January 21, 2010

Leeds up next – how should we line up?

First things first – we shouldn’t expect to stroll this game. Having said that, since the United game, Leeds have been on a poor run of form, drawing at home against Wycombe, and losing to Exeter (A) and Carlisle (H). Could this be to do with Beckford submitting and then retracting a transfer request?

We have three options going into this game as far as I see:

1. Use the game to play players back into form, i.e. pick the same team where possible.
2. Give the squad players/youngsters some game time.
3. Experiment.

We could pick the same team and hope that some of our key players can play themselves back into form (I’m looking at Modric, Defoe and Palacios in particular). I’d imagine that most fans would be relatively happy with this, as it’s a televised game against the giant killers of the previous round, and that selection would be a sign that we are taking the cup seriously. However, playing Wednesday/Saturday/Tuesday is not ideal, and I’d personally prefer us to give some players a break so that we can go into the Fulham match as close to full-strength as possible.

We could rest some key players, and play the likes of Bentley, Hutton, Pavlyuchenko and O’Hara – players who, for various reasons, haven’t been involved recently; they all have a point to prove, and they would also be in the shop window for potential buyers.

Redknapp has intimated (here) that he will give a couple of younger players a go – I would presume that he means Rose and Naughton, since they have made the bench (and pitch) in the last few weeks. For me, this is the perfect opportunity to give some youngsters a chance (at least on the bench). We have four or five players who badly underperformed last night, and players who have not played too much football and could probably therefore do with a rest (King, Modric, Jenas).

Finally, it could be an opportunity to experiment with the formation/team shape. Last season we played a Liverpool-esque 4-2-3-1 in a fair few games, and I said in my previous blog today that I feel this is the only way that we can get Modric and Kranjcar into the same team. We could line-up with the following:

Corluka Dawson Bassong Bale
Jenas Palacios
Giovani Modric Kranjcar

Obviously this would mean choosing just one striker, and given that Redknapp has four to keep happy, I can’t see him doing this. Having said that, it would be a great way to give Giovani or Rose a chance, as they wouldn’t have too much defensive responsibility in that formation.

Personally, I think Redknapp will stick with 4-4-2, and go with:

Naughton Dawson Bassong Bale
Giovani Jenas Huddlestone Rose
Pavlyuchenko Keane

So what do you think? Do we go all out to win the game and pick the strongest possible team? Or do we rest players and bring in some squad players/youngsters? Or do we do a bit of both, resting just those that need it?

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  • Anonymous says:

    The first formation is what we needed at Anfield!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think you forget we have Redknapp. Tactics and him don’t go together. I would expect same old 4-4-2 with the same line up nearly as yesterday. Maybe Lennon will be fit but apart from that I doubt he will change anything

  • Anonymous says:

    When he says he will give the young players a chance that means rose will get five minutes at the end and Naughton will move up to 4th substitute.

  • Anonymous says:

    bale seemed a bit light weight to me at the back i thought when hutton came on he atleast he added some much needed bite in our tackling. I would leave jj on the bench and play o’hara instead

  • Anonymous says:

    I think you’ve lost the plot pal. Pavyluchenko and Keane up front? One isn’t even close to match fit, has zero confidence and doesn’t give a toss for the club and the other is having a nightmare season. Why not just give Leeds the tie ? You really should moderate your alcoholic intake. Before I post this, I’m going to check that you said P and K up front.
    Yes you did – press Post Comment!

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont think naughton is at spurs i thought he went back to sheffield. for one i think we should blood bostock…use danny rose on the right and inject some pace, and give pava a chance, another one that harry has put to the side as he likes his old boys that suck up..crouch being number 1….hit the long ball to him one day he might actually do something with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Corluka – woodgate – Bassong – Bale


    Rose – Bostock – Kranjcar

    Defoe – Pava

  • Anonymous says:

    hutton dawson(c) bassong BAE/Bale
    kranjcar palacios
    lennon modric dos santos
    think this is the strongest attacking team tottenham have, would also like to see tarrabats loan cancelled and see him getting some games along with livermore and bostock.

  • Windy says:

    For the poster suggesting I’m drunk – good point, well made. However, I do wonder whether you may have had a drink too – notice that I said “I think Redknapp will stick with 4-4-2, and go with…”

    Naughton is with us at the moment (he came on against Peterborough), although is constantly being linked with going back to Sheffield United on loan. The other Kyle (Walker) is there. For reference: http://www.thestar.co.uk/Register.aspx?ReturnURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thestar.co.uk%2Ffootball%2FEdman-Sheffield-United-link-after.5992972.jp

    As for Bostock, he’s on loan at Brentford at the moment, and they are trying to extend the deal. Other youngsters that are with us and that could play a part are Dorian Dervite, Dean Parrett, Calum Butcher, and Oscar Jansson.

  • Harrogatewhite says:

    Please please please play an experimental side that’s what Man Utd did and look what we did to them…lol

  • JimmyG2 says:

    Gio/ Pavlyuchenko.

    Dawson to be fined £10,000 for every pass over 10yds.that he attempts.
    If they win and/or play well then same team for Fulham unless Lennon and Huddlestone are fit.

  • ben says:

    Modric is lost on the right. Jenas runs is only good for running in circles. Bale is just unlucky. Corluka is too slow but good defensive.
    Id play the following.
    Gomes Hutton Corluka Dawson Bale
    Krancjar Hudd. Pala. O’Hara

    or O’Hara is replace by Modric and Crouch and Defoe up front….

  • shaun in mallorca says:

    if bale is just unlucky
    then he and i have something in common only mine has gone on for 40 years longer
    seriously tho
    resiliance is the key
    all the skyteams have a bouncing back quality
    these lads need to believe

  • anonymous says:

    I think the following players are only good as subs: Crouch, Keane, Corluka (prefer Hutton all day- Someone tell me why we’re not playing him instead of the slowest player in the world corluka)King – hed be brilliant as a bit part player, O’Hara

  • Windy says:

    Interesting that you think Hutton should be playing instead of Corluka – I personally think Hutton is one of the worst players we have in the squad, and that Corluka is criminally underrated by Spurs fans, purely because he doesn’t have a burst of pace.

  • Anonymous says:


  • JimmyG2 says:

    Have left a question on your previous piece about Liverpool’s first goal

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