Analysis of the goal conceded against Fulham (6/11)

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Younes Kaboul’s own goalFulham were a threat from set pieces, but this goal was a gift – King heading against Kaboul and the ball trickling in.

Fulham caused us problems from set pieces all game, and Duff’s corner here is whipped into a decent area.

But ironically, with all of the Fulham efforts on goal, this one stems from two Spurs players. King gets to the flight of the ball…

…but he fails to get his header up or out, and it hits Kaboul on the back…

…and trickles over the line, just far enough away from Bale.

To say we rode our luck in this game would be a massive understatement – the Friedel/Modric double clearance, and the Walker handball (which looked unintentional, but was still a penalty by default in my opinion) were verging on the ridiculous. We were clinical in front of goal, though, and to score three goals away from home nearly always sees you on your way to three points.

A quick nod to Aaron Lennon – he has had the least touches of any of the 22 starters in both of our last two league matches, but was influential in both games. His cross for the first goal, and run and finish for the second today were both superb.

The Spurs go marching on!

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  1. Dear Windy.

    Love your blog.

    Please stop being so negative when the games on though.

    Sandro on at 50 minutes is just saying to Fulham - attack!

    Give our coaching staff some credit, as Defoe did nick one at the end.

    Keep up the good work.
  2. Not negative, mate - sometimes what on paper looks a defensive move (i.e. an attacking player off for a defensive one) can be an OFFENSIVE move.

    Had we gone to three in midfield, one of our players would have been able to press higher up the pitch, knowing that we still had two to get past. That means we can win the ball further up-field and use Bale and Lennon's pace to spring their defence. As it was, we brought on an attacker for an attacker and sat on the back foot for pretty much 45 minutes!

    Really appreciate your kind comment, though - cheers!
  3. Windy at half time and after watching Fulham play on Thursday and win 4-1. I forecast tired Fulham would come out of the changing room changed and like every team since the City game we have played they never disappointed me. I could say its my physic Knowledge, you are a very clever Spurs fan so do you think our team is gifted but sadly lacking in fitness. This is because we are way of the states for klm run during a game Newcastle 121 Spurs 114 against Arsenals 119 against Blackburn we run 106 . The big problem is this Windy last season we lost out after Christmas where this tempo gets more desperate and shocks become more frequent we need too abandon 4411 or it will kill Harry and a few of us older fans with heart attack. Any fan with common sense would question why Fulham had the legs on Spurs especially in the half they should be knackered. And lastly if you think Kolo Toure and Paddy Kenny is the only players using a substance that makes you run a lot longer then ignore what i tell you. I first stumbled on this form of cheating three seasons ago with a team in my area the North West the very place Toure plays. The then testing agents Uk sport where the body whose job it was too test playersi wont tell you how i found out but its shocked me and changed my whole way of watching football to this day . What i have to do is record the match and get my daughter or wife or mates to text me the score. Last season i could not watch the game from the beginning but now i can just about watch the first half and then i go out with the dog my walking stick and a bottle of water. My heart starts pounding waiting for the text too say they have scored 2-1 this has happened since we started 4411. The reason is this with only having Ady and Van playing too far back its easy for energized teams to squeeze the space and dominate possession and peg us back and leave Ady isolated Defoe gives defenders another headache and our midfield another target. When Huddlestone plays he beats teams trying too use this energy surge by hitting long passes over there heads into the space behind them for Lennon and Bale to exploit. I hope you go back and watch Fulham Wigan and others use this injection of energy in the second half because its real and is our biggest challenge we face too get us into the top four . We failed last season and i will keep highlighting this form of cheating till it slows or stops,********
  4. Have to agree that Sandro should have been on in the early part of the second half. We would have been able to snuff out their attacks earlier on in the phase of play and had them stretched on a counterattack. Against the better teams and away from home we should have Parker and Sandro on.
    @davspurs: take your facts to Panorama or Dispatches
  5. Fellow Cockerel despatches told you the fa do fuck all hence the name. I told Uk Sport they told me its rife but they cant catch them. So clever man explain why our rested team got overun and oi promise too ignore what i no and who i found cheating three seasons ago and do fuck all the the FA. Oh one last word the man running the FA when this team where cheating is now on there board and was a life long fan i wait for you answer 57 percent played Thursday won 4-1 . 47 percent rested lost 1-0 explain davspurs
  6. Dav - I'm surprised to hear that you think Fulham are also involved in the whole doping thing.

    They are, of course, managed by Martin Jol - does this mean he's involved? Could he have used similar methods whilst our manager? It is unsettling at best.
  7. What do you think of the Bale look alike Mcelvoy I think his name is on the youth team

  8. Not much to be done to stop that one, another thats scored driven hard in close to the keeper but Kaboul knew nothing about it and Friedel had every other angle covered. From the replay looked like King could have angled the head away from goal but I doubt that would have been all that much safer with the numbers in the box. Ho hum.
  9. Completely agree that Sandro should have come on at the half for either VdV or Modric as neither were really having much effect on the game and Spurs were really really overrun in the midfield. 4-2-3-1 would have sealed it much earlier. This one could easily have been 5-2 to Fulham if luck had gone the other way and I can't see spurs getting away with Parker and Modric in the middle again in a grueling away match like this one.
  10. I also posted this at Mac's Blog — If DavSpurs is correct and these high energy drinks are available, why isn’t everyone using them, including our Spurs? I’ve got a sense that it’s partly about the type of footballers we have. . .on the highly skilled but slight side (Modric, Lennon, VDV, even Pienaar. . .and then guys like Niko who aren’t physical) in midfield. We get over-run by physical teams/players (drinks or not). Using Sandro more to help out Parker could definitely help. I cannot believe a well-off team like Tottenham is not buying/using these energy drinks if they work. But another win, and the season rolls on!
  11. Fulham moved the ball quickly in midfield to negate the threat of Parker getting tackles in. We cut out Modric by too much long ball by Friedel and Kaboulespecially.
    We are prone to pressure from corners because Friedel doesn't do dominating the box and Fulham have good headers of the ball and good delivery from Murphy.
    We still had to score their goal for them though.


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