Analysis of the goal conceded against Chelsea

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So close to another massive win at White Hart Lane – it may sound harsh, but Gomes cost us two points virtually single-handedly, and he almost cost us another at the end!

Drogba’s goal.

Petr Cech claims the assist – it’s a free kick which he leathers forward in search of Drogba (they went early to him a lot in the half).

Drogba out muscles Dawson, and gets to the ball, but it clearly comes off his arm.

We got lucky with the Defoe offside for our goal, and Chelsea got their bit of luck here.

He’s at quite an angle, with Dawson making a last ditch tackle, but he takes the shot on – smashing it hard but straight at Gomes.

Gomes gets both hands to it,and should be either beating this out, or pushing it wide for a corner. But he’s unbalanced, and seems to be already falling backwards.

As a result, all he can do is parry the ball over him.

A dreadful error from Gomes, and such a shame, as we were otherwise wonderfully resolute. The performances from Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Palacios (great to see him back to his best form) and, especially, the returning Michael Dawson really deserved a clean sheet. No doubt he has saved us points in the past, but we were let down by our goalkeeper today.

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  1. Thought BAE and Willy P were superb with Hutton, Daws, and Modric not far behind
  2. agree, no excuses and a ball driven straight at a keeper's hands should not cost 2 pts. though now that i've cooled off i have to say we deserved the draw thanks to our timid concession of second balls during the 2nd half. really pitiful.
  3. Certainly Gomes cost us today but his save from,er,Palacios, was top class as well as at least two other saves, not in cluding the penalty which was another silly error on his part.
    I think you have to take goalkeepers in the round and on the whole Gomes is in positive territory overall.
    Very ominous that Harry didn't blame him, I bet that made him feel even worse.
  4. A shoulder is not a hand (as in HANDball). A shoulder isn't even an arm. The claims of Hoddle and Redknapp that it was HANDball were ridiculous - and lying. Clean as a whistle.

    Unlike the offside of Defoe for the first goal. Offside is offside.

    Such a shame that Bale constantly fakes contact and dives without contact. He'd be such a good player if he didn't, if a lot less successful. Defoe dives and moans and isn't successful. You only have to breath on Hutton and he falls over, which as just as well, as he can't escape a challenege and is one of the worst full backs in the league.

    Still, being dominated from first to last at home against a crisis club must be very encouraging. Well done both teams, especially to the one which turned up.


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