Analysis of the goal conceded against Wolves

This won’t take long.

In what I would call comfortably our worst performance of the season, we gave away a terrible goal. The commentators tried to make out that it was an excellent, flowing move by Wolves, but they ain’t fooling me.

Jones’ goal.
Highlights (or should that be “highlights”?).

Karl Henry picks up the ball. Spurs are defensively well set, and Wolves players are attempting to make triangles.

Henry feeds the ball into Jones, who turns 360 degrees in an effort to lose Jenas. Doyle sees that he has a chance to play a one-two, and drops off Bassong.

Bassong doesn’t read the situation, and nor does Jenas, who ball-watches and let’s Jones run off him.

Jones now has much time and space as he wants to pick out Matt Jarvis, who himself is in space.

Just look at how much space Bentley, and particularly Kaboul, have left him in. Dawson is now recovering his position having come out to Jones, and Jenas too is now in a good position to watch play unfold.

But that’s all he does. Look at the picture above, and now look at the picture below. That will tell you all you need to know about Jermaine Jenas‘ performance yesterday. Utterly unacceptable ball-watching has left Jones free to run in behind him. Jarvis spots the run, and picks him out well.

Jones sweeps first time – he doesn’t strike the ball hard, or particularly into the corner, but I think Gomes is taken by surprise.

Make up your own mind on whether Gomes could have done better.

An absolutely horrendous performance from Spurs – right through the team. Jenas had a shocker, and was rightly taken off at half-time, but he wasn’t the only bad one – Huddlestone, Defoe, and Gudjohnsen (clearly half-fit) were particularly poor IMO.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Redknapp does against Bolton.

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  1. Spurs are pretenders to say the least. They have no business taking a swipe at Arsenal by claiming that they will be challenging them for 3rd. They need to take care of business on the field first.
  2. Jenas should be put out of his misery, waste of space.
  3. We obviously overlooked Wolves and we were punished by the goal. As what all teams do against us, they just soaked up all of our attacks hoping for a counter-attack and isolated Doyle on Bassong or Dawson. Doyle being the determined runner he is pulled them both out of the middle and exposed the middle to any advance Wolves wanted to play.

    This is a simple tactic that has proven to work against us. That and just soak up any attack in the last third, ten-men behind the ball.

    'Arry has to figure this out because this will be used again by the other teams we play against. I see Bolton trying this tactic on Saturday.
  4. Instead of anylising Spurs ask yourself this Palace dew 2-2 the won 3-1 in the cup a 36 year ol scorEd twice from a slow goalkeeper and defense J just has slow mMick and the players told you they would win this sounds like my mates rugby team they had lost six games and won all the rest.The answer energized cheating they where on EPHEDRINEgiven to them by a prem physio wake up its not just Spurs it rife in the north west where i live even Amateur sport
  5. kenya - That quote was taken out of context by the tabloids - Redknapp actually said:

    "Someone could get third spot. Manchester City could. We could. Liverpool could. Anyone is capable with a run. Arsenal are not 100% sure to be there if they get beaten by Chelsea and other teams pick up good results.

    Arsenal are favourites but it is not impossible for anyone to catch them, there could be a five or six-point turnaround. We thought that Chelsea were running away with it, but now look at it. Wide open again.''
  6. Another interpretation could be that Jenas thought the central defenders could cover the situation easily and was more intent on being an outlet for a rapid attack. That would fit in with 'Arry's avowed intent to go there and attack (not that you'd have noticed it). This isn't an attempt to excuse Jenas, or Bentley, or anyone. Wolves desreved far more respect that,and Jenas should be experienced enough to override any such general instruction when an obviously dangerous situation is unfolding.
  7. I hope Arry never lets Jenas pull on a Tottenham shirt ever again!
  8. good breakdown
  9. Bentley cannot be at all blamed for that goal, he was coming back and though Lennon may have go there quicker that is only because of his lightening speed, Bentley got back he tried.

    Anyway the single goal is not the issue, the Long balls and playing everything wide is our problem, Crouch cannot start, sorry he just is not good enough, we need another goal scoring striker, Pav would be perfect but if he doesn't put the effort in what can you say?

    Certainly cannot expect to be picked above the rest, what message does that send?!

    We miss Lennon far more than I was expecting, we need another player with pace, like Bale, would like to see him in Midfield but then where do you put Luka?

    Another issue I think everyone is avoiding is Luka, am I the only one who thinks he has played far from his potential for his entire Spurs career?

    Don't get me wrong he is one of best players from time to time but he goals to games ratio is poor, his assist ratio not great either!

    Honestly I think Bale at LM would bring us more than Luka, so why not play Luka behind Defoe? Drop Crouch, BAE left back.
  10. I agree with you and all those of our supporters who really know about football.
  11. Drop Crouch to the bench use him as a sub get rid of Jenas please, give Pav and Gud a go when fit or even use Gud off the bench initially.
  12. Anonymous 21:37 - are you some sort of halfwit?

    You criticise Crouch and Luka, but they didn't start yesterday: Gudjohnsen and Krancjar did... and we lost 1-0!

    Agree about Jenas, though.
  13. Glad to see DavSpurs has checked in. Frankly, Jenas, Bentley, Defoe, they just never have their brains in the game. The squad just has no focus. They believe all of their press, and on that, how about Harry and the lads stop going off in the press about how great Spurs are. Taken in context or not the implication of 'Arry's comments were that we could overtake Arsenal. Seems kind of funny to make such a comment and then field a weakened team. Most reports I read when Eidur signed said that he'd not be in game shape for about a month, and by his play, seems pretty accurate. What was the point? Jenas for Palacios, my goodness. Kaboul, I was ok with (pace could have helped, but as a RB he looked poor), but I'd have preferred to see Walker (at least that one people would have accepted). Kranjcar for Modric was fine. He was rusty but really seemed to have the only chemistry with Eidur. I thought Hudd was fine. His problem when he plays with JJ is that he feels he has to do too much. Bentley was ok (not 15M ok, but ok) but he's again been thrown under the bus by Harry. I don't get it. Teams reflect their coach and right now neither is good enough. If Harry's thrown his whole lot in with the FA Cup, careful what you wish for. Chelsea could be next, assuming we get past Bolton. I hope Harry realizes that the game has to be won on the pitch. COYS
  14. In regards to Modrich. It is hard to say he hasn't reached his full potential. He has looked good in all games and has been playing on the wing as apposed to a more central role that he prefers. I think that Jenas is very complacent in his defensive duties and doesn't create much going forward. You just need to look at the number of wins this season when he starts...very few. Another thing I can't stand with him is his cocky swagger off the pitch. It is like he feels he has nothing to work on...I agree 100% has to go. Unfortunately, if Kaboul is anything to go by we will buy him back next year for more :(.
  15. Well, this is not rocket science. The root of the problem is Harry. He chose to play a weakened team. Jenas is an idiot, no doubt! He gets to start b'coz Harry asked him to (he has no choice..), that makes Harry double idiot. Benching Corluka, Modric, played Kaboul on the left, started Guddie and not giving Pav a go...that makes Harry the idiot of the highest order!!

    If I was in Harry's position;
    1. I wud maintain Corluka at LB (and only sub him with Kyle in 2nd half, if necessary...).
    2. Play Modric instead of JJ (and wud have "donated" JJ to MK Dons in Jan).
    3. Pav to start upfront with JD and sub Guddie for any of this two in the 2nd half (if needed to..)
    4. Will not play Crouchie at all until end of season or bench him, and make him work his way back to the team.
  16. You should do the same analysis , which is excellent, on the last minute goal conceded against
    Birmingham at home you will see at 1-0 up we bought Jenas on and he failed to close down the winger that put the cross in for the equaliser. Jenas plays we lose he is a lightweight fairy who can't pass.
  17. what are you on about Anonymous??? #:)
  18. janus is an anus please leave thfc
  19. Agree never play Jenas and restrict Crouch to Sub.
    Thought Kaboul did quite well at right back. Prefer him to Bassong at CB.
    Agree Bale at LM when Akotto back.
    Agree Modrich should be CM.
    1. Team being changed by too many players, too often and has lost its style.
    Against Villa and Wolves, the opponents RUSHED from defence to attack with long-ish passes and we copied instead of playing our own way!
    2. Less long ball to Crouch but wide players keep missing out other, nearer players in the box and cross to Crouch every time.


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