Eurofoot 2012 update – defeat in opener

We lost our first game 4-1 to Brazilians Atlético Paranaense (who have an older squad on average), with Shaq Coulthirst getting our goal, and Douglas Souza scoring a hat-trick for our opponents.

Our squad for the tournament is as follows:

1 Granger Billy 03/12/94
2 Ward Grant 05/12/94
3 Smith Samuel 27/09/94
4 Onomah Joshua 27/04/97
5 McQueen Alex 24/03/95
6 Ball Dominic 02/08/95
7 McEvoy Kenneth 04/09/94
8 Lameiras Ruben 22/12/94
9 Victor Zapata-Caicedo 29/09/94
10 McQueen Darren 08/05/95
11 Colovic Stefan 02/07/94
12 Akindayini Daniel 25/10/95
13 Priestley Liam 01/09/95
14 Gardiner Thomas 14/03/95
15 McEneff Aaron 09/07/95
16 Lesniak Filip 14/05/96
17 Michael-Percil Roman 28/02/95
18 Coulthirst Shaquile 2/11/94

Plenty of new names there, and presumably some trialists.

Our next game is against Zulte Waregem at 15:00 (14:00 UK time).

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  1. This Souza? Is he a forward? Do we know if he's available?
  2. Hi Windy

    Think you have an 'oops' in the squad list - 8 Santos Otavio 4/05/94.

    All squad is from Spurs except 11 Colovic Stefan who I think is a Swiss mid from FC Basle - same place as we got Milos Veljkovic from and I think Colovic may be Serbian as well !

    Wonder if we can nick a good striker from FC Basle too as we are are short of them !

    BTW have a thread running on SC if you want to pop in !

    Spurs Idol
  3. Hello mate,

    What's the oops? I literally just pinched the squad list from the official Eurofoot site...

    Can you link me to the SC thread or is it closed?
    1. OMG! Got it. Thanks.

      Not sure if you need to register to see it.
  4. Hi windy, George here. thanks for the squad update. do you know who played in both games? I'm assuming we rotated the players in each game.

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