Analysis of the goal conceded against Reading (1/1)

Pogrebnyak’s goalIan Harte’s free kick comes down off the crossbar and Pogrebnyak, who has followed in from the wall, is on hand to head into an unguarded net.


Ian Harte takes a free kick from just outside the penalty area. Note Pogrebnyak in the centre of the box, breaking from the wall.


The ball smashes off the crossbar, and Pogrebnyak is the only player in a central area alert to the situation.


He is left with a simple headed finished, unchallenged, and with the goal gaping.

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  1. Windy, much as I enjoy your site and have contributed in the past I hope you won't take it wrongly but..... After seeing yet another victory from the boys, I am getting depressed switching on "newsnow" and yet again seeing a headline saying "an analysis of the goal conceded...."'s disheartening and it feeds into the mindset of many pessimistic depressives who follow Spurs. They exopect the worse so that when something better happens they are not disappointed. That's not a way to support a team! Time to get up off the floor, take off the hair-shirts, put a smile on your face and support the team psoitively. Let's start a revolution in thinking. Be positive, expect the best, expect victories! And give the "Analysis of goal conceded" a bit of a break. How about a much more positive "analysis of goals scored" to lift the spirits a bit. After all, we win and draw far more than we lose!
    1. thats just silly. its always good to see where your weakness is.
    2. Hello greg, I would consider giving this a miss in future if enough others felt the same way...
  2. @Greg : The coaching staff would be devastated if he stopped!!
    1. ....and AVB would be delighted, Lawrence! I'd like to think they're capable of analysing problems without the help of internet websites!
    2. Hahaha!
  3. Agree with Greg, I hate this know it all website of the goal conceded. Did you analyse the goal against Wigan when we won 9-1? If the answer is yes then you need to find something better to do
    1. Odd that you hate this website enough to comment on it?
  4. Ignore the morons, Windy - people don't seem to realise that they don't actually HAVE TO click on every link that appears... Keep up the sterling work - it is greatly appreciated by many...
    1. Appreciate the kind words.
  5. Windy, do you know if the free kick from which their goal came was merited?, was in the Park Lane lower at it looked like a great challenge by Naughton from my seat. COYS
    1. I'm not Windy, but from my seat on the couch it was never a free kick. Naughton poked the ball away and then Pogrebnyak swan dived over his outstretched leg. The first boggling decision of many from Webb, who I think is generally pretty decent despite all the stick he gets from us Spurs fans but was laughably bad today.
      1. He made a lot of strange calls today - Sando got some rough treatment from Mikele Leigertwood.
      2. It wasn't naughton's challenge the foul was given for, it was in the build up, i think it was against dembele (could be wrong). Webb tried to play advantage, something he tried a lot in the game, but it was still a harsh foul to give.
      3. Landy: If that's the case, then I suppose it's a slightly less crazy decision. Very soft foul instead of a non-existent foul.
    2. From the Park Lane upper I could see why the referee was fooled... but apparently it was a fair tackle.
      1. It was a fair tackle by Naughton and I don't think Dembele fouled him either. I like the idea of analysing goals conceded, esp as a) it is an important part of the game and b) when done as well as it is by Windy.
  6. Windy, we need you. Always must improve. Ignore the naysayers, your analysis is always much appreciated
    1. Thank you :)
  7. Don't be bothered by those negative comments Windy. We all know what happens in training. Tottenham defenders were not awake or alert enough. Yes it happens but it is proper and correct to point this out. Great win but a long way to go yet. What an emphatic header by Ade. Can't spell his name. Good luck everybody and Happy New Year.
    1. Ade really needed that - I was chuffed for him, as were his teammates.
  8. Nice work as always, Windy. What do you use to do your screen caps?
    1. Just use my Mac...
  9. Simple yet flukey and impossible to prevent. BUT I am becoming rather sick of hearing opposing managwers saying that "they should have won it" despite us having most of the possession and a 3 or 4 to 1 shot majority. Usually this is due to a ten min patch when we suffer the "Collywobbles" fro some unknown but definitely THFC ego thinh where we still doubt ourselves. What is DOES mean is that IF we ever get a REAL striker NONE of the opposing managers will be able to say that as we then will be putting away most of our chances and it will be "hello "to the big scorelines that seem such a distant memory.
  10. LOVE the analyses-keep em coming. naughton's touch was brilliant and pog dived. Webb was shocking. Oz spur 1962
    1. Cheers!
  11. Love the analysis, especially love it when you sum up how you thought different parts of the team performed. Don't listen to the criticism, I'm sure we who appreciate your analysis outnumber them a hundred to one.
    1. Thank you, very much appreciated!
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