Analysis of the goal conceded against Rubin Kazan (3/11)

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Bibras Natcho’s goalBassong sloppily gives away a free kick, and Natcho bends it over the wall to Cudicini’s right.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get a full video of the move leading up to the award of the free kick, but Bassong did not cover himself in glory.

Gallas stretched to clear a ball into the box, and headed the ball down to Bassong, who took a touch to control around the penalty spot. Once under control, he should have cleared immediately – however, he took another touch (this time with his right foot) . The ball got away from him and, in trying to retrieve it, he lunged into a challenge conceding a foul.

Bibras Natcho, the impressive Israeli midfielder, lines up the free kick – Cudicini positions his wall to the right of his goal, and moves over to protect the left.

Natcho executes it perfectly – over the wall, and tightly enough into the corner that Cudicni has little chance.

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  1. shocking error by Seb, always capable of something similar
  2. Seb also had another touch on the left exactly the same less than 5 minutes later if I recall correctly. My concern is why was the wall made up of the smallest people and why were'nt any of them jumping?
  3. I'va always wondered why, when opposition players line up on the end of the wall, doesn't the goalie shift the wall over towards the near post, basically leaving their players in the wall defending their own free kick. This gives the keepe a clear sight and leaves our players to defend.
    But Yes, Bassong was crap
  4. yeah, like bonse i was also surprised that apart from Pav nobody jumped in the wall... Bassong's error was still out of character, i would like to think:) but it did bother me that he was laughing his head off with Defoe when Gallas was walking off - all with him having just cost us a goal, that was likely to result in defeat for the team.
  5. @anon 13:40

    Definitely not so "shocking" coming from Seb... he always seems to put us in this type of a eff'd up situation.

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