Analysis of the goal conceded against Newcastle United (9/2)

Gouffran’s goal – Gutiérrez plays Sissoko in with a clever pass in behind Naughton, who is ball-watching. Sissoko intelligently cuts it back to Gouffran, who is unmarked. Dawson closes him down, but the Frenchman’s shot strikes Dawson, and wrong-foots Lloris.


Gutiérrez has the ball on Newcastle’s right, with Sissoko looking to burst in behind Naughton, whose eyes are focussed only on the ball.


The pass is a good one, and Sissoko has a yard on Naughton as he has anticipated it.


Once he gets to the ball, Sissoko has the intelligence to find a pass. Gouffran comes in off the flank and finds the space which should be filled by our deep midfield players.


He has time to take a touch, before getting a shot away. Dawson makes up ground, and throws himself at the ball…


…but he can only half block it, wrong-footing Lloris.


Lloris has absolutely no chance of re-adjusting.

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  1. How many of our goals conceded this season are down to someone called Kyle? BAE may have been tired after his trip to Tanzania but on half a leg he's better than Naughton who is simply not good enough.
    1. But BAE almost gave away a late equalizer. Bring back Rose!
  2. You're a little harsh on Naughton. He makes a mistake in trying to close Sissoko down, but you could argue why Parker was so late across. This causes Caulker to be dragged across to Gutiérrez and be completely out of position. You'll notice at this point Parker has let Sissoko go free. Naughton probably does the right thing here and cover in behind Caulker. Now Walker is running at his own goal and lets Gouffran stop and receive the ball on the edge of the box. But again, I'm not sure he's wrong. He's covering for the 2nd centre back and his priortiy should probably be the ball fizzed across the 6 yard box. Dawson is blameless on this one. Personally I think this highlights how we're missing Sandro. Parker sits way too deep almost becoming a 5th defender at times, but this means there's no pressing in midfield and goals like this will happen. And where was Dembele? He's not even on the screen for the whole buildup for this goal. When Sandro was injured I thought we wouldn't be that badly off. Shows what I know. I realise this is a bit of a Parker rant. Love his heart, but I think he's really dropped off since... I'm gonna say Chelsea last season.
  3. Just a question: is Caulker blameless for this goal? Don't want to fingerpoint and I have a tendency to be too harsh on Steven, plus I really don't know whether he actually made a mistake at all by coming out to the byline. But would like to hear what others think. Also anyone knows who played that ball from defense to Bale towards the end when he brought that flying save out of Krul? It looked like a pretty deliberate "hollywood-pass" rather than a hopeful long ball, but can't make out the player in the replays, and the commentators didn't say.
  4. Naughton's a natural right footer in left back position, while there are a few people who have done this successfully its on the back of a lot of experience, there's always going to be a wobble moment from someone learning to do it. Since Sandro's injury Dembele seems to be having more off moments, not quite the same player as before christmas, I put it down to Parker playing further forward as he did at West Ham, we see him playing through balls and driving into the box, this doesnt seem to be his most comfortable position and also doesnt seem to suit Dembele who himself would normally be in that role. I guess the defensive line is further forward than Parker's old role and he's been told to adjust. The result is two central midfielders stepping on each others toes and unsure of who's responsible for what. IN fairness i think PArker has been brought back faster than AVB anticipated with Sandro being injured, certainly if you compare it with the time spent with BAE being brought into the team
    1. hmm, got sidetracked, I initially meant to say that Dawson was absolutely right to throw himself at the ball and on any other given day would have seen it sailing high and wide for a corner, and we would be calling him hero. Also, I think without the deflection Lloris had that. C'est la vie.
    2. Interesting points. Not liking Parker's performances at all, and think Dembele is suffering somewhat from playing alongside him. But also feel Dembele has dipped himself too, regardless of Parker. Would have liked to have seen Carroll integrated more by now.

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