Two weeks to go – how the 25-man squad is shaping up

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I wrote about our 25-man squad in May, and how we actually had over 30 players vying to be included in the 25-man squad for Premier League matches.

Since then, we have only managed to shift Jonathan Woodgate (free transfer), Jamie O’Hara (£5m, Wolves), Bongani Khumalo (loan, Reading) and Kyle Naughton (loan, Norwich) of the players that are over the “21 years old” threshold, meaning that we still have five players too many.

NB: homegrown players shaded.

On the plus side, Rose, Walker, Townsend and our other young professionals are still “freebies”, as they were born after January 1990. Livermore, born in November 1989, does not quite make the cut and could be a victim of the rule.

Essentially, if the squad were named today, we would be forced to leave out five players – they would not be eligible to play in Premier League matches. The decisions would be simple enough – Alnwick, Button, Livermore, dos Santos and probably Bentley would be left out, presumably with all five being loaned to other clubs or used in the Europa League.

The issue is a bigger one, though – if we want to bring players in, it means we have to leave others out. If we were to sign, for example, a central midfield player and a striker (as has been speculated, with Diarra and Abdeayor strongly linked), it means that we would need to leave out, say, Keane and Palacios. If we were unable to find buyers or loan clubs in time, they would effectively see out a year of their contracts and lose a considerable amount of value.

Most Spurs fans would say that at least three new players are required, and we are leaving it very late to do the necessary outgoing deals, let alone the incoming ones.

NB: As an aside, Newsnow seems to be going absolutely nuts with my old articles – I have no idea what is going on, but I apologise for ruining the Newsnow stream for you all!

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  1. You can take Lennon and Modric out and Bale because Chelsea have finaly cracked Levey and Harry by Harry saying let Modric go. This has caused City to tap Lennon up by the Daily Star Sky Murdocs paper next it will be Bale to Madrid for Diara and there waste and unwanted. Buying players who are forced on you is no good and City and Chelsea are trying to take take Arsenal and Spurs of there danger list of opponents DAVSPURS
  2. Redknapp is supposedly saying Levy should let Modric leave, though the only quote I've seen is from Jamie R, and it is none of his effing business.

    Levy, make Redknapp and his family shut the f*** up for once.
  3. Seeing Woodgate play a full 90 mins in majestic form has plunged this window to new depths.
  4. You guys must be working hard for this. Keep on informing us like this. Thanks for the updates.
  5. I got really excited when I saw so many Newsnow links to your site... I thought I was going to have a lot of reading to catch up on.

    I know how you feel... quite sad to see him at Stoke. However, let's see how long he lasts for. If he has a great season, I'll be very happy for Woodie.
  6. DAVSPURS - Ever the optimist, Dav! I am hopeful that we can hang on to our key players for one more season...

    Anon @ 11:51 - We'd be absolutely mental to let Modric leave now, having got this far!

    Anon @ 20:10 - I didn't personally think Woodgate played THAT well - quite slow on the turn compared to how he used to be & should probably have given a way a penalty (had Torres not made his fall so ridiculous!). He won everything in the air, mind.

    roof repairs melbourne - Thanks, mate, I appreciate the kind words!

    elwehbi@ibleedhotspur - Thanks as always for the comment :) The Newsnow cock-up was very embarrassing, but on the plus side I got a fair few hits!
  7. Keane gone, several to go.
    If we signed a decent striker now we would be sort of sorted.
    Palacios needed until Sandro is match fit.
    End of Oct.?
    Nothing on Physioroom.

    We could take a chance and not register Piennar (or Gallas) both of whom could be out for longer than is assumed.
  8. Sandro is out for 3 months.
  9. Re:Hearts Match

    I hear the return leg team is



    Anything to avoid playing youth.

    What dya reckon the team will be seriously though

    Peace and Stench
  10. Stinky P - Love it! Three keepers again, mental huh?

    I reckon Kane, Carroll and Luongo (if fit) will all have a chance of getting a game... What do you reckon?
  11. Harry and youth can be argued both ways.
    We bloodied 3 youngsters and have Rose already established.
    Could say they have been weell handled.
    Personally I think Walker,Livermore Townsend and Rose
    could all have been given game time earlier.
    Kane for 4th striker?

    Kranjcar outstandind. Either means he stays or we get more for him?
    The former for me.
  12. Jimmy - I don't think even the most staunchly pro-Harry people could argue that. Bale, Rose and arguably Sandro have been brought through when first-teamers have been injured. Walker has been given his chance at another club. Townsend grabbed his chance with both hands and then found himself back out on loan.

    Agree about Kranjcar - he was wonderful!
  13. I was trying to be fair not being of the 'Harry out' brigade.
    But as I indicated I think you're right.
    Livermore played well two seasons ago against Barcelona and I thought he would have made the squad last season.
    Ditto Townsend and what a sublime ball to set Defoe away for the final goal.
    I'm getting a bit over-excited.
    Monday might calm me down.
  14. No reason to appologise for the NewsNow Stream, it's improved it no end, if anything it should be a recommended feature, to reread and read articles I missed anew was a day well spent. Thank you.
  15. Thank you, bonse! Appreciate it :)
  16. Well, bring out the best players with you. I hope this issue will be soon resolved. Good luck with you guys. Just keep up the good work! More power!
  17. I am so excited to watch them rocking on the play again. For sure it will be more fun. Thanks for the share, anyway. auto blog samurai


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