Jermaine Jenas – why is he judged using a different scale?

There are a few things that constantly come up in Jenas threads on Spurs message boards (and indeed in mumblings around WHL) that I have never really been able to understand.

  1. Some of our fans “hate” him.
  2. He is seen as not caring/a bottle job/weak.
  3. He is seen as inconsistent.

1. Why would you hate a Spurs player? He seems like a nice enough lad off the pitch – he came from a tough background with a single mum, and he worked hard to get to where he is today. He talks well on the game, he’s not as stupid as a lot of players, and he comes across as passionate about the club. He is also doing some good off the pitch – see this interview. I just don’t really “get” why some people have such an irrational dislike of him.

2. IMO he shows no more or less commitment than 99% of our players. He could be physically stronger, but so could many of our players.

3. He doesn’t play well every game. But how many footballers for sides of a similar standard to us do? Equally, Kranjcar has had some brilliant games for us this season, but he’s also had some very poor games. Modric has been awful in his last two appearances, but is generally seen as our best player. Palacios has made a string of defensive errors that have directly and indirectly cost us goals. In effect, Jenas is far from the most inconsistent player we have.

I don’t particularly like Jenas as a player – I prefer players who play football the way I personally like to see it played, and I do feel that he quite often doesn’t see a pass, or dallies too long and misses opportunities. However, he certainly has some good qualities – he has excellent energy, he takes responsibility defensively, and he probably (without checking) has a better PL scoring record than any of our other midfield players.

I think the crux of the issue is that I feel that some people judge him on a scale totally different to other players. They expect him to be single-handedly dragging us through games a la Gerrard for Liverpool (who, incidentally, has had a poor season). Why? Just because he plays in the middle of midfield? Why is Jenas expected to do the near-impossible, when others aren’t? It’s almost like having a go at Gomes for being too tall – it’s just the way he is. He hasn’t got that steely determination of Rooney or Gerrard, and he never will have. You can’t teach that.

All I ask is that players are judged fairly, and I certainly don’t think that Jenas is.

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  1. i just don't think he's a good enough footballer to play in central midfield- the amount of misplaced or poor (behind the player, too far in front etc) passes he makes is excessive. i'd love to see his pass completion stats compared to THUDS
  2. Best assessment of Jenas on any of the Spurs web sites yet!! The amount of ignorant trash wrtten about this player is a disgrace - of course he doesn't have it all but he is an honest hardworking member of the squad and his record is as good as most of the other central middfielders available and can and does create chances at critical times in most matches. He also accepts his defensive responsibilities better than the likes of Kranjcar and Huddlestone.

    Give the guy a break and some encouragement if you are a true Spurs fan.
  3. As a fan I am onl interested in his on field performance, whic I think is not good enough most of the time. He brings very little to out overall pla. He plays in an important position linking defence with attack and he just has not got the technical ability or the vision to do that. He uses the ball very poorly and 9 times out of 10 when he goes on one of his runs he will either give it away or blast it beyond the goal. He makes to many passes backwards and slows our forward play down. We could do better than JJ. Yes he is a smashing lad.
  4. its quite simple, he isnt a very good player.
    It is no coninsidence that are strong form coinsided with Jenas not being played.
    Are you his secretly his mummy.
    you clearly very little about the game
  5. He is in a word...'crap'. I have seen him go missing in to many games!! He actually passes to the opposition because he doesnt have the sense to look up. Yesterday he was awful and I believed showed everyone why he is hated so much!! Top midfielders score 10 goals plus a season...he couldn't hit the side of a bus, he is useless
  6. good article,i think he always tries hard even if he's having a mare,its just some fans will blame him for spurs losing when usually its the whole team that lets us down,seems a like keane gets too much stick in the same way.
  7. he cares what he looks like too much, and that has no place in the game. Unless you are truly amazing then who cares? measure on a different scale?
    No mate, boo hoo, hard upbringing give me a break - what has that got to do with anything? he isnt an intelligent footballer. Oh but he is athletic and has loads of energy. I dont agree with booing any spurs player, he just is not good enough, im sure he would flourish at a stoke, or a wigan, birmingham etc
  8. Jenas only puts in 100% in the big games, at times against Leeds when he was the DFM he ran forward and jogged back. The only reason I can think Harry played his as a DFM is he was trying to make a point he needs another player. His long ball is crap and his short passing isn't much better.
  9. Jenas is probably going through a bad patch. He used to play very well scoring great goals but of late he has been under performing. In yesterday's game he received a great pass but failed to score. When there was a goal melee which led to Leeds' first goal, he failed to clear the ball. When the ball is so close to your goal with many opponents around you clear at the first opportunity. He did not do it and we conceded a stupid goal.
  10. He has had many chances. No right-minded spurs fan wants to get on the back of players, but I think when you seen the same player go missing, misplace random tackles and cause his midfield partner problems for a number seasons. How are you going to tell the player/club/manager that you are not happy? Telegram, phone 606 / letter?
  11. Misplace random tackles was a typo but it actually sounds quite apt
  12. It makes me wonder what match some of the above people go to? Jenas is by no means a great player or world class but he is one of Spurs most consistent and good players. If the people above actually knew their stats or bothered to check them on places like pro zone - we generally do better with JJ in the team, his pass completion rate is one of the best in the PL, the amount of ground he covers is double THUD or Kranjcar, and I have witnessed on many an occassion JJ making up serious ground and making a great tackle. Of course he has bad days and games (show me a Tott player that doesnt) but i do agree with the original comments that at WHL i hear really irrantional dislike of JJ. Palacios has been awful for months - hasnt found a Tott player with a pass in weeks and gives ball away in very dangerous places, but everyone loves him ???
  13. probably no worse overall than hudd or ohara - all are ok but it is key position that we will need to improve on if we are to get anywhere. all our central midfielders have their limitations.
  14. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Vinny Sideways would have always come up as the leagues best player if pro zone and statos were listened to.

    He went missing yesterday and has done many times both offesively and defensively. Carlton Palmer tried hard and I would give 100% but I am rubbish.
  15. Jenas is poor defensively and poor creatively. Therefore the question is why does he get picked? He gets picked as I believe those who manage him believe him to be an all round midfield player who can give you a bit of everything. JJ is not that guy. We have better defensive players and better attacking ones. If he gets picked someone should define his role far more clearly and tell him to stick to it. I think people get angry with him as the way he often plays he adds nothing to the team. Yes other guys have bad games but we can see their value. With a bit of coaching I'm sure someone could turn him into a decent midfield player. I'm glad that he doesn't start all of the time now, but I just wish that people would realise that he is not the complete midfield player some make him out to be. Then again Spurs have a lot of players who let the team down on a regular basis . I feel sorry for Jenas in that he seems to take a lot of stick but he is one of many who are playing poorly at the moment. Most of the team were shocking against a league one side and we we poor against Liverpool too. Maybe our feelings towards Jenas are so negative as we expect too much just like how we expect too much of the team in general. He is not a great player and Spurs are not a great team.
  16. Is this article some kind of wind up?

    The reason he's getting so much stick compared to the others is because after 5 seasons of shit, most rigth minded Spurs' fans are absolutely sick of the sight of him.

    6 league goals in each of his first two seasons.
    4 league goals in each of his last two seasons, and 1 league goal so far this season. Thankfully he's been dropped from the first 11.

    Doesn't create, can't defend. Get rid asap.
  17. Oh dear.. He hinders thecredt of the team by not pullo g his weight. He hides from tackles. Every opponent knows they have time on the ball if faced by jenas. The way he plays hinders the efforts of the rest of the team. The team look wary of carrying him. His approach play is rarely incisive. Basically he isn't good enough. If you want effort and hudd isn't available play ohara. He makes less mistakes than jenas and does a real job for the team and doesn't go missing.
  18. I just knew this one would split fans!
    Interesting that some people ignored the section where I said that I don't particularly like him as a player and chose to assume that I really rate the guy and want him in the team week in, week out - I don't. However, until we get someone better in, he is an important member of the squad.
  19. No he has a negative effect. Trust me. When he's on we play a different game.
  20. I don't hate the boy but I do worry when he is in the starting line up as his poor passing often puts us on the back foot. Yes he does have the odd sublime moment but for the most part those moments a few and I would sooner have Thudd in the middle with his decisive passing than an honest lad who runs around a lot with little end product. For the record Modders has been poor as an earlier post mentions and I hope that Harry will pick players on form and not just reputation because Modders could well have been subbed 1st half on that performance!


    Yidfield General
  21. Great blog. I think some fans (generally those with an IQ below 100, it seems) have to endlessly criticise one player. Maybe it makes them feel better about their own miserable lives? As soon as Jenas and Keane go, they will focus on Crouch and if he moves, someone else. And so it continues. Jenas didn't give away or miss a penalty yesterday. He played better than Kranjcar and Modric who were appalling. But, of course, it was all Jenas' fault...
  22. He is poor..One of the reasons I hate watching spurs when he plays cause I turn into a demon and scream endlessly at the TV about his general play. Last night no different. But he still however has my full support when he plays. I just wish he was not picked that often
  23. Shrewd move Windy,if there's one way to get your response count up its to write about my 'love child'JJ (Its along story. Just ask TMWNN)

    He played poorly yesterday and had to have Palacios brought on as reinforcement.
    He did a couple of his meandering runs which petered out and should have scored. He tried to give them a goal with a poor back-pass and was partly resonsible for the first goal.

    Apart from that he played quite well when we were attacking. But he didn't give Modric, who likes players to play off him, enough help.

    However people have been presently surprised by his performances this season when he has come on as a sub.
    Comments ranging from 'not absolutely shit today' to 'didn't play too bad'

    He is mainly despised because he is not someone else, Gerrard for example but once you get over that he is not a bad player.He works hard and does a lot of the fetching and carrying and like Modric gets through a lot of the dirty work in midfield. Modric of is cleverer and has more awareness.

    He has been a regular member of an improving squad and can offer us something even though he is not first choice.He is reliable, obviously trains well and can play to instructions. He always plays well against the Arsenal and the 3rd goal in the 4-4 last season was JJ at his best and the goal of the season.
  24. What a stupid post! Jenas is a joke of a footballer, he cant do anything right, is a pushover and just so fricking annoying to watch, its beyond me why he wasnt sold years ago, let alone why we bought him in the first place!

  25. The real reason Spurs fans don't like jenas is a very simple one. He is a loser. I mean that the sense that he isn't a guy you'd want to rely on in a battle - he has no heart, he hides when the going gets tough.

    Its a little unfair to cite individual examples, but here are a couple of favourites - penalty against PSV, looks great against Derby (H) and Wigan (H), then goes missing in big games, he was actually going to get himself sent off in the famous 4-4 game at Arsenal (people tend to forget that) before things turned our way at the end.

    He has ONLY one strength - he can run very fast with the ball on a breakaway, but this strength is seldom used. It seems cruel, but I would rather play with 10 men - someone earlier said modric was poor v Leeds when in fact he was our best player - now there's a guy with heart. Bring back Perryman and Roberts!
  26. tmwnn which of our playes have had a better scoring record from midfield than that not hudd, modric , palacios or before them zakora or anyone else you care to mention. I too have never undertood the reason why he gets so much stick. he has been without question our best central midfielder since we got him. not just that but he always does it against the scum (why does he get no love for this?).
    I like hudd but he has had a long run in the team this season and he has not stepped up. I f you are at the games you will surely admit he misplaces an awful lot of passes(short and long) and that is hard to accept considering what you lose with him in the team.

    is he disliked cos he is too pretty and makes some of you feel a bit funny in your pants
  27. Yes we all secretly want to look like the gormless muppet and dream about him misplacing another pass to us in the crowd
  28. jenas, i`m afraid, is rubbish........but don`t blame him......blame harry.
  29. An example of the anti Jenas bias was at Anfield 2 years ago ( I think )- Jenas ran the length of the pitch through the whole Liverpool team and then fluffed a goal with only the goalkeeper to beat.They counter attacked and scored and I think they won the match.Jenas was crucified for not scoring.Yesterday, Bale naively gave the ball away in the Leeds penalty area - Leeds counter attacked and got the penalty and equalized.Yet we hear nothing against Bale...OK he had a good game as an attacker on the left flank ( would like to see him and Lennon play as opposite wingers... ) but I don't rate him as a defender - think back to the Arse game for another example... A Jenas with more bite would be welcome but I think we're much better going forward when he's playing, he generally completes his passes without being spectacular (Thudd often overshoots his passes + remember him looking on when Fabregas started off his run from the half way line... but he seems to have dropped off the ranters list...).
    There are certainly better central midfielders than Jenas around but they will cost and failing surprises I don't see one coming in the next week - so I prefer to support a decent player who needs to be coaxed on to produce more.If you want to target a player for poor form or attitude try Bentley... then again he doesn't even make the team anymore!
  30. To be frank, the only useful part of his game is running with the ball through on goal, like yesterday 2 years ago he fluffs it. Defensively he not there, running like a whippet but not after anything particular, positionally not there, tackles as badly as Anderton. The thing that alot of people see is that excudes a negative body language always. The guy is an all-arounder equally average in parts of his game. At least with Wilson and O'Hara there give a drive and when they have come on as subs we have scored on more than one ocassion.
  31. There is talent there but no application.
  32. Useful squad player and shouldn't be sold.
  33. I think the majority have missed the point of my blog, which was to highlight that he is not judged fairly. Instead, I'm left with endless "he's crap" style comments - *sigh*.

    I think people also forget the very successful midfield partnership that Jenas and Palacios had for the last 4 months of last season - it was as successful as Palacios and Huddlestone has been this year.

    When asked to stick to a limited task - i.e. close players, intercept, and then give the ball to our better players, I think he does a decent enough job.
    1. That's what we've all been waiting for! Great potsing!
  34. Windy you have a point and Keane is starting to get it too. But when you see the same thing happen time and time again you get bored of it, you stick to your guns and your opinion. I reject the thought that we have no other option to play and support him. We have huddlestone, o'hara and bostock - two of which can certainly add more to the team. Fans get few ways to let there displeasure known and often to the detrement of that game they want to be heard. Its better than it used to be I rememember fights breaking out between our own supporters against Derby when we were winning 3-0 with the man in the rain-coat in charge.

    We have always had divided support over certain players, these conversations were happening in the 60's. One way of thinking about it that you know those people you meet you don't click with and nonone else does, but you cannot explain it well that person is Jenas. I just don't like him as a player and whatever.
  35. Anon 12:29

    Zokora was moved on, Palacios is a defensive midfielder, Modric can actually use the ball and Huddlestone has time on his side (I believe he'll never make it at the top though).

    What exactly does Jenas do? 5 seasons! Quite literally, he's going backwards at a time when he should be peaking. He's been cheating every fan that pays good money to watch Spurs for 5 years. Enough is enough

    Whoever said Jenas is a loser is spot on. Get him out and bring in a winner.

    JimmyG2 - bugger off back to your own site ;)
  36. Jenas is simply not good enough in so may ways such as his passing and tackling and attacking flair I despair every time I see him on the team sheet for Spurs please someone make an offer and put him where he belongs ie a lower league
  37. No brainer !!! Plays for himself ! tried liking the fellah for 4 seasons...getting worse each year, time to offload him !!! Bye bye Jenas !!!!
  38. Yesterday's game showed everyone what is wrong with Jenas' game. Quite simply he was shocking, but no doubt with the volume of backwards and sideways passes his stats will look nice. For all those defending Jenas through stats I'd like to point out they don't win games! There were so many instances in the Leeds game to focus on, but I'd rather do a comparison. Jenas time and again received the ball with the goal to his back and passed backwards. Modric when he receives the ball to his back shifts the ball turns and attacks the goal. Jenas can be a nice lad, have a great engine and complete a large number of passes, but none of these are contributing to Spurs controlling or winning games. He clearly can't do better, but we can.
  39. You have to wonder if those that argue Jenas' case actually watch the games and/or want Tottenham to succeed.

    I take no joy in being proven right season after tragic season where Jenas is concerned.

    I'm surprised people are still prepared to differ. Seems like a futile activity - whatever floats your boat I suppose.
  40. its a no brainer
    the guy is just a awful awful player and anyone that cannot see this fact has no idea what football is about
    i pray for the day he leaves the club because he simply is useless
    i would rather play with 10 men , yesterday against a div 1 leeds team he looked out of his depth
    jj - jog on son
  41. Jenas proved yesterday that we need another midfield player in the mold of Palacios Thats why Palacios was brought on
  42. Too many players like Jenas Hutton and Daws think its ok to hoof the ball or misspass the ball and lose it to the opposition when Palacios came on Jenas began to shield the ball more as Palacios does, we lose possession too often
  43. I personally think that to push on we need a better option than jenas but he is still a usefull player. Redknapp, bobby robson, jol, capello, ramos, erikson, mclaren, mourinho and Stuart pierce all rate/ratedhim and I would hold their footy knowledge up against the peeps posting on here. Chris.
  44. Agree, but what did they all see we don't? Something in the showers?
  45. Erikson (sacked), McClown (sacked), Pierce (sacked), Ramos (sacked), Jol (sacked) - all either couldn't cut it in the PL or for England. That leaves Robson (sacked, but RIP) at the barcodes where not one fan was upset to see him (JJ) go; Capello, who only calls him up to make up the numbers (no way he'll go to SA); Mourinho, just rumours that he's interested (he once said he'd pick Jenas for his fantasy team due to the amount of sideways and backward passes he completes. Every knob head now believes Jose wants JJ) and Redknapp who has dropped him from the usual starting 11.

    Look at the game through your own eyes ffs!
  46. My point was that they are all people that make a proffesion out of football so would be better placed to make a decent assessment of a proffesional footballer. We are all entitled to an opinion but I'd rather put my life savings in the hands of a qualified accountant than someone who Just reads the financial times.
  47. Mate the suprise is they rate him, if it was Defoe we wouldn't be talking about it
  48. His character and background aren't this issue - it's his performance. When at Newcastle he was hailed as the next big thing and a future England cert. He wanted to leave for a bigger club because the decline at Newcastle had started, but significantly the likes of Wenger, Ferguson and Mourinho held off and in the end he came to us. Since then he's gone backwards and now you could list plenty of premiership midfielders ahead of him, including some much younger. If he'd improved as originally expected then he'd be at the level of Gerrard, Fabregas or Lampard by now but it just hasn't happened.
  49. I agreed with you until quite recently, but he does not put a shift in defensively really (well, he puts in the effort but not the quality) and his passing has got progressively worse, his attacking runs come to nothing and, as you pointed out, he takes...too....long to get rid of the ball, slowing down the quick passing which has served us so well this season. Hudd every single time for me. I agree that I have no idea why he is hated tho, hes just a frustrating player who I feel isnt good enough to be in the team, nothing against him apart from that...always remember his goals against arsenal over the years. On his day (1 in 7or8) he is class, but his average game is poor and with modric cutting in I don't think hes the type of player we want in CM.

  50. Another Jenas arse obviously dont know sqwat about football mate. A blind man can see he is crap! Go write a knitting blog you plonker!
  51. Having Jenas alongside Modric is a luxury and something that shouldn't be experimented with again. He has bounds of energy but doesn't seem to see beyond receiving the ball. Players in his role must be willing to tackle and track back. We were found wanting with Modric and Jenas in the centre and only improved once Palacios came on. If Modric is as 'Arry states our only 'worldclass' player then why does he move him around to accommodate others? Palacios should've come on but it should've been for Jenas and not Rose. Jenas' errant back pass in the first few minutes of the second half nearly cost us dearly. He said mistake cost us a goal. Instead of just booting the ball away he allowed it to bounce and then waited for Gomes to claim the ball instead of putting his boot in. I know it is easy to blame one player, but we lose creativity with him in the centre. In a defined role he is great, that is why I have always said that in the absence of Lennon we should play Jenas there. Given a defined role he excels. Yet from Jol to Ramos and now Redknapp he somehow gets matches in the middle. He has had the so called ability for many seasons now and never delivers. Malbranque scored more goals than Jenas and that is sad. Even his assist ratio is poor. If Modric plays in the middle it should be alongside Palacios. Jenas is best suited for a club like Chelsea where they play with three midfielders in the middle and a holding player. The horrible part is I remember Zokora used to get slated for his gut bursting runs that came to nothing, yet Jenas does the same. The only difference is Jenas occasionally scored and Zokora never did. By all means he isn't a bad player but for the style and formation we play he just doesn't fit and doesn't seem willing to put the effort in week-in-week-out. At least Huddlestone knows his limitations and has drastically improved what he is good at. Jenas would rather run with the ball and try and take people on instead of looking for an outlet or hit a player who is isolated one on one or open. Hopefully Mourinho is sincere with his admiration of JJ and takes him to Milan.
  52. needs to go no good got out played by leeds midfielders should he move on most definately prey mourinho buys him he a waste of space cant see any footballing talent in him weak cant pass bad ball control he should of been a short distance athlete ok over 100m but no stamina or bottle
    and if anyone thinks he can play football hasnt got a clue about the game get rid harry please
  53. If we want to get into the top four then quite simply Jenas is not intelligent enough
    Yes he runs around
    Yes he passes sideways or backwards
    Yes he occasionally shoots and misses
    But no he cannot read a game
    No cannot inspire others
    Just compare him with Fabregas
    He is out of his depth
  54. Definitely, DEFINITELY, must go- I think those who want him are doing it on past glory. His passing is atrocious- the fact we have Palacios means he can go, and an upgrade of a mid-fielder should come in.

    There is no more player infuriating than Jenas- he should have progressed way better by now. Perhaps he has suffered with the too many coaches at spurs and his natural game not come on but its clearly in Spurs Team- he doesn't fit.
  55. I use to be pro Jenas. Then nuetral. Now I reckon there is no place for him. I don't hate him. I don't know what he is like as a person. as a footballer at the top level, he does not cut it. The last 2 games confirmed it. The man has not improved at all. Against Leeds and Liverpool, when he had to put in a fight at the heart of the midfield, he went missing. The amount of times he gets the ball, stops, turns back and then passes sideways is amazing. He regularly misplaces passes. His awareness is poor. Against Leeds, he made bad back pass which almost led to a goal. And then he totally messed up for the first Leeds goal. What is ultimately the most sad it that he has so much potential. But I might be saying that when he is 40. It really is time for Jenas to move on.
  56. Apart from the useless Jenas
    we are further hampered by the two Ks
    King and Keane,they seem to get in the side
    because they used to be good.
    Keane is rubbish to slow to scratch himself
    and King is now a waste of time.
    He declares he feels fit enough to play
    Rednapp selects him and after about 60 mins
    he breaks down and we have to use a sub.
    Stop selecting on sentiment and give fitter
    faster younger players a game and we might
    get somewhere.
  57. Excellent acticle Windy i couldn't agree more. can't understand why he loved to be hated so much. we still like players like hutton who deliver a lot less for the team and players like Gio who never play but are good on football manager.

    we (spurs fans) are a werid bunch
  58. Jenas was awful against Madrid tonight. Did absolutely nothing. Awful player
  59. Absolutely awful. I typed 'Jermaine Jenas is shit' in google and this is one of the pages which turned on. I fucking hate Jenas.


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