Analysis of the goal conceded against Sheriff Tiraspol (7/11)

Isa’s goal – Cadu receives the ball on the edge of the box, shifts it onto his left foot (away from Vertonghen) and has a strike which Friedel parries. The goalkeeper doesn’t push it wide enough, and Isa is there to volley home.





Cadu receives the ball on the edge of the box, and makes a yard of space by shifting it onto his left foot.


Vertonghen allows him enough room to get a shot away.

It’s right at Friedel, but he barely gets any distance on his parry.


Isa runs in untracked by Walker, having been played onside by Kaboul and Naughton.


Friedel’s weak parry leaves him prone, but he should still do much better at his near post. Not good defending from any of our players, but it’s particularly poor from Friedel.

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  1. I love Friedal but he's now past it and starting to leak goals. Should use Gomes as number 2 and move Brad to coaching staff
    1. Agree completely. Unfortunately Gomes isn't registered for the Europa Cup at this point, so it's going to have to be Friedel for the time being. I think Gomes definitely fits our system better and can play more like Lloris than Brad ever could.
      1. I've long said this, and totally agree. Shame Gomes isn't registered. I'd genuinely rather use Archer than Friedel in the remaining games.
  2. Why are you so harsh on Friedel all the time? He's basically single handedly keeping your goal analysis blog alive at the moment ;) heheh I liked the lack of a reaction from the crowd when the goal went in. It's almost like we've forgotten what it's like when the other team have the ball and score.
    1. Haha! So true! When Lloris went down against Everton, I did suddenly think "I'm gonna be busy...".
  3. I fail to see how most of the blame is laid on Freidel. To me, the real culprits were most of the defence - especially Walker and Kaboul. The defence just sat there, bystanders, static, watching proceedings!
    1. They did, but the initial shot should have just been pushed towards the corner or, indeed, out for a corner.
  4. Lovely watermarked GIF there Windy, proud of you.
    1. Haha cheers Nick!
  5. I'm not certain Friedel is much to blame here, I'm trying to think what Lloris would do in the same situation and cant actually see anything that would change the result.All credit to Isa, that was a much better finish than it looked. The stand out part to me was Kaboul was busy turning to shout at the defence instead of following the ball in, he'd obviously given it up for a corner way too early. In fact my initial feeling was the goal was unltimately conceded at the bit before the gif starts with walker letting the ball get to that point. Aside for that, Mike says it all, Friedel is getting too long in the tooth, he is great to have in the squad, if for nothing else the professionalism he seems to have instilled in those around him, it was when he showed up, not when avb showed up that we stopped seeing players being poured out of taxis evry monday morning. Although I'm not for Gomes, I think his weaknesses are exactly the wrong ones for our system, though I always felt that the press had it in for him and one big mistake that could be written off for most teams as a one off led to minor errors being blown out of proportion until the big errors started to be made and made regularly, I liked him and feel spurs gave up on him too early, but i think it's passed the time where he can come back from it, better for his own career that he moved on (2 years ago to be fair). Anyway, positives, Lamela looked very good didn't he? especially in the middle where you said in the last blog Windy, but I think his personal game changed out wide on the left for that little bit, it was like he got a taste of freedom and remembered what he was there to do, a taste of things to come I hope. Eriksen was off and on, started badly and warmed up, if we can get him to start at that point and continue to the levels he showed in his first matches then we have a player. Siggurdsen looked his best when on the right, he and walker actually did some things i havent seen at WHL for too long, one touch passing and crossing, in fact Walker volleyed in a fine cross low and hard that deserved far more than to hit the defenders legs, I still feel we need extra bodies in the box pushing from the far side rather than waiting for the scraps to fall out to them. Kaboul and Vertonghen made individual errors, but unlike the tibsili game looked like they could play together in a pair, this is a good sign as firstly they are our best defenders and secondly, when they've played together in the past one of them has needed to be subbed, check out the second half of the tibsili game if you want to see comedy defending, we were very fortunate that their forwards were having such a bad day. My word, this is far longer than i intended.
    1. All that and I forgot to add that I feel a good many of our chances were foiled before they started as Naughton continually refused to play a reverse ball to the run on the left of Lamela, Siggurdsen, Defoe and Dembele at different times even though for a right footer it was by far the easiest and most attacking option.
      1. Couldn't agree more about Naughton - he seems so nervous about playing any forward pass, frankly. We'll have to agree to disagree on Friedel, friend - the more I see it, the more I think Lloris would have got it out for a corner or got the parry wider. Or even come out to close Isa down. Cracking volley though, I agree - very difficult height to strike it. Have you seen the Lamela video? Some good, some bad, but great to see him show a lot more confidence than he had in previous outings. The run for the penalty was majestic. All the best, have a good weekend. COYS!
  6. This isn't analysis of the goal. This is a description of the goal. We can all see what happened from the gif. Your analysis used to be so much better Windy, this is just poor though.
    1. Fair enough. Personally I didn't think there was a lot to analyse, hence I kept it simple to provoke discussion. What would you have ideally liked me to have said?
  7. I think Dembele should take a look at Cadu's shot and remind himself of his own shooting prowess. Friedel appears ponderous. Btw, should we put in a cheeky bid for Isa? I thought his movement was good and in fact the problem with Sherif was a lack of confidence. They broke very well indeed.
    1. I was quite impressed by Isa too, could certainly play at a higher standard. Bit of a journeyman though...

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