Analysis of the goal conceded against Sunderland

I’m no great Bassong fan, but Gallas has now been at least partially, if not directly responsible for the following goals against us:

Brunt’s goal for West Brom
Fletcher’s goal for Wolves
Kamara’s goal for Fulham
Eto’o’s second goal for Inter
Davies’ second for Bolton

And finally yesterday’s goal, which was a complete disaster.

Bassong has made mistakes too, but he is surely a better bet than Gallas right now? It would also allow Kaboul to play as the right-sided centre back, where he seems to be more comfortable.

Gyan’s goal.

Wellbeck cuts in from the left, dances past Huddlestone and towards Modric.

The ball escapes his control, but Modric doesn’t get a tackle in. That’s two central midfield players he has got past – unacceptable.

He manages to prod a pass forward. Kaboul seems to have read it, and is ahead of Gyan.Gallas should be dropping off here to cover, but instead also

Gallas ends up going to ground, and causes Kaboul to take his eye off the ball.

And the ball trickles through perfectly for Gyan to run on to.

Gomes tries to narrow the angle but is easily beaten.

The spine of our team is so easily beaten – quite distressing. For me, Gallas has to be dropped on Saturday – if nothing else, to show that constant mistakes won’t be tolerated.

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  1. agreed. it's so frustrating that harry keeps trotting out gallas. if you want him for CL matches because of his "experience," fine. but to abuse him game after game, especially in our busiest week of the season thus far, is blatant mismanagement. perhaps harry sees something in training that we don't, but surely bassong's superior athleticism alone warrants him getting the start over arsenal-in-disguise. it's so clear that the man is finished at this level. not only is his pace diminished, as we saw against bolton when he clearly should've done better with that breakaway, his vaunted "football mind" has escaped him too. few to none of the goals we're shipping are because of superior opponents. we're not playing barcelona, here. we're shipping because we keep committing mental errors. combine those mental lapses with the inability to recover them physically, and you have a disastrous CB situation.

    gallas must be off the pitch saturday. blackburn is MASSIVE now.
  2. Although i agree that Gallas has made a number of mistakes that have either directly or indirectly led to a goal.My concern is more fundamental and that is that the team is set up far too many attack minded players and consequently our defence is overly exposed.
  3. Bassong is very short and weak, a player who was bought from a relegated team. We really miss our Dawson, Woodgate and King. I think we played better with Pav, he should not have been replaced at half-time, maybe at the 70th minute. Tottenham failed to buy a world class striker and it will cost us.......
  4. Good finish though.
  5. He was ball watching on 5 consecutive goals against. I think you are being way too kind to Gallas. He's past it. Should never have been signed. If that's the best that the 13th richest club in football can do, it's a very shallow pool. COYS
  6. Pav had a back injury - he picked it up in the corner when he worked hard to keep the ball in play. substitution was not (I hope) tactical.

    On the Goal front. Yes it was a complete mess up from Gallas but for me Huddllestone is a massive weak link at the moment - he is not mobile enough to break up play - no excuse for him not making a challenge - Modric was covering well and probably should have got the ball in but it was Kaboul's to clear al day long until Gallas got involved
  7. Bassong is 6ft 2in, the same as King, Woodgate and Dawson, and three inches taller than Gallas. He was voted Player of the Year in the one season he played for Newcastle, though originally bought as back-up. He played well for Tottenham last season when again originally regarded as back-up. He had a poor start to this season, and made appalling errors in the first game against Young Boys, but is a class act who will only get better. A rest will do Gallas a lot of good. Tottenham played better in the first half than the second against Sunderland, but Pavlyuchenko had not played well when he was replaced at half time brcause he had a back injury. We do need a striker.
    Huddlestone was one of those at fault for the Sunderland goal, but was in my view, impressive in front of the back four for the remainder of the game, with absolutely no sign of a lack of mobility, which those whose minds are still in a time warp of two years ago seem to think.
  8. no need to get personal mate my mind is in the present - I think huddlestone has had a couple of poor games and I'm entitled to you juvenile fool !
  9. I felt that Pav had a somewhat good game considering how bad he was in the past. He seems to be working a tad bit harder and tracking back, something he never used to do.

    I thought VdV did'nt have that good a game even though he did score. He did not seem all too 'fit' in my opinion and should have instead been brought on later in the game.

    But seriously, this Spurs side at the moment seems devoid of ideas and that energy and inventiveness in sorely lacking. Where is the team that beat Inter?
  10. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that Gallas' intervention when Kaboul is clearly in the best position to clear the ball was the work of a 5th columnist planted to cause havoc in our defence.
    But I'm not, so I won't.

    But if he is he's going to get a medal for good work.
  11. Be fair, Gallas doesnt just stand in no man's land watching the ball cross the line in our penalty box, he also does it in the opposition's in an attempt to get a goal diallowed, I don't think we appreciate all facets to his game.

    As for Bassong, he is a young player that needs an older more experienced head next to him, exactly like Dawson did 18 months ago, however given the armband Dawson grew enough in stature to be able to do it for him self and be the elder guiding influence to others, I'm not saying we give Bassong the armband (he wore it against Arsenal to no great effect) but we should'nt write him off so soon. We forget that the Dawson-Bassong combo saw us into 4th


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