Analysis of the goals conceded against Wolves (6/3)

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I’m starting to get tired of analysing shambolic defensive performances like that – having started the game so competently, we suddenly started giving away needless free kicks, and conceding corners; before we knew it we were 1-0 down, after Doyle had got away from our defenders and Gomes made a real mess of the save. The second goal was quite ridiculous, with Hutton focussing on the ball, and not the man running off his shoulder, and the third probably more down to an excellent Jarvis cross than anything else. A disappointing defensive showing nonetheless.

Apologies for the picture quality.

Doyle’s first goal.

The ball comes back out to Milijas following a corner. He is closed down by Pienaar.

Pienaar stops as the ball is played in, rather than continuing to close and attempting to block the ball. Notice Gallas in the box – the deepest man.

Doyle drops off Sandro and Jenas, whilst Gallas is pre-occupied with Elokobi, so he is left with a free header – totally unacceptable in the 6-yard box. All three of our defenders should share responsibility.

Whilst he has a free header, all he does is help it on, and it literally goes straight at Gomes. It almost goes through his hands in the end – he should do much better.

Doyle’s second goal.

It’s almost as if Hutton didn’t learn from Fulham.

Doyle has the ball in a wide area, and looks to thread it through to Jarvis.

Hammill takes it off Jarvis’ toes. Notice Hutton marking Milijas.

 Hammill shuffles the ball inside, and it runs kindly to Ward (I think) for a strike.

Ward’s touch is heavy, but it drops nicely for Doyle, who lines up a shot. Milijas takes a gamble, whilst Hutton is totally unaware (he is ball watching, a common Hutton error).

 When the ball deflects into Milijas’ path he has stolen ahead of Hutton.

Hutton grabs Milijas out of desperation, meaning that he is not able to strike the ball cleanly. The penalty is rightly awarded, but Hutton is only yellow carded (he should be shown a red card for the denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity).

Doyle waits for Gomes to move, and slots the ball into the opposite corner.

Fletcher’s goal.

Having won a header in the centre of the pitch, Hutton is slow to get out to Ebanks-Blake as the ball is played out to him.

This means that Ebanks-Blake has time to look for the on-rushing Jarvis, tracked by Sandro.

Hutton is not close enough to influence play, and Jarvis is quicker to the ball than Sandro.

Jarvis faces Sandro up, and I think Sandro could do more to stop the cross coming in.

He doesn’t really get close enough to block the cross – he is probably nervous about committing himself against the diminutive winger.

Wolves have two forwards in the box against our three defenders.

But the ball is an excellent one and Fletcher anticipates it brilliantly, getting up early above Dawson, who is beaten by the quality of the delivery.

Gomes has little chance with the header, which is well angled back across him.

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  1. The starting eleven, to a man, apart from maybe sandro, modric and Defoe were absolutely shocking. Sure, Gomes is a clown when it comes to crosses but he was offered no protection at all by our pathetic back four. Why the fnck is walker playing for villa and we have to put up with that useless sweaty Hutton. He's the worst of a bad bunch. I'm stil trying to work out why we bought pienaar, he's rubbish, and I think kranky must be knobbing Sandra because if can't get a game in front of half of that lot he must have offended arry big time. And what's with playing bale on the right and Lennon on the left. It's all going to pot. This season promised so much but once again the over paid bunch of gutless pansies that wear the blessed lily White shirt are queuing up to kick me in the bollox.
  2. Stoney- my sentiments exactly. Thought Dawson was poor again today. Assou-Ekotto had no outlet on the left so looked wasteful on occasions. Hutton looks like an accident waiting to happen and Gallas was not the calm collected customer we've become accustomed to.

    Pienaar looks a bit like a South-African Dos Santos- it looks pretty but goes nowhere- at least Krancjar scores goals...

    Was scratching my head re bale and lennon on theor weaker sides, can only assume it was to give extra protection to the headless chicken we have in situ at right-back.
  3. I can't stand the fact the fact that Pienaar has walked into the side, Stoney. He brings jackshit to the table.
  4. BAE's use of the ball fries my head. I don't care if he had tonsilitis. This is a regular thing with him.
  5. Agreed Stoney - Naughton would be better than Hutton - think I'd rather see JJ there - anything. I thought Pav was OK but to be fair the pitch was impossible for all our footballers. One thing that nobody seems to mention that isn't helping the defence at the moment is Daws playing on the left - he's far less comfortable there. Pienaar was an awful buy and Niko must be pig sick. Our right side was dire today. And as you say why oh why Bale right and Lenny left - Stupid, and why no Crouch when Pav went off we needed the outlet ball.
  6. Watching the game I thought Redknapp made mainly the right decisions re. substitutions.
    Pienaar for Bale was fair enough to give Bale some game time. And Bale on the right to cover for Hutton was probably necessary - not necessarily by doing actual defending, but by occupying Elokobi and cutting supply to their best player, Jarvis.
    Pav was tired/ bored by the time he was brought off, he'd stopped closing down defenders. Going to 4-5-1 gave us strength in the midfield and allowed Modric to play centrally; he wasn't involved enough on the left hand side.
    Kranjcar for Modric was fairly immaterial, just fresh legs.

    If there was a mistake it was the unbalanced midfield we started with. Pienaar on his wrong side, Modric wide but not providing width (or wanting to shoot).
    Even then, we had 3 great chances to go 4-2 after Bale and Lennon came on.

    Sandro and Jenas did ok, Jenas the regular bag of revels - great run and control in setting up Pav's goal, but overran the ball in midfield much too often.

    Disappointing not to win, but next 3 games we have Wham (h), Wigan (a) and Stoke (h). All very winnable, and Man City have Chelsea (a), Sunderland (h), Liverpool (a). We could easily make up 6 points in that time, putting us a point ahead when we go to Eastlands.

    Or of course we could get 4 pts from those 3...
  7. We have scored three goals at Molineux. Until now this season only Liverpool and Bolton have scored three goals there against Wolves. Arse could score only two there. Harry must be pleased with our attacking way of play.
  8. I know Hutton is not a fave of many, but that is too harsh on him for the second goal. it was not his fault that he was second to react after the ball luckily came into the box. by then, the damage was done. he should not, however, risk a sending off by pulling the player down. As with fulham penalty - the damage was done prior to that.
  9. it was not his fault that he was second to react after the ball luckily came into the box.

    Whos fault was it then?

    Hutton is dire, imo our full back areas are as if not more important than a striker in the summer
  10. as fans we have our favourites, often based on consistently good or bad performances, and often based on absolutely nothing (super pav?).. and these views cloud our judgement on any given day. which is why we will go on about hutton, who was admittedly bad and has been bad for a long time... rather than ekotto, who has been good, a top left back in my opinion.. but he has certain days when he can't be bothered (notably a few days before the milan game)...

    and it is my opinion that the amount that he lost the ball invited unnecessary pressure on our back four throughout the game, which they couldn't ultimately handle.. it was really shocking from ekotto, and i feel that had it been someone else (or just a better performance from the player), we'd have won the game comfortably.

    so yes hutton was bad.. but let's not forget dawson and ekotto - shocking. and pienaar who has no end product whatsoever.
  11. a few quick things...

    1. surprised not to see benny take any blame in your analysis of the third goal. poor defending all around on that one but his failure to get goal side or even jump and give his man a shoulder is truly shocking. just by jumping shoulder to shoulder with the man he might've nudged him off balance enough to cause him to send the ball safely over the crossbar.

    2. every game that goes by without pienaar scoring i know the whinging about him will increase. he does a good job keeping possession. no, he can't single handedly destroy a defense like bale, but he does his work for the most part. a good squad player that has worked hard despite his good fortune with injuries tossing him into a starting role at the business end of the table. frankly, he's most similar to modric. i don't hear many complaints about luka, and his final product is generally piss poor (note: i think luka is our most important player, ahead of bale and vdv, not knocking him just let's be fair here).
  12. Daniel You could say Niko is similar to Modric with a much better end product. So why oh why Pienaar ahead of Niko who was one of our best players last year? Modric is one of the best midfield players around, Niko is a very good premiership player, Pienaar is a premiership starter for middle/lower premiership teams, we shouldn't be starting him other than in extremis.
  13. because pienaar can play wide. niko is lost every time he's on the wing. he's only effective in the hole in VdV's slot. i'd like to keep him because he is a quality fill-in for VdV but he's unfortunate not to be on a team that would use him first choice.
  14. Amazing how many defenders we have in and around the area and for the goals we outnumbered the Wolves players every time.

    But they are not marking properly. Dawson is on the wrong side to accomodate Gallas which unbalances the back line.

    In defence of Lennon and playing Bale and him on the wrong side. His defensive work is excellent and he would have supported Hutton equally well

    Without Pavlyuchenko crossing the ball would have been virtually useless but why take him off when he was having a good game.

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