Analysis of the goal conceded against Stoke

Brilliant result.

The only other Premier League teams to win at Stoke this season are Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and Birmingham. Aston Villa, Man City and Liverpool all failed to win there. To get that result with 7 first team players out (Defoe, King, Lennon, Woodgate, Bentley, Jenas, and Hudlestone, all out, plus Cudicini, Walker and Rose, who would have been on the bench) is a massive, massive achievement, and Redknapp should get a lot of credit.

The only real negatives to come from the game revolved around AssouEkotto. Firstly, the argument with Corluka – raising your hands can get you a red card, so that was inexcusable. He was very lucky to get away without a yellow.

And then the penalty, which he was booked for.

Etherington’s goal.

Stoke are down to 10 men at this point, and Kitson has moved to the right of midfield as a result. Danny Collins has the ball on the left, and is about to deliver a cross.

AssouEkotto allows Kitson to get goal-side of him.

He clambers all over his back in his attempts to win the ball.

It looks a soft penalty in real-time but, when you see it from this angle, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a correct decision.

Matthew Etherington steps up and sends Gomes the wrong way.

I’m pleased to say that AssouEkotto made up for his error with the cross from which Kranjcar scored but, strictly speaking, he probably shouldn’t have been on the pitch at that point…

A big week coming up – hopefully some of our injured players will be back in contention for the Fulham game, because we’re really down to the bare bones now, not helped by Pavlyuchenko picking up a knock yesterday.

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  1. Agree with you 100% there. As for the pav injury, spurs have shown this season that for every door that closes a window opens. Its time for gudjonsen to step up now and he showed a lot of strength and composure against stoke. There also maybe a possibility of modrich being bumped upfield a touch?
  2. Team vs Fulham, hopefully Bentley will be back and Palcious fresh from his rest. Would go with Crouch & Gudjohnson up top, Kranjaer, Palcious, Modric & Bentley in midfield, Bale, Dawson, Bassong & Corluka at the back and Gomes in goal.
  3. '..massive, massive achievement, and Redknapp should get a lot of credit.'

    Do me a favour. So if we end up with nothing this season, you'll look back and think, 'what an amazing achievement beating Stoke away with a multi-million pound team was'.

    That kind of mentality is why we've won fuck all worth winning for a generation.

    It was a great result that'll mean bugger all if we don't finish 4th, nothing more.

    Beating United would be at least be some kind of achievement as we haven't beaten one of the usual top 4 suspects away from home in 65 consecutive efforts (16 years!). That statistic alone is a sad indictment on what an average side Spurs have become.

    Let's save the superlatives until we actually have something to crow about.
  4. You should ignore statistics such as "haven't beaten big 4 away in X attempts". I don't give a stuff - as long as we progress as a team and get 4th. That doesn't mean anything - Hull beat one the big 4 away, and probably will go down. Redknapp should be given credit for taking a team that were odds on to go down, and turn them into a realistic 4th place shot. Yes, I agree Anthony, nothing substantial has been achieved yet, but surely you can feel the difference. If we don't get 4th, that Stoke result would have been forgotten but - 4 wins on the bounce - plus we started the season with 4 wins on the bounce too. Spurs are in the right direction.
  5. You don't care that we haven't beat The scum away from home in the league for 16 years?

    Shame on you.
  6. Nope. Don't care. Not in shame mate. It doesn't really mean anything. It is a pointless statistic thrown into our faces by the media. Who really cares? Sure, I'd rather win, and definitely not lose. In my eyes, if we beat them home or away, then that is the only stat I care about. What does it matter whether it was home or away? Just try and beat them.
  7. Remember when we didn't beat Chelsea for ages? The media kept building that up. Then we smacked them up in a cup semi-final. The media then said, 'haven't beat Chelsea IN THE LEAGUE for X years'. Then we beat them in the league at White Hart Lane. The media then said, 'haven't beaten them AWAY for X years'. It will never ever stop. We'll beat them away, then they'll move to Man U, and so on. Ignore them because they couldn't come up with anything constructive.
  8. Shut up Anthony you stupid negative cunt, go support the arse, we dont need fans like you. Try getting behind the manager and the team for once. Tosser.
  9. The biggest concern should be the attitude shown by Assou-Ekotto who looked to deliberately give the penalty away.
    He seemed so upset with something we still do not know what and why and it obvious he was unable to see logic and looked a disturbed person until the final 20 minutes as he realized the magnitude of his actions.
    From the start he repeatedly ignored Bale and hardly shared a pass or two with the rising star. Then came a flashpoint where he pushes and insults his right back team mate Vedran Corluka and then moves back to inflict the penalty when the ball seemed to be going harmlessly overhead and beyond reach.

    But it must be said it was his assist that led to the winning goal.
    HR must get to the bottom of the whole affair and find out the underlying causes(s) and what guarantees does he have to offer for no repetition of the same.
  10. Thats it, lets focus on the negative eh....typical. We won FFS and are Fourth FFS...lets focus on that about analyse how good Modric was all game!!!
  11. Yeah I was stunned by BAE's (re)actions, it was totally uncalled for, esp when we had the game totally in control. but then, we support spurs, so when teams have ten players we tend to underperform! but thankfully, this time we had a superb winner to put things right. i do hope BAE doesn't come up with such rubbish again, he has shown he could be such a positive influence - if he wants to.
  12. I was screaming for Harry to get him off the moment he raised his hands to Charlie.

    I think Fuller deserves a bit of credit for not stirring it and breaking it up.

    Completely agree with Windy that it's inexcusable but it's a good job I'm not manager because he did redeem himself with the second.

    This is the second time he's lost his head in a game. He also went a bit mad at the game at Everton where he had to be dragged off at half time. On the whole he's reliable but we can't afford for him to lose his head.

    Anthony: Previous Spurs teams would have lost this match after giving away the penalty and Stoke is a bloody hard place to get a result. I think the reaction of the players after the result show how big a win it was for us.

    I also share your frustrations around not beating any of the big boys away for however many attempts, but I'd be much happier not beating them and getting fourth than beating them and finishing fifth.
  13. Sticking to the topic in hand, Ekotto, I do think that he has a wild streak.

    Harry has commented on his eccentric behaviour and attitude in an interview lately.

    As Spud says he lost it at Everton; then there was the incident with someone from the crowd when Joe Jordan pulled him away.

    He often gives poor free kicks away with unnecessary aggression and has been lucky until Stoke with rash challenges in the box.

    There is a fine line between an up for it attitude and a refuasal to be intimidated and a dangerous tendency to go over the top.
    I think he sometimes crosses it.

    Much improved player but no could become a liability without a change of attitude.
  14. Hmm thought this was a Spurs board - But picture by picture of a Stoke goal.

    If your going to post pictures why not theidentical foul on Bale by Huth 2 minutes before and then compare,

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