Emotional evening

Firstly – I was wrong. I said 6th or 7th at the start of the year, and I only started to change my mind late on. And I wouldn’t have been unhappy with 7th either (especially after last year), which shows in itself just how well we have done.

I don’t know if it’s my age, but I feel like my life as a Spurs fan thus far had been building towards last night. I was 7 when we won the FA Cup so, although I remember it, it wasn’t a huge deal for me. Winning the League Cup… yeah, lovely to win trophies, but when the competition has been devalued by reserve teams being used, then it’s not quite as special.

Finishing in the Champions League places really feels special. I realise that being 4th best shouldn’t necessarily be something to crow about but, in context, it’s massive. Although we’ve spent a lot of money, we have, I believe, the 8th highest wage bill in the Premier League.

Our previous Premier League finishes have been unspectacular:

08/09 8th
07/08 11th
06/07 5th
05/06 5th
04/05 9th
03/04 14th
02/03 10th
01/02 9th
00/01 12th
99/00 10th
98/99 11th
97/98 14th
96/97 10th
95/96 8th
94/95 7th
93/94 15th
92/93 8th

We have been seen as under-achievers (and even a laughing stock as a result) for years.

Well that has now all changed.

We have a young, predominantly English team to be proud of, with many of players being considered for a place in the England World Cup squad.
We have a popular, charismatic, and pragmatic manager, also English, to be proud of.
We have a new training complex on the way.
We have a new stadium on the way (albeit not immediately!).
And now, we have Champions League football (albeit qualifiers) at WHL.

Last night was huge and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to feel the emotion… especially seeing Ledley’s post-match interview.

What a season.

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  1. For once I have belief in this spurs team. In previous years I always thought we were more than likely to bottle big matches but last night I had no fear going into it. Full confidence in them, we could even come 3rd but im not pushing it.
  2. 3rd would be magic!!

    Emotions were at an all time high last night. You only have to read the stories of tears on messageboards and comments sections to see how much this means to us. I may have welled up a little last night in the midst of sozzled over-exhuberent celebrations

    A truly magnificent achievement to all at the club.

  3. Out of work again Windy on the analysis of goals conceded front.
    I'm sure you don't mind though.
    What a season to be a Spurs blogger.
    All this and the World cup too.

    I said that my dream was for Champions' League nights at the new stadium.
    Well we've done the hard part, lets get that concrete poured pronto.
  4. Absolutely, Jimmy!!
    Great season, and a World Cup year too... who's your money on this Summer?
  5. Spain as my family and granchildren live there.
    In Madrid so its Real that they all support.But I'm working on it and its made easier now that we are in the Champions' League

    Spain have learnt how to play together and now have the mentality to achieve things and have some exciting players.

    Bit like Spurs really.


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