Injury-hit Spurs beat full-strength Gooners

OK, that may be pushing it, but you get the general idea.

I was sick of hearing Andy Gray talking about how many players Arsenal were missing last night (Fabregas, Gallas, Arshavin, van Persie and Song are the ones who would start), especially when we were without key players too in Lennon, Woodgate, Corluka, Kranjcar and Palacios.

We have copied with injuries quite remarkably this season – players previously thought of as squad players (Pavlyuchenko, Bale and Huddlestone) have cemented themselves in the team, and competition for first team places will be very strong when we get all of our players back.

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  1. Hey Windy, you shouldn`t let that bagpipe of wind get to you. The ball has damaged his brain over the years.
  2. agree with you mate, get sick of commentators going on about how other teams are without players but because we have so called squad players to come in and we dont notice a dip in performance its not high lighter, the likes of lennon and palacios will get in any premiership team and they were missing yet no mention for them?
  3. cant agree more u could hear the commentators willing and praying for an arse win so they could start their drivel about a weekend arse team and a young arse team etc....
  4. The guy gets paid to big-up the $$$ky 4. Don't expect fair commentary from the twonk.
  5. Yes that was so annoying. Andy Gray does have that Sky big four mentality. The commentator conceded that this 'Spurs have beaten Arsenal for years' thing a bit false because Spurs beat Arsenal 2 years ago in the cup. Andy Gray said that it wasn't a full Arsenal team. Firstly - that does not matter, secondly - I remember that Spurs were far from full strength too - and unlike Arsenal, ours were injuries so we did not have a choice of who could be rested or not. Also, perhaps it is a little harsh on Van Persie, but he is injury prone. I expect him to miss half of each season.
  6. It was just Gray being his normal biased self also don't forget we were without Modric for a great number of games
  7. i hate that excuse. thats exactly what i thought. good post! andy gray is probably the dumbest person to have lived. i cant believe sky sports allow him to talk,or even have that last word show so we miss the first half of sky matches. COYS
  8. Nate, unlike you, I quite like Andy Gray. I certainly don't think that he is dumb. But he has got to lose this big four thing. 4 four games ago, he said that he expected Liverpool to finish on 69 points. I predicted a generous 66. They perhaps will get even less... Liverpool have got a lot of work to do to maintain big four status. They have debts, a relatively small stadium, no money or site to build new stadium, an overly cautious manager that is too expensive to sack, owners that they hate, an expensively assembled squad that doesn't have as much value, no champion's league spot, a star player who will soon leave, another star player who is on the decline, and fans who moan if they are not in contention for the title. Space for us and City perhaps...
  9. Also the 'under strength' team that we beat 5-1 are now pretty much their full strength first team now they don't have Toure & Adebayor...

    Let's face it, if we had been full strength Rose wouldn't have been on the pitch...and Andy Gray would have been deprived of witnessing such a great goal - although of course he reckons the keeper should have saved it lol!
  10. ANDY GRAY IS A PRIZE PILLOCK!! so is that other fool parry. Spurs won fair and square and it should have been all over before the goons scored!! sky don't like there beloved favourites beaten
  11. Do what I do - watch the game with the sound off. It's not perfect but it's better than listening to the drivel that the so called "pundits" spout. Andy Gray is bad but Alan Smith, David Platt and Trevor Francis are worse. Sky used to have an option where you could turn off the commentary and just have the crowd noise but they stopped it. I'd just rather have the sound of the crowd in my head than the rubbish commentators. Also I've been to hundreds of matches and none of them had a commentator!
  12. Fantatic result for Spurs, they worked their socks off. Have to say Arsenal kept the ball so well. But we have ended 11 years of pain in the league. Well done Harry!!!!!!
  13. tony, i cant believe you like andy gray, the man just states the obvious. you could just get the grandmother to say exactly what she sees happen, even if it doesn't make sense it'll be better than andy gray. quotes such as, " hes headed the ball with his shoulder" and " I think i think hes offside.." when it clearly isn't. he cant get half the decisions right and he can see replays over and over again.
  14. 10:28 - Arsenal kept the ball because Spurs got the goal and knew that Arsenal needed 3 points. Using that, Spurs deliberately retreated and told Arsenal to try an break us down if they want to win. Excellent tactics - however is was reliant on us getting the first goal - then fighting hard for 80 mins. Bale can be world class.
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  16. Okay, let me say, I come in peace. As an Arsenal fan, I am disappointed that the team lost yesterday; not because it was to Spurs but because it ends the dream (fantasy?) of winning the the title.

    Having said that, the win removes two monkeys that were hanging around this fixture. First, Spurs no longer have to hear that it is X years since they beat Arsenal in the league. And Arsenal no longer have to hear that is X years since they lost to Spurs in the league.

    I think everyone has to acknowledge that both sides were missing several key players. Would the result have been different is the full 1st XIs were playing? I have no idea but ultimately it makes no difference for this season.

    Now, I have congratulate Spurs for their play and success this season. Personally, I would be much happier to see Arsenal and Spurs fighting over first and second in the league than watching the west London Pretenders and Manchester Prawns there. [Please forgive my bias as to which team would prevail. :-)]

    Finally, there is one thing that Spurs and Arsenal fans can agree upon: Andy Gray is an idiot of the highest order.
  17. Anonymous Arsenal fan - thanks for that, and I largely agree.
    I'd be interested to know whether you blame Wenger for your apparent fall at the final hurdle (whilst remembering that it' not over yet) - you seem to lack of an extra quality player or two. He has addressed the striker shortage (of quality) with Chamakh, but quality CM and CB cover doesn't seem to be there.
  18. Windy,

    I have to respond to your question. Do I blame Wenger? Given that this is his team, then the answer is yes? Like all successful people, he has a stubborn and arrogant streak that says "I know best". When things work well, then it is overlooked. But when things do not, then it stands out like a sore thumb. I will not go into the discussion of whether the funding (debt) associated with the Emirates stadium has hampered getting new players, except to say that Spurs could be faced with a similar situation when the redevelopment of White Hart Lane (or a new stadium) begins in earnest.

    There has been a considerable fan discussion over the players that Arsenal need to make that final step. There is a camp that demands wholesale sacking of squad players and there is another that thinks selective purchases of top quality players in specific areas is the answer. I am in the latter camp.

    Arsenal need a top quality keeper; a quality CB (Vermaelen quality); a quality utility defender (CB/full back/occasional DM); and a deep-lying attacker, in my opinion. Chamakh looks like a good start from what I have seen but more is needed. Over and above these four positions, I would love to see a purchase this summer that involves bringing in a really big name in order to make a real statement of intent.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, and hopefully we will see both teams in the CL next season.


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