Analysis of the goals conceded against Leeds Utd (27/1)

Varney’s goal – as Spurs try to play the offside trap, Varney races on to Michael Brown’s up and under, before coolly placing the ball beyond Friedel.


Michael Brown launches a long ball forward, with Diouf trying to get underneath it. Varney is playing high up on the right,  looking to run in behind Naughton.


Diouf attempts to flick on Brown’s long ball, but misses it entirely. Naughton seems to be anticipating a flick-on, and attempts to play offside. Even if Diouf had touched the ball, it would have been a borderline decision.


Varney runs clear of the Spurs defence; neither Naughton or Caulker have a chance of getting back at him. Friedel stays on his line, and doesn’t come out to try to rush Varney.


Friedel blocks off the near post, but shows Varney enough of the far post, and he bends it into the corner with ease.


McCormack’s goal – Sigurdsson’s cross is easily blocked, and Leeds counter. Diouf plays in McCormack, who races clear of Caulker, checks inside, and finishes beyond Friedel.


Spurs are attacking, but Bale’s pass sends Sigurdsson a little too far wide. He cuts back on to his right foot and attempts to deliver a cross, but it is blocked.


He chases the ball down, but he is beaten to it by Sam Byram, who gets a foot in.


The ball is played forward, and Diouf attempts to flick it on. It bounces over him though, and instead falls to McCormack. Caulker is not tight enough, and is appealing for offside rather than challenging for the header. This allows McCormack to cushion the ball to Diouf, and spin in behind Caulker.


Diouf plays an intelligent pass over Vertonghen, who has not covered round on Caulker’s behalf.


McCormack easily outpaces Caulker initially, but Caulker seems to be catching him (being very quick over distance).


However, as McCormack checks inside, Caulker’s momentum takes him beyond the forward, giving him too much space.


Friedel doesn’t cover himself in glory either – the ball pretty much going through his hands.


Two very ugly goals to concede from a Spurs perspective.

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  1. Great analysis as always Windy. What annoyed me most about the second goal was how Vertonghen just casually jogged back after the ball went over his head, had he showed some desire and sprinted back he would have been in a position to tackle McCormack after he turned Caulker. This was very poor from Vertonghen and I felt he didn't cover Caulker all game as a centre back partner should. Dissapointing!!
    1. Think that's a good point - he seemed lethargic all game.
  2. For what ever reason Spurs don't seem motivated in any cup competition and as a result don't have the necessary determination to stop gutsy teams getting chances. I full expect Lyon to knock us out of the Europa League with ease
    1. I think the players will be well up for the Lyon game.
  3. Cannot blame Friedel for either goal. Especially the first. Both were breakaway goals, so midfield and defence primarily at fault. For the first, Brad is in the right position to block as much as he can. He cannot rush Varney because it will be an easy square pass and an even easier goal....For which you'd blame him for.
    1. Disagree - think Friedel could do so much more on both.
  4. While I agree blaming the goal keeper in a one on one is a bit like blaming the speed of the fire engine when a house burns down and ignoring the guy with the matches I do feel Friedel should have closed down the angle faster, for the first the striker didnt have to go around or through him, there was a clear 25% of the goal open to him unobstructed. Right from the start Caulker did not look a good compliment for Vert, and I'm afraid Kaboul did'nt against new york and subsequently vert didnt partner kaboul at the start of the season. Last blog i mentioned I liked how avb was keeping the cb's in pairs, here he mixed them up a little and it felt wrong. Overall a poor performance from all not helped by the lack of a recognised striker, and the guy doing the job having a bit of a rough time of it. It happens to everyone at some point, the tap ins go out for throws, and you manage to keep your place with a difficult goal that you dont know much about because you let the adrenaline do the thinking. No real way out of the slump, just one day you turn up and get a goal and two assists and never think about it again. Hopefully that's soon.
    1. Spot on, as per.


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