Spurs vs Fiorentina highlights

Fiorentina took the lead when Gomes scuffed a kick straight to Papa Waigo, and Alberto Gilardino headed in at the back post.

King cut it very fine in trying to play him offside, but this image shows that he probably was just off:

Pavlyuchenko equalised when Giovani robbed the centre back, and squared unselfishly.

Fiorentina regained the lead thanks to a neat finish from Adem Ljajić. Poor defending from Spurs, who were caught on a break.

Palacios had an opportunity to track the eventual scorer, but didn’t seem to see the danger.

By the time the cross came in, he was totally unmarked.

Robbie Keane, on at half-time, got the equaliser in a typical Keane fashion.

He made a dart, was found by Huddlestone, who had a very controlled second half.

And Keane calmly slotted the ball across the keeper, and into the far corner.

Keane then scored the third with two minutes to go, latching on to a Livermore through-ball, and finishing underneath the keeper this time.

Decent second half performance from Spurs, and some players look a little less rusty (particularly Lennon). Giovani shone in the first half, whilst Keane and Huddlestone were the pick of the bunch in the second.

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  1. Interesting how you say Lennon was rusty yet Harry on Talksport said that Lennon was sharp.
  2. He said lennon looked less rusty. Concentrate!
  3. I thought Lennon looked very rusty, has been since the injury. Gio looked very good over the whole 90 mins. not sure about Kaboul at right back, was missing in action for the 2nd goal the rest were OK, but no stand out performances, then again taking Keane & Cudacini out of the equation we finished with a very young team.
  4. Yes 18:41, I should concentrate.... Thanks for that slap round the face! Didn't watch, but Harry is obviously preparing for times where we must rest players ahead of Champions League. Kaboul will be Mr Utility man, and whilst he is FAR from perfect, we will have to just wing it.
  5. Palacios got a lot of stick (and on BBC London commentary) for a poor pass back but Gomes had plenty of time to clear the ball.

    As soon as Crouch went off and Huddlestone came on the passing was shorter, better and Tom looked a class above.
  6. This was Palacios's first game back wasn't it?

  7. Lennon, Defoe and Crouchy have been left out of england squad.

    Oh and the goons have more players in it than us.
  8. Frtom this showing i think we must give Gio a shot - esp in Europe, which certainly requires more technique and patience. I've been impressed with what I've seen of him so far.


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