poku and Kane should be in action.

Ticket details.

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  1. The match will be at WHL,weather permitting.We are a host family and the two lads staying here, who will hopefully be playing,have assured me the match will be at WHL.
    These matches are worth going to so as to see 'the future'!!!
  2. Absolutely, I will be there if the game goes ahead!
    Wish the lads good luck from me.
  3. Windy,you're up on all the Tottenham youngsters aren't you?Could you then tell me what happened to that Italian goalkeeper that we signed when Ramos was manager,is he still with us as he was supposed to be the next big thing?
  4. Mirko Ranieri, he's currently on loan to Ipswich Town, and has been playing for their U18s. They took him mainly for the FA Youth Cup. He wasn't getting in our side, so it made sense for both clubs.

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