Analysis of the goals conceded against Chelsea (8/5)

Oscar’s goalAnother set piece goal. Mata’s corner is flicked on by Cahill (who is afforded too much room by Dawson), and Parker fails to track Oscar at the back post, leaving him free to head in from close range.


Spurs do not seem particularly organised from this set piece. As usual, we have a man on the front post only, so the back post is unguarded. The eventual goal-scorer, Oscar, is being marked by Parker. Regular readers of this blog will know that his marking from set pieces – or rather his ability to lose his man – is not a new problem.


As the ball comes in, Dawson leaves Cahill in too much room, and Cahill wins the header.


Parker simply doesn’t track Oscar and, as a result, the Chelsea man is left with the simple task of heading in at the back post.


It’s poor from Dawson, and it’s poor from Parker – but a man on the far post would surely clear this.


Ramires’ goalRamires lays the ball off, continues his run, and gets on the end of a pass from Torres before toe-poking beyond Lloris.


Chelsea look to spring forward quickly. Our midfield is positioned awfully – Parker has pushed far too high up-field to press Luiz, and can be seen here just on the halfway line, with Ramires at least ten yards ahead of him.


Torres receives the ball wide in space. He beats Huddlestone, and makes a driving run down the line.


As Torres cuts in, note Ramires – he has continued his run, with Parker barely having made up any ground.


Torres slips a pass through, and Vertonghen goes ‘all in’ – lunging to try to cut it out.


Ramires breaks through – Dawson could go to ground, and risk a penalty/sending off, but instead stays on his feet.


That may have worked had Ramires not toe-poked his shot so early – taking Dawson and Lloris by surprise, and finding the bottom corner.

For me, this goal is more about Parker’s positioning than Dawson and Vertonghen’s defending, though – I cannot understand why he had pushed quite so high up the pitch to press Luiz, leaving just Huddlestone and the back four to deal with Chelsea’s talented attacking players. Luiz moving the ball quickly instantly takes Parker out of the game, and a clever run by Ramires to take advantage of this leads to a goal. In my opinion this is a goal that we simply wouldn’t concede with Sandro in the team.

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  1. On the second goal Dawson probably leaves a bit too much space between himself and Jan, a good 5-6 yards. Should have shifted over towards the ball side as he had nobody else to mark. Otherwise totally agree with your observations. Easy enough to say in hindsight. It was also well worked move by Chelsea.
  2. This was a strong Chelsea team. I was glad to see Torres playing. Would it have been better to have brought on Defoe instead of Dempsey? Carroll for Parker at the end?
  3. If Sandro had stayed fit we wouldn't be in this mess. As he didn't it required a solution other than Parker, obvious really but seemingly not to AVB.
  4. Good analysis, but its done and next season the raging kaboul and sandro will replace daws and nosey, next 2 games huge, we have to win both and hope arse are held by either Wigan or toon, more realistic , chelski only have to win 1 to finish above us COYS and COY Geordies
  5. By my reckoning we have conceded the same goal from at least five corners from the same side in the last few weeks. Everton, Wigan, Basle twice and Chelsea have worked out that we cannot defend corners from the left. We seem ok when the corner is on the other side. Isn't this an obvious weakness?
  6. Dawson at fault for first goal you should never concede a goal from a corner defenders job is to head the 1st ball in away, and the second was inexcusable
  7. I said Park is too old now and cannot run too much you can see falling himself look at he fall and Adebayor come take the look at Park tired cannot run to follow Adebayor to open many possibilities.
  8. genuinely think if we'd had sandro we'd be comfortably in the top four atm. real shame but what can you do? If we'd got diame in january it might have helped I suppose
  9. I was worried that our midfield would resemble a public park where you would be able to have a picnic without being disturbed: sure enough it was. Parker should wear an electronic device that gives him a shock any time he goes beyond the halfway line. He can't run or pass and certainly can't do both at the same time. As Harry (Callaghan) said, "A man's got to know his limitations!". He should have just sat behind Hotlby and Huddlestone. There has been talk that Rafa outwitted AVB, but I argue that the endgame is the most important part to get right and in that AVB won. Finally, Windy, anyone who denigrated your support for Adebayor would have been suitably chastened last night. The man was a colossus.
  10. Windy, you fail to mention that it was actually Holtby who was marking Ramires and when Ramires made the run he failed to track him and just stood still.
    1. Indeed, but Holtby was in the more advanced role, whereas Parker should have been deeper.
      1. If Holtby had stayed with his man then it didn't matter where Parker was !!!
      2. Also Holtby wasn't in the more advanced role at that particular time, so Holtby was doing parkers job.
  11. Windy, you need to re-look at the footage and rewrite your piece on the 2nd goal.
  12. The first goal: is that Bale in front of Benny, who is standing at the post nearest to where the corner was taken? Whoever it his, what on earth does he think he is doing there as he appears to be marking no one or no zone? Second goal: Verts doesn't know whether to move towards the ball as there is a player next to BAE I think, who shapes to cut in. The problem lies with our midfield players not continuing their runs back to mark free Chelsea players.
  13. First goal, poor from Dawson, but yes Parker worse or man on the post would have cleared. Second Goal was not an issue closing down Luiz, but closing him down far too late. I screamed at the telly to close him down from the throw and then he did... slowly, never got close, neither did Holtby or Huddlestone, Parker was then way out of position and Dawson had a choice to make and it didn't work out. If Parker is closer the throw doesn't go to Luiz and the whole thing is avoided. If Holtby and Huddlestone are closer then the situation doesn't develop. The rest is History.
  14. At the frame before the first picture Holby actually went in to tackle Ramires and he layed the ball off,in the first frame we were still looking comfortable, 4 at the back Hudd closing down the player on the line, holtby close to Ramires, Holtby then stands still and Ramires is away,look where Holtby is in the 4th frame,parker does his best to get back but if Holtby had tracked Ramires then he wouldnt had needed too, this is not the first time i've noticed Holtby not staying with his runner.


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