Analysis of the goal conceded against QPR (21/4)

Taarabt’s goalHaving won a dubious free kick, Taarabt sends the ball over the wall and dipping into the near post, easily beating Friedel who has taken a step to the other side of his goal.

Sandro makes what seems to be a legitimate challenge – winning the ball from Taarabt.

The ball squirms under him and Taarabt goes over Sandro. EDIT: It has been pointed out that the free kick was likely given for handball by Sandro at this point – a very harsh decision.

As Friedel sets his wall, he takes steps to his left, showing Taarabt the near post.

Taarabt whips the free kick perfectly up and down over the wall and into the corner, but Friedel has left himself a lot to do. With the sun in his eyes, and having taken steps to his left, he is unable to get back across in time.

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  1. Simple ;-)
    1. Simple as Simon...
    2. I don't like simple any more than complicated :(
  2. Clattenburg strikes again!
  3. All your screen shots already have the score at 1-0?
    You say it was a 'dubious' free kick, Adel put the ball htrough his legs, did Sandro win the ball? no. Did Sandro foul the Adel? yes! = Free Kick

    QPR could feel hard done by with regards to the sending off...
    1. you said QPR fans could feel hard?
      don't be silly
      Adel already booked and get another yellow for kicking the ball away. reference is correct for give the second yellow.
    2. This comment has been removed by the author.
    3. Why so hard done by? I've heard calls for the referee to use common sense yet no-one called for Taarabt to use the same. When on a yellow, common sense dictates you don't do something that will guarentee you another yellow.
    4. I used screenshots from the replays :)
  4. Sandro got the ball fair and square. I agree that the sending off was harsh, although yellow cards do get given for kicking the ball away I think the ref could have just had a word with Taraabt telling him that he would be off if he did that again.
    1. I tend to agree with you.
  5. Free kick was won by Taarabt, not Barton. The free kick was given for the handball by Sandro, as the ball went through his legs, he used his arm to stop it getting past him.
    Letter of the law; yes, Taarabt should have been sent off but I still think it was harsh. If Taarabt goes, so should have Parker for his awful tackle and then blatant dive but he didn't get a yellow card for either. He could have got away with murder thanks to Clattenburg.
    1. Sorry - don't know where Barton came from! Thanks for pointing that out.

      Incredibly harsh decision to give that for handball - how could that be intentional?!

      I agree that the Taarabt decision was pretty harsh, and that Parker could have gone.
  6. Harsh sending off yes, if clattenburg realised adel was already on a yellow, he would have not shown him a second, that much is obvious. Secondly, stop blaming the sun for goal. At the time the ball was struck, Friedel is not covering eyes trying to organise his wall. He simply was not ready, he steps to one side before he realises adel has taken free kick. Pic above shows no sunlight on pitch as does replays of the game. Just before freekick and soon after you can see Fridel struggling with the glare bit defo not for the free kick which did not have much pace but was perfectly placed. End of! Stop making excuses spurs fans, ye looked very fragile and very low on confidence. You made Anton look first class and let us get through to penalty box very easily. A great season now in tatters and Newcastles form is going to ensure ye do not get CL next season.
    1. I work with a number of QPR fans that were present and they all said that Friedel was looking into the sun.

      I thought Friedel should have done a lot better though.
  7. I'm getting a little tired of this hand ball for any contact that seems to have crept in. This one wasnt so bad, but watching the premier league this year I have seen countless handballs given for players instinctively protecting their faces from point blank range, hand balls for the ball hitting them from behind as they turn away.

    We need to go back to the deliberate handball = bad. Instinctive protection or acidental contact = referee discretion.

    This case seemed to me to be a case of unexpected deflection bounced up and hit the trailing arm behind him, however I have only seen it from the one angle but it didint look as if he had anyway of seeing the ball once it passed him and would have been unaware of its position until it hit him, ergo, I wouldnt have given it from the angle I saw it.
    1. Totally agree bonse! How can that possibly be a deliberate handball under any circumstances?


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