Analysis of the goal conceded against West Ham (25/11)

Andy Carroll’s goalCaulker clears Taylor’s cross unnecessarily, with Lloris ready to pounce. The ball falls to O’Brien, who takes a touch and stands the ball up for Carroll, who loops a header in at the far post.

Matt Taylor progresses down the West Ham right.

He fires in a cross with his weaker foot. With Lloris ready to pounce, Caulker clears – it is unclear whether Lloris calls for this cross (edit: some Park Lane eyewitnesses has confirmed that he did call for it!), but it is fair to say that Caulker is used to playing with a goalkeeper who stays on his line, so it is difficult to blame him in this instance.

The ball drops kindly for Joey O’Brien – arguably lucky to still be on the pitch after a very poor challenge on Bale in the first half.

O’Brien’s cross is perfectly stood up for Carroll, who has drifted between Walker and Dawson at the back post.

Carroll loops his header intelligently to the far post, and Lloris is well beaten.

The game had its flat moments, but Spurs scored at crucial times and could have had more – hitting the woodwork twice. Defoe scored a fantastic opener at a time when we looked like we might not manage to break the deadlock, and Dempsey was pleasingly involved in much of our good play – two major positives given that we are missing Adebayor for crucial matches.

Michael Dawson put in a sterling shift at the back, and Hugo Lloris again showed why so many questioned AVB’s decision to hold him back. I for one hope that our Head Coach sticks with both for Wednesday’s game.

If you have a spare five minutes, why not read my article from yesterday? ‘AVB needs (at least) a year‘.

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  1. Hi Windy,
    Do you do analysis of goals scored? Unless Im missing a point here, you some sort of defence coach?
  2. The rest of the team were caught ball-watching, giving O'Brien the time and space to pick out Carroll.
  3. Watching the replays I think LLoris can be heard calling for the ball. Sounds like, 'Let me 'av eet mon petite cherie' or something similar. Much better performance but W.Ham were very poor.
    Read your earlier piece and did I not like it? I did.
    Some sort of defence coach? Well it ain't working Windy they don't take a blind bit of notice of you!
    1. Lloris clearly shouts mine.....
      And not pour moi...... :-D watch the goal on 101 great goals. He clearly shouts for it
    2. should'nt be a huge problem what he shouted, not sure which part of Belgium Vert is from, but it might concievable for spurs to field a back 4 that has french as a mother tongue
  4. Walker seems to show signs of improvement in these matches with Dawson next to him. Now, that's not an intentional criticism of Gallas, I have always felt Dawson brings with him a certain xfactor that others feed off, a lot like Steve Bruce did back in the day.

    Anyway, the goal, personally I feel there is a trap that's easy to fall into where we don't give credit to our opponents when it's due, Carrol is what he is, there's no deception like there are with other strikers, he's like a pin in a pin ball machine, you score in-off him, but the delivery to him was perfect leaving all very little else to do. So hats off to the cross and bring on Liverpool which has an interesting managerial match up
  5. As others have pointed out, Caulker did exactly the same thing against West Ham. Sure he's young and needs to learn, but you've got to learn quicker than that.

    The whole team needs to be man the f up a little in the last 10 minutes. I read somewhere over the weekend that over 80 minutes, we're actually 1st in the league. Says it all really.


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