Analysis of the goal conceded against Blackburn

A strange game against Blackburn yesterday – probably the most consistently inept refereeing performance seen at White Hart Lane this season by none other than “England’s number one referee”, Howard Webb.

Whilst Webb did his best to take centre stage, Spurs played some good football at times, but also showed moments of vulnerability. With an away trip to Stoke next Saturday, it was a good chance for Gomes to practice his collection of crosses and build some confidence. However, he did rather make a mess of the goal.

Samba’s goal.

I actually think this goal stems from the corner prior to the one which Chris Samba heads in.

Gomes comes for a Pedersen corner, and sort of pushes it two-handed straight out for another, before appealing for a free-kick. Andy Gray (who was one of the biggest defenders of Gomes last season) in commentary questioned him for not claiming it and, on viewing it again, it does seem that he could have caught it, even with the pressure from Dunn. Our goalkeeper does tend to lose confidence very easily, and I wonder whether this slight error meant that he felt he had to do something about the next corner.

As the corner is about to be taken, you can see Samba just making a move on Dawson. Notice Gomes here – he has a line of players in front of him.

When the ball reaches the six-yard box, it has become even more cluttered.

Samba rises well, and meets the ball – Gomes, having attempted to come and claim the ball, is nowhere near it, as there were simply too many bodies in the way.

Absolutely no doubt about it, thugh, Samba fouls Dawson. It’s no wonder that Samba rose well – he had two hands on Dawson, and was using him as a spring board. Nine times out of ten, the goal would have been disallowed.

Foul or not, though, Gomes will need to improve his decision-making next week against Stoke City.

Back to the referee – he got virtually every big decision in the game wrong.

  • Bale penalty -I noticed that Match of the Day highlighted the foul on Bale, which was as clear-cut a penalty as you’re likely to see but, oddly, they didn’t pick up on the one three minutes later, where his back leg was taken in a similar position. Both pens.
  • Samba goal – clear foul, as highlighted above.
  • Kalinic goal – there’s no doubt that he touched the ball with his hand, but Dawson clearly pushed him into that movement, and it was unintentional. Great strike by the way,and the goal should have stood.

The other talking point highlighted on Match of the Day and, surprise surprise, by Sam Allardyce, was the apparent foul on David Dunn in the first half. He gets sandwiched between Corluka and Palacios, and Palacios takes the ball, but only after Corluka appears to foul him. I must admit, I initially thought that it was a penalty. However, if you re-watch the challenge (52 seconds in), and focus on Dunn’s arm, there’s no argument; it’s not a foul by Corluka. If anything, it’s Dunn who commits the foul, although I think it’s better to put it down as a “coming together” – the referee got that one right at least.

And finally, I can’t help but end by picking up on Sam Allardyce’s post-match comments. Is there a worse loser in the Premier League than “Big Sam”?

“We had the lion’s share of the play”. Right Sam, I know you’re a stats man – have a look at the possession, shots, and pass completion from yesterday’s game.

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  1. I think that there is a general tendency to downplay Gomes' qualities. Goalkeepers make mistakes and modern goalkeepers tend to punch rather than catch, especially with modern balls and to avoid dropping the ball in vulnerable areas.
  2. Whilst I agree with you, and I like Gomes, I don't think I'm downplaying his qualities here - he made a mistake, and I'm sure he himself would accept that.
  3. I don't disagree with a word of this except that I think Dunn knew he had commited a foul which is why ge doesn't protest.

    Did you see the Sky coverage Andy Gray misses Dunn's foul but despite 4 veiwings he misses the reason their goal is dissallowed (handball) he has five views and doesn't see it.
  4. Windy, what qualifies you to analyse the goal we conceded yesterday? Watching spurs from the comfort of your armchair looking for someone to blame.

    You are everything that is wrong with the internet 'football fans' who turn up on newsnow. Opinionated with no knowledge and you dont even go to the games.

    Nice one.
  5. I think Gomes is doing fine and his decision making is also, in the main, good. Keeprs tend to get over-analysed as they stand out.

    As for the analysis, spot-on.

    And the stats? Well, Allardyce is spouting the brown stuff as usual. However, amazingly, the BBC show possession about 50-50 and equal number of attempts on-target (7). Funny, if that was the case, then Gomes should have been man of the match!! Whoever compiled those stats must be a Gooner!
  6. To the second anonymous...

    If you don't like reading these analyses, them simply don't. There are many people who greatly appreciate Windy's time and effort and his articles expose where we can do better in given situations rather than just focussing on the glory side of the game as the rest of the internet seems to do.
  7. Anonymous at 10.27: I don't know if you know Windy well enough to comment on his or her viewing habits. I don't, but I always enjoy these postings, as well as the incredibly comprehensive information Windy supplies regarding our non-first team players out on loan or playing for the youth teams.

    I don't think Windy is "everything that's wrong" -- there must be more!
  8. "Kalinic goal - there's no doubt that he touched the ball with his hand, but Dawson clearly pushed him into that movement, and it was unintentional."

    If Dawson pushed him then a free kick should have been given
  9. Hi Windy,

    spot on as usual. Could you please have a look at my (1st) effort of a match report and let me know what you think?

    the link is below
  10. Anonymous at 10.27: I go to games when I can - money permitting. The next two will be Pompey and Bolton. When I do go I also tend to go to the U18 game in the morning if it's being played at Spurs Lodge.

    If you ever fancy coming along to the U18 game with me, and discussing Spurs or football in general, I'd be happy to meet up.
  11. Anonymous at 11:16 - "If Dawson pushed him then a free kick should have been given" - I like to see the advantage rule being used. The goal should have stood in my opinion.

    paulhasissues - I enjoyed your report, and totally agree with your comments on Dawson. My ratings are fairly similar to yours too. Nice work - make sure you let me know if you write any more!
  12. thanks - will do.

    cheers for reading its good to get the opinion of bloggers i respect.

  13. Good spot on Dunn's push on Charlie, Windy.

    Howard Webb is a joke of a referee especially for Spurs games
  14. Goalkeepers are in a very difficult position when the goal line is so congested. If he comes for the ball and is blocked by other players he's at fault but if he stays on his line and concedes a goal it's also his fault.

    Enjoy your analysis.
  15. Windy: Keep these "analysis" posts coming! I am truly a fan, thanks to JimmyG2!

    And for the "anonymous" reader who commented above about you being "everything wrong", well then, he should read your older posts and understand how much technical insight you give. It's funny how readers find a site scouring through Newsnow, read one post, and know enough to judge. Football is a sport watched by millions and analyzed by millions across the globe. Professional analysts don't even get it right all the time.

    Keep up the great work! COYS!

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