Analysis of the goal conceded against Man City (10/5)

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Crouch’s own goalSpurs switch off from a corner, and Crouch ends up prodding Milner’s drilled cross past Cudicini.

Having played so well for 30 minutes and just missed a great chance to take the lead, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Milner takes a quick corner to Johnson, and only Lennon is switched on, and comes out to close the ball.

Lennon has to go to the ball, and nobody else comes out to help – Rose is best placed to do so. Johnson simply plays the ball back to Milner, and he has a clear run.

He gets into the box and fires a fine ball across the face of goal. Rose is not close enough to stop it.

Crouch does the right thing in trying to cover the near post.

But unfortunately he can’t adjust his feet quickly enough to be able to put the ball out for another corner, instead directing it at goal.

Cudicini throws himself at the ball, but it is travelling quickly, and he has little chance.

Crouch had good intentions and, had he missed the ball, Lescott would have scored, so I will not blame him for this one. I would, instead, blame the collective for letting City take a quick short corner – Rose was best placed to go out with Lennon, but instead waited and then wasn’t able to stop the cross.

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  1. Outclassed, outmanoevred, OUT-of-the-Champions-League...never to return. So unlucky being nearly men, hey. Nevermind, there's always Thursday nights, Channel 5!
  2. and its still Ricky Villa... Citeh, always the ugly bridesmaid
  3. Spurs are not even a bridesmaid. What a waste of time using your "hard earned" up on a bunch of nearly men.


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