Analysis of the goal conceded against Panathinaikos (4/10)

Toche’s goal – Seitaridis latches on to a pass down the right – his touch is loose, but he gets away with it as no Spurs players are close to him. He gets his head up and plays the pass of the match – perfectly in behind Caulker, into the path of Toche, who has run off Dawson, and toe pokes beyond Lloris.

Giourkas Seitaridis controls the ball on the right – it’s not the easiest control but with no Spurs player close to him, he gets away with a less than perfect touch.

He instantly gets his head up, and notices Toche making an intelligent run – Dawson is not alive or not sharp enough to react to this movement, and it is already clear at this point that he will struggle to get goal-side.

The ball is perfectly weighted to drop behind Caulker – he thinks about stretching, but knows he won’t make it. It’s also not heavy enough to run to Lloris, who instead tries to narrow the angle for Toche.

Dawson tries to apply pressure at the last minute, and is actually in danger of giving away a penalty – perhaps that may have been the best option at this point?

It’s a neat finish from Toche – right into the corner – but could Lloris have come out a yard or two further? I think so.

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  1. I think AVB would be more concerned about the closing down of Seitaridis in the first place. I was watching the second half, I thought we invited the pressure on a bit too much. I think Hudd had lost his momentum in the second half, as did dembele. I think Sandro needed to come on a bit earlier to show a bit of commitment in the centre of the park. We are missing Livermore and Parker at the moment as alternatives, Sandro cannot play all the time, especially after the graft he put in at Old Trafford
    The ball through was class, no denying that. Caulker could do nothing, the pace of Daws was exposed... a reason AVB prefers Gallas. Lloris - maybe, I don't think Bad Brad could have got it either. It is all about the closing down from the start - we got sloppy and got punished
    1. Agreed - there was definitely an issue with our shape and pressing in the second half - I'd have brought on Sandro for Dempsey on 55 and pushed Dembele slightly further forward.
  2. I agree the cross\throughball should have been blocked at source - where was Bale or Vertonghen?
  3. I think if Caulker had reacted more quickly he would have been able to cut it out. The ball must be meant for someone coming in behind him otherwise why was it being hit there?
    Whether by accident or design, this match vindicates most of AVB's selections in the PL, but I still think that Lloris is our number one GK.
    1. Oh really? I thought Caulker could have tried going to ground but was unlikely to make it and his starting position was pretty decent I thought.
  4. Both Caulker and Dawson were slow to react but in truth the ball was a peach.Caulker might have reached it if he had launched himself.
    I assume that Lloris stayed put because it looked as if Dawson would get there, otherwise I think he would have come further out for it.
    Dawson had a better view than Caulker and bears the main responsibility for not reacting to the the danger.
    Don't think bringing him down was an option because in the end his toe poke could have gone anywhere. In off the far post wasn't deliberate unless they practice that in training


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