Time to go on a run

We have a run of games coming up that should allow us to put a run together if we can build momentum:

3rd Feb, Leeds United (A) FA Cup
6th Feb, Aston Villa (H) Premier League
10th Feb, Wolves (A) Premier League
21st Feb, Wigan (A) Premier League
28th Feb, Everton (H) Premier League

Not easy fixtures by any means, but if we can get wins against Leeds and Villa, we’ll feel confident going into the Wolves and Wigan games, and then I’d fancy our chances against Everton.

In that time, we need key players to re-find their form, particularly in the absence of Lennon. We need Dawson to cut out the mistakes that have crept back into his game in the last few matches. We need Defoe to find his feet in front of goal again (yesterday was a great start). We need the midfield to chip in with a few more goals. We need one of our bench options (be it Kranjcar, Keane or even Pavlyuchenko if he stays) to be pushing the first eleven hard. And most of all, we need to stop playing long to Crouch.

I still fancy us to finish 6th or 7th, but if we want to be in with a chance of 4th or 5th, this is a critical run of matches, remembering that our run-in to the season is pretty horrific!

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  1. With City's three games in hand, I think we're a spent force in terms of the race for forth

    Problem is, whilst a team like Birmingham can play above the sum of its parts thanks to these things called 'organisation' and 'tactics'

    The twitchy old codger has soaked up a lot of credit for buying very expensive players like Keane, Crouch, Bassong and Palacios, and getting the team performing about as well as a £240 million pound should do.

    In a season when our rivals have been trying their hardest to give us a chance, how many times have we actually played above the sum of our parts? How many times have we beaten a team we wouldn't expect to be beating given the massive rift in resources. How many times have we dropped points at home and away because other managers know that if they park the bus then Harry doesn't have the tactical nous to do f*ck all about it.

    And then transfers. Who do you think Kaboul's agent is? Oh yes, Rudy Raba - the guy who's been lining Redknapp's pockets for years. No doubt he'll get a second bonus when we move Kaboul on again in the summer. Just like Willie McKay (the guy who bought Bent Harry a racehorse) got two paydays for Chimbonda.

    4th will never be this open again, and yet the key weaknesses of our squad (DM, Striker and Centre Half that can actually defend) are not being properly adressed.

    Man City is a supercar that hasn't got out of second gear, Liverpool is a formula 1 car with severe engine problems. Spurs are the decent car that could beat them both to the finishing line, but instead Bent Harry is trying to fill the petrol tank with his own piss to save a bit of money.

    You mark my words, we'll finsih 6th to 7th this season
  2. I'm getting sick and tired of these negative comments. Yes it was disappointing to concede late against Brum, but remember they have only lost once in 17 games. We are also on a decent run, but we are struggling to get our best side out which we have been struggling all season. Perhaps we should have another 10 points this season, but we havent so deal with it. Yes man city have 3 games in hand, but who is to say they will win them all. Lets actually get behind Harry and the boys instead of criticising them constantly. COYS!
  3. how aout negative displays of football..you sick and tired of that to.....how about negative displays from Our midfiled...how about negative displays of defending...how about negative tatics....how about taking the wrong players off and bring on the wrong players...how about sitting to deep yet again...why dont u piss off
  4. if all your gonna do is complain mate you aint a supporter so fuck off
  5. I take back my earlier analogy of Harry filling the tank with his own piss.

    To call Eidur and Kaboul is to do a grave injustice to piss.

    And the act of pissing in the tank would suggest in some way adding to the squad. And by loaning out all our cover Rb's and Keane we have weakened the squad.
  6. I agree Windy. I fancy us to finish 6th or 7th. Being a pretty pessimistic Spurs fan (who isn't) I've said for many weeks now that City are the favourites for 4th.

    The upcoming fixtures could indeed put us on a run, but to be honest I can't see it. Against Villa I imagine us leading but throwing it away, and Wolves and Wigan could well be banana skins.

    We'll see, we'll see

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