Analysis of the goal conceded against Lyon (14/2)

Samuel Umtiti’s goalLyon work the ball wide, and when a cross is headed away by Gallas, Umtiti hits an unstoppable half-volley into the top corner.


Lyon had the upper hand at the start of the second half, with Spurs dropping deeper and deeper. Here, they control possession centrally, with Lennon tracking the ball inside. Malbranque has found space on the right.



The ball is worked wide to Malbranque, who has time and space.


Even after taking a touch and steadying himself, there is no Spurs player close enough to stop him whipping in a cross.


Gallas heads the ball clear, but note the man spare at the bottom of the still – this is Umtiti, the eventual scorer. With Lennon having tracked the ball inside, he is left unattended.


Umtiti runs on to the loose ball and instantly drives the ball goal-wards.


It is an absolutely unstoppable shot, that finds the very top corner of the net. Amazing strike.

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  1. I suspect there will be those that point the finger at Walker not being in position, but he was in the right position for the cross and had no way to cover that distance. Second to last picture he had done enough to completely block the near post to goal keeper gap. Gallas has done a good job of blocking the route to the far post also but he is also running away so ends up open. So Freidel was a bit flat footed? possibly, but lets not take anything away from the strike, it was glorious, it's one of those that looks to be in slow motion but is travelling at speed, had I been Friedel I probably would have applauded it as it passed. Real culprit? probably Lennon not tracking back, but its a home match that they were playing well back, there was a very good chance that we would be wanting our fastest player waiting for the counter counter. How football has changed that we think of the defensive duties of a winger and the offensive duties of a fullback as fundamental skills. For the better I feel.
    1. Agree, Lennon technically at fault, but can't really blame him for tracking the man inside... with a fluid "3" in a 4-2-3-1 the others in the 3 have to be aware of this.
  2. The goal was great! Thought at that time in the match our defense was all over the place, but unlike the last 20 years or so we are able to composure ourself and start attacking instead of loosing everything. Still going to be extremely tough in Lyon but wonder Gareth kept us alive for the return leg.
    1. Fingers crossed the narrow advantage will see us through...
  3. The key to this goal is the original cross from Malbranque not being cut out by his opponent, who did not close him down quickly enough and then merely cocked his leg up in trademark fashion in a feeble attempt to block the cross. From then on the defence was completely at sixes and sevens. Lennon, by the way, was on the left hand edge of the "D" of the penalty area, so not tracking back was not his error: it is more likely to have been Bale's responsibility at this point. However,the player mainly at fault (Ekotto) is so cool that he is beyond criticism, no matter how justified.
  4. The blame falls on Gallas his weak header set up the shot he has done this a few times. Also has an ex striker it was the perfect height for lashing home
  5. Gallas is the blame. Why didn't head the ball in the direction he was facing. Instead he gave a weak header. Into thee danger zone. Not the first time he has done this. Play it safe and give away a corner.
  6. We now have defenders who are very good on the ball, however there were at least 2 instances Ekotto was dribbling too close to our goal. He has always been too laid back and has cost us several times over the years. I would like to see Rose back at spurs and given a run of games. Gallas has also made this mistake of heading the ball out into danger area instead of being sensible and heading it out if he cannot aim the header to one of our players. The shot on goal was fantastic but should never have given them the opportunity.
    1. One of those was because he has no right foot and needed to get it on his left to clear. Scary! He's definitely been poor since his return.
  7. It was simply a great strike. Given 100 tries to make this shot. 75 would end up in the upper deck, 20 would go well wide or high, another 4 would go on goal but would be saved, and one time it goes where it went. No sense in finding blame with this as it was technically a very difficult shot and on this occasion the player executed to perfection.


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