Analysis of the goal conceded against Blackpool (7/5)

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Adam’s goalhaving brilliantly saved a penalty just seconds earlier, Gomes makes recklessly challenges Taylor-Fletcher in the box, and Adam converts this time.

Adam, who has just saved his penalty brilliantly turned around the post by Gomes, quickly trots off to take the corner, and Spurs are caught out a little, and do not mark properly.

The corner is played to the near post, and Gomes meets it with a punch.

Gomes, presumably still buzzing from his fine save, chases after the ball, and tries to claim it a second time.

He has it in his hands, but it escapes as he clatters into Rose and Baptiste.

He goes after it again, but Gary Taylor-Fletcher nicks it past him.

Gomes makes a desperate attempt to get to the ball…

…and does make contact with Taylor-Fletcher. The contact is probably not enough to send him sprawling to the floor, but it’s certainly there.

Adam and Campbell argued on the halfway line over who was going to take the second penalty, but Adam eventually steps up, and powers the ball into the corner, with Gomes diving the wrong way.

I can’t help but feel that Gomes’ exhilaration in saving the first penalty caused him to chase after the ball here. He seemed to be buzzing after making the stop, and had a sudden rush of confidence which meant that he felt that he could get to the ball. He should have claimed the loose ball second time around but, having spilled it, he should have backed off and let the defenders close Taylor-Fletcher out.

Some general points on the game:

  • I thought that both penalties were legitimate – Dawson got a slight nudge for the first, but nothing substantial.
  • Aside from the penalty that he conceded, Gomes had a really positive game, making fine saves from Campbell and Adam, and then obviously his penalty save. This has been the problem with Gomes this season – we are often left saying  “except for x, …”.
  • Adam’s tackle on Bale was dangerous but, in my opinion, not intentionally malicious. The “downward” tackle generally looks bad but I would say that Adam is trying to plant his foot to allow himself to muscle Bale off the ball. However, the recklessness of the movement could easily have earned him a red card, and I could see him being retrospectively punished.
  • Spurs underperformed (yet again) and were generally very poor in the penalty area. Both strikers had a poor first half and, other than his fine finish, Defoe was largely anonymous in the second.
  • The team selection, with Lennon again on the bench, left us lop-sided for long periods. 
  • Sandro and Modric continued to work well together, and were our best players throughout the match. This pairing is looking better and better, and bodes well for next season (if we can hang on to them both).
  • Danny Rose had an impressive game in an unfamiliar left back role. I said before the game that I felt that it was a huge risk playing him at left back, and that it was actually unfair of Redknapp to play him there. In hindsight I was totally wrong and, aside from a few positional issues, he put in a fine performance (and should keep his place if Assou-Ekotto is still unavailable on Tuesday).

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  1. Agree Dawson was nudged but why was his arm above his head ? The ref let go a lot of tackles which favoured Blackpool and encouraged Adams to get stuck in but Lennon not starting must have been welcomed by the visitors. Rafa is not fit enough for the Premiership. Rose was good but that was Harrys only good decision. Time for Levy to make some big decisions.
  2. spurs were extremely lucky after being outplayed by blackpool for most of the match feel sorry for pool who have brought entetainment to the fans wherever they have been!!! A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.
  3. Can't understand how anyone can claim that Blackpool outplayed Spurs, Anonymous 20.34. Presumably you weren't at the match and only saw the MotD highlights. Just check the possession stats.

    Can't agree with you Windy about Adams tackle. Anyone who attempts to go "over the ball" in that way is eventually going to break someone's leg. Hopefully he will receive retrospective punishment, although that won't do us much good. The referee was also culpable. By allowing so many late Blackpool challenges to go unpunished, he encouraged it to continue.

    I also agree that Gomes was stupid to give away the second penalty. But much is made about contact these days. The fact is that Taylor-Fletcher dived under minimal contact. The correct decision was therefore to book him and not give the penalty. Poor refereeing again, I am afraid.

    Having said all of that, we were poor and Lennon should have started. Against Stoke, our last win, we played Pav and Crouch up front, but that hasn't been tried again, and we haven't won since. Very puzzling.

    I also want to believe that the Modric/Sandro partnership is working, but when the opposition has the ball, only Sandro seems to be pressing. We need to get the rest of the midfield closing players down.
  4. Agreed anon how anyone can say B'pool deserved anything (and yes I was there) .... and having repeatedly watched the foul on Bale I think it does look intentional and Adam needs to be done, a definite red card. Was quite shocked by how dirty B'pool were and oh how we needed a half way decent ref to protect our players... But having said all that another poor selection by 'Arry and another poor team performance, SO disappointing. The Lasagnagate year and last year we really deserved top 4, but this year we have failed too often when we should have had 3 points.
  5. Hey Windy,

    I have to say I don't agree with your comment about the penalties, I thought both were very soft and am so annoyed that they were given, but they were given and after dealing with the first Gomes got a little bit too pumped and screwed up just after, a far too common occurance.

    I think Adam should have been sent off, that's a really nasty tackle wether he meant it of not. They way he went into the tackle is dangerous in it's own right and the outcome looked horrible.

    I don't think Defoe was as bad as you say as I think he got involved more than usual and scored an excellent goal, however Pav was missing for nearly all of the first 45 minutes. When Rose was played in by Bale to cross inside the 6 yard box, Pav showed no desire to move and get a goal but to hope something would drop to him if he stood still.

    Good write up as always.
  6. Tonight a goalkeeper sought by Arsenal let in a soft goal, but I doubt people will make a song and dance about Schwarzer's gaffe. Gomes made a number of spectacular saves and it was apparent that he was geeing up his low confidence. Now, I think that there are some things that you learn from youth that should not be coached out of you, but overcoaching is a British disease. As a "continental" goalkeeper, Gomes should not be expected to catch the ball: he should just punch, which probably come more naturally to him.
    I would also like to have Adams in our midfield (despite cursing him on Saturday), because he can add some more bite to our midfield and his distribution is excellent. In fact, I would make him captain. We have a large public park in our midfield through which the opposition often strolls.
    Finally, having seen Fulham get mullered by an express train from Anfield, I think the mental strength of our team will be tested when we play Liverpool.


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