Watch highlights from Man Utd U18s 1-3 Spurs U18s

Thanks to Man Utd having a dedicated TV channel (something I hope Spurs are at least thinking about), their U18 matches are recorded, which gives fans a great opportunity to see Academy and Reserve matches that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Our U18s played a friendly against them last Saturday morning (with Rio Ferdinand, Edwin van der Sar and Anderson in attendance), and the clips are now on youtube. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to watch the whole thing, I’ll highlight the key moments.

1st half.

The Spurs formation was announced as:

Tapping Durojaiye Janoir (trialist) Francis-Angol
Dombaxe Hawkins Luongo Munns
Kane Oyenuga

From the clips, it looked more like:

Tapping Durojaiye Janoir Francis-Angol
Dombaxe Munns Luongo

Of course, Spurs often use a very fluid formation at this level, so I’d imagine that players chopped and changed during the match.

The move for Kane’s goal starts at 5:52 – lovely football from Hawkins, played into Oyenuga, and Hawkins feeds the return first time into Kane’s path – good finish across the keeper.
Second goal at 8:20 – glorious pass from Hawkins to Kane, great first touch and cross from the left, and Oyenuga made a good run and tapped home.
Fantastic save from Jordan Archer on about 9:40.
United goal around 10:15, top finish from Cofie after a give and go.
Nice effort from Kane on 11:30.

2nd half.

Third Spurs goal around 4:40 – clever Dombaxe free-kick into Kane, who is tripped in the box. Oyenuga scores the penalty (risky one straight down the middle!).
Great effort from Jesse Waller-Lassen at 6:05.
Durojaiye angered by a bad challenge at 7:00, Kane and Oyenuga do well to drag him away. I noticed that Durojaiye and Lingard kissed and made up at the end of the match.

It looked like a strong performance from Spurs – the commentator claimed that it was a slightly older Spurs side, but that wasn’t the case – we had plenty of youngsters involved.

Janoir looked OK at centre back – certainly better than Blackwood – so I wonder whether he will be signed up.

Official Site report: U18s beat United

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  1. Excellent performance by our lads.

    Harry Kane looks a very classy player.
    Who was the little midfielder who put in that cracking early reducer? It was never a foul.

    Someone should have told United it was only a friendly though.
    Tunnicliffe for one, it seems, has watched one too many Roy Keane videos...

    Great blog as ever Windy. COYS.
  2. Thanks mate!
    Early reducer (love that word) was from Munns - he definitely took the ball!
  3. poo


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