Analysis of the goal conceded against Reading (16/9)

Hal Robson-Kanu’s goalAdam Le Fondre picks up the ball between Vertonghen and Gallas, and flights the perfect cross, dissecting Walker and Friedel and allowing Robson-Kanu to tap home at the back post.

Kyle Naughton is caught out when a long-ball down the line finds him up-field. Jan Vertonghen, very solid throughout the game, gets a little unlucky – he comes out to the left back area to cover for Naughton, but the pass (I think from Noel Hunt), goes between his legs.

Gallas doesn’t get tight enough to Le Fondre, who flights a very clever pass between Walker and Friedel. Note Walker – caught on his heels as Robson-Kanu busts a gut to get on the end of the cross.

Friedel has come out to protect his near post so is taken out of the game by Le Fondre’s clever pass, and Walker’s slight delay means that he is caught underneath the cross.

Robson-Kanu slides in to meet the cross on the volley and put it into an empty net.

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  1. Walker needs to have a think about his role:he ISN'T Bale but the Right Fullback and he is there primarily TO DEFEND while attacking is a luxury. I Think that his head needs shrinking a little. The pity is we don't have a Corluik btreathing down his neck
  2. Yes but could Friedel have come out to cut off the cross? Because he never leaves the line he makes defenders work much harder dealing with corners and crosses. Fine on the line but I dont think thats enough these days.
  3. friedel was caught in no mans land- he was too hesitant about coming out or staying and did neither properly.
    walker also lost his man.
  4. Walker should definitely have concerntrated more on his defending duties in this case. Thank God we were not only one nil up. Another case of Spurs napping in the last 10 minutes. I think Brad may have struggled to come across and out quick enough to intercept the pass so he did what he does best and stayed on the line. Would Lloris have handled it differently?
  5. If Walker only concentrated on the defensive aspect of the game we would not have scored the 2-0 goal (and probably not the 3-0). But yes, he is the main culprit in this case.

    I also feel that Friedel ended up in no mans land, but he did not stay on the line (as he usually does), if he had done that he might have had a chance at the finish.
  6. Good analysis. The only part I don't agree with is the term "Cross". It was a shot. He attempted to chip the keeper. I know Le Fondre from his Rotherham days and all he does is shoot. He never looks up and passes, just like Defoe 99% of the time.

    He tried chipping it, he missed, but luckily Robson-Kanu was there to tap it in. Yes, Walker was caught out though.
  7. My reaction was that it was Walker who was at fault for this one, he dragged his feet when the threat of Robson-Kanu was obvious. Don't think Brad could've done much for this, he had to cover his left side before the ball came across and I don't think it was possible for him to come across and catch it. Might be wrong though.
  8. Is it me or hasn't Walker been at least partly at fault with almost all our goals this season? We have to remember he's still inexperienced but he needs to up his concentration levels particularly towards the end of games.
    1. goals conceded that is!!!
    2. Well he wouldn't be at "fault" for our goals scored - he would be in praise.
  9. Walker was at fault, but everyone seems to be ignoring Naughton's role in this. The move started down his side and I have no idea why he was so far upfield at the time.
  10. Both Kyles were at fault here. Glad someone noticed that.

    In fact, ALL of Reading's attack originated from the space behind the 2 Kyles or being overloaded in these 2 areas.
  11. Walker's lack of positioning skills need attention and better teams than Reading will target him. He was very lucky not to give away a penalty. However, I am hopeful that this will improve with coaching and would point to the transformation of Defoe's spatial awareness. I can't remember him being offside yesterday. Clearly, it must be the 70-page manual he was given.
  12. Good write up as ever Windy, it's interesting to see Defoe being told to let others do build up play and whenever he gets the ball pull the trigger, I say interesting because it's not something Spurs has seen much in the past.

    Only grumble from me was Gallas still seems to want to wander into midfiled with the ball ignoring passes until tackled and leaving three people to defend a counter, this was directly the cause of two goals last season and several dangerous free kicks (one of which scored). But then I guess he did clear off the line.
  13. Surprised to see so many people committed upfield.
    We were playing keep-ball earlier and yet we were so out of position with minutes to go.
    Three goals in the last three matches in the closing minutes.

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