Match ratings vs Peterborough

Gomes 7 – one really excellent save from Mackail-Smith, one slight slip-up where he palmed one out needlessly, but good distribution.
Hutton 6 – defensively sloppy (as usual), but did OK going forward. Would clearly have profited more from going on the outside more often than that, but he didn’t seem to “get” this, and kept running inside into traffic.
Dawson 8 – the glue that held everything together. Five clean sheets in a row – he has to take a huge amount of the credit. Another solid game today with decent defensive work (first mistake was on 89 minutes IIRC) and good passing.
Bassong 6 – as ever, a couple of sloppy moments which ruined an otherwise good day for him.
Bale 7 – first half he looked a little nervous, but he still provided some useful wing-play. In the second, the Peterborough right-back (Griffiths, on loan from Dagenham & Redbridge) simply could not cope with his pace and direct running, and he made two goals. The link up with Keane for the first of his assists was sublime! Defensively he made a couple of slight misjudgements, but he wasn’t really tested.
Modric 7 – started fairly slowly, but as we got more time and space in the second half he was in his element. Lovely weight of pass as ever.
Huddlestone 6 – good without the ball, sloppy with it – I counted five misplaced passes out of six at one point in the second half.
Palacios 6 – largely the same as Huddlestone. Took a lot of risks when the last man, which didn’t win too many admiring words from me! Got around the pitch brilliantly, though. Appalling Zokora-esque shot in the first half!
Kranjcar 9 – a sublime all-round performance capped off with two goals, the first a real beauty. Look forward to seeing it again later.
Keane 7 – good link-up play (often with Modric), nice weight of pass generally, but a couple of frustrating moments. Good pen!
Defoe 6 – pretty quiet aside from the goal, although also missed an open goal from about 5 yards out…

Rose – some good, some bad. The good – a couple of decent runs (went on the outside of the defender) with a reasonable cross at the end. A good run which won us a penalty. The bad – a shanked cross high over the bar, and a reckless challenge which won him a yellow card, and Peterborough a free-kick in a dangerous area.
Pavlyuchenko – first touch a dreadful header. Second touch a poor piece of control. Third touch a poorly-executed slide-rule pass for Hutton. Not good.
Naughton – was looking so very assured until he (in my opinion) fouled Batt (hopefully I’ll be proved wrong by MOTD!) – it looked a penalty or at least a free-kick on the edge of the box.

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  1. I have read that Defoe has a slight Hamstring pull,any ideas on this and whether or not Bale went of with a injury?

    I have also just watched the Liverpool game on t,v and if we play as I know we can a week tomorrow they are in for a real shock,as they were really poor.
  2. If we played like we did today against Liverpool then we will lose.

    Bale got injured because he is soft. He went into a challenge half hearted which resulted in him getting injured. This guy had plenty of ability and potential but it has been wasted here at Spurs - He is too lightweight and should learn from Defoe who has bulked up well.

    Fingers crossed that Spurs will get Defoe and Lennon fit for next week otherwise I think the best we can expect away to Liverpool is a draw.

    So angry leaving WHL this evening. There is one guy sat on the backrow of gangway 40 who has the worst banter I have ever heard. I would not dare bring a youngster with that guy still going. His language is disgusting and completly unnecessary - I don't agree with banning swearing but to shout at Keane (a Spurs legend) during periods of silence that he is a C##T is a disgrace. Does anyone know the man I am talking about?
  3. It makes me sick when fans swear when there's silence, normal swearing is a way of releasing tension. And done with a bit of taste is acceptable when women and children are not in listing distance.No wonder Robbie looked sick when he scored and it made me sad to see a legend treated in this manner. Lets hope he score the winner at the Duracell Bunnies next week and is name is once again sung with the love of our fans DAVSPURS.12 MILES FROM THE BIN DIPPERS IN WIDNES COYS
  4. Previous message suggested that Bale should bulk up... I would not advise that - it would slow him up and take away the best part of his game. Players like Defoe and Agbonlahor can bulk up because they are THAT quick that bulking up does not affect them too much. As for the foul-mouth fan - youngsters hear (or say) far worse at school every day. Not that I condone such language on the stands (or at school!) Chuffed with the run of clean sheets - however Torres and Gerrard are another challenge. Let's hope.
  5. RE The Batt incident, was that the one after the long run? I was in the North stand so I didnt see it but on tv they said he fell over. I thought Rose was excellent when he came on, he just needs to learn to run into space and what an overlap is, also have a look when he is crossing.
  6. I'm sorry, I know keane is a legend, but he looked like an old man yesterday. He was awful. The same against wolves. His days are numbered. We should be shipping him out and keeping super pav.
  7. Have to say, I think giving Keane a 7 is very generous. I would have thought a 5 or 6 at best. He occasionally got into some decent positions in the first half but didnt make anything of any of them. The best part of his game was when he twisted and turned about 36 times in their box, but only cos it was funny. The penalty was lucky, I disagree it was a good one, the keeper got a hand to it and went the right way despite the stupid 'run and stop' run up for the pen. He didn't look a threat at any point in the game.

    It such a shame the way he is playing because I love Keane, and he has been brilliant from us. But since he came back from Pool he hasnt looked anywhere near a top half Premier League player, just one completely devoid of confidence. I really hope he can up it again, cos when he's at his best he's world class.

    Sorry for the essay!
  8. pezza010,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Whilst I think that Keane has been poor lately, I thought he did fine yesterday. He provided the passes for Bale to deliver twice, and he also scored a penalty in off the post, which is not far from perfect (tucking it into the side netting at the top of bottom of the net is what I would call perfect).
    Some good passing, some good movement, but some moments where he had the opportunity to shoot, and seemed to bottle it - he's clearly lacking in confidence.
  9. No probs Windy!

    I must not have been able to make the penalty out clearly (I was in South Upper). It looked from my end like it was just to the right of centre, but it must have just been the angle I saw it from!

    He did do okay with Bale, and like I said got into some decent positions, but just didnt really look threatening against a poor Championship side.

    I love Keano and really hope he gets it all back together for the rest of the season, I miss his match turning moments!!

    But yeah, he looks totally unconfident and his reaction after he scored the penalty seemed to affirm that.
  10. give keano a chance, he hardly deserves all the abuse. sometimes you just don't see what he does for the team. its through a fear of him and his match turning abilities that players like modric and kranjcar can weave their magic. give him a bit of confidence and watch the white hart unfaithful singing his name!!


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