Analysis of the goal conceded against Lyon (21/2)

Maxime Gonalons’ goal – After Kyle Walker cheaply conceded a free-kick, Clement Grenier flighted in a dangerous near-post delivery, and Gonalons headed home virtually unchallenged.


It’s probably a case of “not knowing the opposition”, as Walker barely touches Lisandro López and he goes to ground to win a free-kick. Spurs are totally disorganised from the resulting set piece – Lyon have two against one at the back post, and two at the near post who we are not even close to touch-tight to (as we are marking zonally).


The free kick is delivered firmly and flat, and Gonalons attacks it well, with Bale rather turning his back rather than challenging.


It is pretty much past Friedel before he can move.

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  1. Yes but as zonal marking was the correct thing to do (according to Gareth Southgate on ITV) what could we have done better? Or was it all Bale's fault?
    1. Yeah I think Bale could have done much better.
  2. I think that fact that Bale actually turned his back to the oncoming ball rather than pressure the eventual scorer answers the previous question, however, despite everyone else saying the exact opposite, I feel Freidel could also have done better. I can't say I have really been inspired by Lazio and Lyon this year, defend defend defend and a counter attack policy of getting across the half way line and falling over. I suppose it is a form of compliment but I hope Inter come at us, to be honest i have no doubt they will.
  3. Golden rule of zonal marking, you have to attack the ball. Looks like the opposite was done in this case. That said, it was no way a free kick in the first place. Also, why was their attacker not booked for diving? The ref was spot on for not giving a pen because player dived, so why did he not book him?
  4. I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on zonal marking, but I'm pretty sure having half a dozen guys marking the six yard line isn't how it's supposed to work. We'll be damned if that chalk is going to score! Wait, these guys in the funny shirts are allowed to go for the ball as well? Jeez, now you tell us!


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