Spurs in the Milk Cup – including highlights

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A Tottenham Hotspur U17 squad is currently participating in the Milk Cup, a yearly tournament held in Northern Ireland.

Squad (“Premier” section rules stipulate that you can only include players born on or after 1 January 1994):

1 Billy Granger
2 Grant Ward
3 Ruben Lameiras
4 Dominic Ball
5 Kodi Lyons-Foster
6 Oliver Modeste
7 Frederick Champion
8 Emmanuel Sonupe
9 Victor Zapata-Caidedo
10 Leeroy Maguraushe
11 Kenneth McEvoy
12 Daniel Akindayiuni
13 Liam Priestly
14 Samuel Smith
15 Thomas Gardiner
16 Roman Percil
17 Kolade Nathan Oduwa
18 Connor Ogilvie

Champion is the only second year player involved, although a few of the other players have played for our U18 side. Kenneth McEvoy is one of the players to watch out for – a pacy striker who can also play on the wing. He should get plenty of matches for our U18s in the coming year.


Mon 25 Jul (at Showgrounds, Limavaday) Otago (New Zealand) U17s 0-4 Tottenham Hotspur U17s
Scorers: Ball 2, Oduwa, OG

NB: The formation is a best guess.

Michael-Precil Modeste Gardiner Ward
McEvoy Smith Champion Ball Lameiras

Sonupe for Michael-Precil
Ogilvie for Ward
Akindayini for Zapata-Caicedo
Oduwa for McEvoy

Spurs site report
Highlights – 5:39 in


Tue 26 Jul (at Riada Stadium, Ballymoney) Co. Farmanagh U17s 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur U17s

Scorer: McEvoy 2

Highlights – 5:41 in


Wed 27 Jul (at Showgrounds, Ballymena) South Coast Strikers U17s vs Tottenham Hotspur U17s


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  1. Ron Burgundy here, as ever

    Kenneth McEvoy looks alright eh? A couple of nice goals from Dominic Ball too

    The general standard of our youth teams has certainly improved in recent years. We now just need to improve the conversion into the senior squad - all takes time though
  2. Ron - massive improvement, and in my opinion the Arnesen/Jol and more importantly Ricardo Moniz "regime change" made a big difference. McDermott credits Moniz as a huge influence on training methods.
  3. Great post mate. I was told Dominic Ball was the one to watch in this tournament. He's been quiet but effective so far. For me, young McEvoy is the stand out player. Changed the game when he came on last night, 2 good goals. Not scared to run at folk, backed up with the skills and pace to do it. Ruben Lameiras seems to play behind McEvoy at times. The 2 play well together.

    They weren't playing the same 2 touch football last night, but credit to the Fermanagh side - they were up for it and stronger oponents than Otago!

    Spurs have been rotating players to keep the energy levels up, hopefully keeping the best for the final. Earlier kick off with South Coast strikers tonight... and all to play for!
  4. Thanks so much for posting that - shame we only finished 5th (I'll try to get a blog update up soon!) but a good experience for a very young side. It will know doubt stand them in good stead for the coming season!
  5. 2 questions for you Windy

    1) Do you think loans will have terms that allow players to take part in NextGen games - like Spurs Xi games last season?

    2) Do you think we'll ever offload our deadwood. In the recent past, I think we've only been able to do so because teams with worse transfer statergys and looser wage structures (Sunderland and Pompey) have soaked up our chaff. As a bit of sanity has spread regarding wages, I really can't see the likes of Bentley, Jenas and Defoe taking heavy pay cuts to move out of London. Nor can i see anybody paying what we'd want.

    I ask this because if we can't shift them then it looks bleak for our youngsters. The likes of Bentley will be always picked for our bench rather than that a Kane or Townsend who can come on and suprise everybody (like, say, Smalling, Jones and O'Hara all did)
  6. Stinkin Pears - 1. Yes, fairly certain they will have that flexibility...

    2. I tend to agree with you - it's a real issue. We've filled our squad with fodder and now refuse to exile them as we're scared that they will lose (even more) value. There's no way that Bentley should be ahead of Townsend, is there? Townsend was so impressive in his only appearance, whereas Bentley has always struggled when given the odd game. I know who I'd rather bring on when we're searching for a winner...
  7. Agreed. Depressing to see exciting youths on bench for both friendlies this weekend, and not one of them used. If I were a young player at Spurs I'd get out the second my youth loan expired. I'd genuinely give Kasim a better chance of making it than, say, Mason at the moment.


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