Analysis of the goal conceded against Blackburn (23/10)

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Formica’s goala Pedersen free kick is floated into the box from just outside the centre circle. Samba beats Kaboul in the air and Formica, who had been marked by Parker, is left with a free shot from around the penalty spot.

A free-kick from Morten Gamst Pedersen is chipped in from the centre circle. Note Scott Parker, picking up the eventual scorer, Formica, around the penalty spot.

As was the case throughout the whole match, the kick is aimed at Samba – he is incredible in the air, and beats Kaboul and also Parker, who has now left Formica and attempted to pressure Samba.

But Samba cleverly heads down to Formica, who is left with a free shot from around the penalty spot.

And he plants the ball into the corner, leaving Friedel with no chance.

Spurs made hard work of this game and never looked secure. We failed to put pressure Blackburn in midfield, and had to defend against a nail-biting number of free kicks, corners and long throws.

A number of our normally reliable players – Modric, Parker, Adebayor – under-performed, and we were left relying on van der Vaart to win us the match with two superb finishes. Pre-match, I felt that Redknapp should have started Sandro, who was instead left on the bench. After the game, Redknapp explained that he had a calf injury, and the coaching staff had been warned that he was at risk of missing weeks of action had he played. Even so – Livermore could have come on at 2-1 to help beef up our midfield and reduce the amount of pressure that we were under.

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  1. didn't understand why HR brought on Rose - would've thought that Sandro (ok his calf) or Livermore would have brought more strength and stability to the midfield
  2. Only felt confident that the ball would be retained when Modric had the ball.
    In fact when he misplaced a pass the commentators remarked on it.
    Livermore who was ready to come on before Rose should have been brought on at 2-1.
    havn't we been trying to buy Samba?
    If not; why not?
  3. Sad article
  4. This question is kind of out of left field, but you seem very knowledgeable about Spurs' youth teams/academy. If Spurs (hypothetically, of course) decided to have a fire sale and sell off all their youth/academy players, how much do you think we could get for people like Luongo, Townsend, Carroll, Kane? Would it be £2 million for Kane or £1 million for a guy like Carrol. Just wondering how highly regarded some of these guys are as I don't get to keep up on some of these players as much as I would like.

    Thanks and keep up the good work, this is a 'triffic blog as 'Arry would say
    -Matt 12
  5. Moshe Abelesz - totally agree, was certainly a strange move.

    JimmyG2 - lack of ball retention was part of the problem in this match, certainly - normally reliable players under-performing a little.

    Anon @ 23:37 - So sad you had to comment? :)

    Matt 12 - Thanks for your comment - very much appreciated. To be honest I think all would command decent fees. Carroll I can see going out on loan to a PL club in January (maybe joining Caulker at Swansea?), and I'd say Kane will be looking for Championship experience. Townsend has been on the bench fairly regularly...
  6. Rafa has said that the defence did well and in the sense that they dealt with the aerial bombardment they did. However, I think that if pressure is put on the players that deliver the crosses and those waiting for the knockdown then this should be able to be dealt with easily. I'm not sure that having Sandro would have helped as these types of teams bypass the midfield. Ball retention is the most important thing and that's what we are not doing consistently at present. The Sandro-Parker axis will be important against the likes of Chelsea.
    On another point, Pavulochenko should be chosen ahead of Defoe. Bassong should not be discarded, either.
  7. Good article, as ever.

    My kingdom for a loan watch

    Also, did you notice the xi fielded a team of midfielders against wham? #thinkwe'rebarca

    What team for kazan? My other kingdom for a line-up. Is parret eligible?
  8. This goal reminded me so much of the Crouch-Rafa combination early on in last season.


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