Analysis of the goals conceded against Manchester City (11/11)

Aguero’s goal – Walker’s deflection falls kindly for Aguero, who skips inside Caulker and finishes with his left foot.

Tom Huddlestone has possession wide on the left, and with Bale looking to make a run over the shoulder of his marker, he tries an extravagant pass.

Huddlestone’s pass is under hit, and Adebayor cannot retain possession. Suddenly Vertonghen’s advanced position becomes a problem.

City break forward through the centre, with David Silva driving forward.

Toure breaks forward alongside David Silva, and takes possession.

Toure’s attempted pass is intercepted by Walker…

…but his touch takes the ball into the path of Aguero, who has got in behind Huddlestone, who was covering at left back.

Aguero checks inside Caulker, who sells himself too easily.

Friedel had been expecting Caulker to show Aguero down the outside, and had taken up a position accordingly. With Aguero now cutting inside, Friedel is showing him far too much of the goal.

Aguero strokes the ball into the goal – with Friedel not covering nearly enough.

Dzeko’s goal – Dzeko receives the ball in the channel, cuts inside, exchanges passes with David Silva, before smashing home on the turn from close range.

City again counter after a failed Spurs long ball, and Dzeko is played in down the channel.

Dzeko cuts in and…

… despite Spurs having plenty of players back, none of them have picked up David Silva.

David Silva receives the pass, and Dzeko continues his run.

There’s so little pressure on David Silva, that he’s able to look up and clip a ball over the top for Dzeko, who has run between Dawson and Caulker.

Dawson attempts to throw himself between Dzeko and the goal, but Dzeko hammers his volley in on the turn, and it goes like a rocket between Friedel’s hands.

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  1. Well there was an element of luck in City's first goal, although for both goals several of our players were at fault. In both moves Hudd doesn't defend well, particularly not closing down Silva for the second. Walker should have cleared the ball for the first and not tried to control it and Brad could have come out to challenge Dzeko for the second, since he had plently of time to react to Silva's lofted pass. However, the biggest culprit in both goals was Caulker. He should certainly have shown Aguero outside for the first goal, an elementary mistake. He also allowed Dzeko to cut inside in the same fashion during the build up to the second and then completely failed to track his run. For all Caulker's promise, he is very slow to turn due to his size and so he really needs to improve his positional play.
    1. Fair point of Caulker. But in watching, I'm assuming Caulker was thinking he had coverage from Huddlestone who he was turning Aguero into.......But Huddlestone slowed up significantly for whatever reason.

      But, overall , it seems that Huddlestone is simply too slow to really handle the position especially in a game where you need him to be more defensive-minded. Throw in the fact that the rest of his game has really fallen off, I dont understand how he keeps getting starting opportunities. He reminds more and more of Jermaine productivity. no purpose.
    2. I just think that Caulker got caught out. Regardless of any anticipated cover inside, any defender should always show an attacker the outside and usher them away from goal. Sure, Huddlestone is slow and not the best tackler. We all know that which is why he shouldn't be asked to do that job. In any case, the only other realistic option at the moment is Livermore. Don't forget, if it wasn't for Huddlestone's delivery, Spurs wouldn't have had a lead to defend in any case. Football is a team game and you can rarely just blame one player when a goal is conceded. In this case there were many faults for both goals but to me, if Caulker does his job then neither goal happens. However, it is worrying that we keep giving away cheap goals. We are not defending well as team, particularly as we tire towards the end of games.
  2. Huddlestone is completely at fault for that first goal....

    Yet again , a needless turnover of possession and then you watch him stroll back as Aguero gets the ball w/ Caulker there. If Huddlestone is doing his job and working his hardest to get to the ball, Aguero would not have a shooting lane in the first place. Watch the replay and he had loads of time to get back , but he didn't want to. Apalling stuff

    And guess who should be on Silva ? huddlestone.......Instead of closing down yet again, he gives a world class player time to loft that perfect pass

    He has no business in the starting 11 currently and is just as bad as Jake Livermore.

    If you have the quality like Dembele or Parker to work a 4-2-3-1 , then use it.........If you dont, then play to your team's strengths.

    4-4-2 w/ Bale and Lennon moving a bit back to cover the flanks, Sandro in the middle as a true CDM & a capable CM to set up Ade and Defoe up front....Carroll would be the closest thing to this at the moment since he can actually possess and pass .
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