Analysis of the goal conceded against Manchester United (1/1), plus competition

Welbeck’s goal – Danny Welbeck latches on to Adnan Januzaj’s clever through ball and lifts the ball over Hugo Lloris.


Teams are said to be at their most vulnerable when they have just scored themselves, and this was certainly the case for Spurs on New Year’s Day. Antonio Valencia has possession shortly after the kick-off, and is looking for a forward pass.


Adnan Januzaj takes possession, and gets his head up. Notice Welbeck, on his toes…


Welbeck makes a move away from Dawson, runs across the pitch to stay onside, and then darts in behind Chiriches. Rose doesn’t get tight enough to Januzaj to influence his decision, and it allows the young winger to slip a terrific ball in behind the Spurs defence into Welbeck’s path.


It’s a quality piece of movement, and a quality pass. The Spurs defence are caught out by both.


Welbeck waits for Lloris to commit himself, and lifts the ball over him. Could Lloris do more? Possibly.


Overall, this was a very mature away performance from a relatively young Spurs team, and a shrewd tactical victory for Tim Sherwood. Whilst United had chances (and probably should have had a penalty – as should Spurs), Lennon missed two golden opportunities, and Soldado also put one over the bar on the stretch. In truth, we deserved the win despite being dominated in terms of possession, passes completed and corners.

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  1. Well written blog.. My take on Wellbecks goal our defense is still not what i call a unit with all the changes. Secondly Lloris is a constant worry to me he rushes off is line and makes it easier for the scorers. I was aught if come of line only if you 100 percent going to win ball. A goal keepers main job is to stop ball going in 8ft by 8ft. This is where i think Lloris is at is weakest you can see is hands are down when they should be up making himself big. I think he should have worn a skull cap like Check after is knockout at Everton. The areas for concern thumping and distribution and coming off is line was is strong point. when we attack like against Stoke he is okay but games like Utd he is no Krul. We need to get some proper competition like Foster Stokes Bergovitch. Having said that was a great win under Tim now for Arsenal use dome of our kids
  2. As I suspected Adebayor has made a huge difference. Now let's get BAE back....Rose had a poor game. Capoue went off because of tiredness, same as Soldado and probably Ade. Nice to see the U21's being used. What a great result. What a shame we drew with WBA. It would have been 4 out of 4
  3. Your insane if you think bae is better than rose, not in the same class
  4. Will Ade continue his world class performances after the current transfer window closes? Rose was a weak link on the left, Moyes must've noticed, so he threw everything that side. Benny can also be a liability sometimes, but he won't let anyone get the better of him. Lennon makes the difference when he's in the starting 11. Happy to see he's sticking to the right wing, I'm left wondering if Lamelacoulddo the same on the left wing. Soldado might not be finding the back of the net, but he's offering a lot in other areas. I'm not convinced we have the complete package, as a team, but the boys are showing a lot of Commitment and that count. For something! COYS!!!
  5. lloris will be a spurs legend like Chiriches if he stays. of course he has to come off the line when the lumbering Dawson is caught out again and again. we are playing with 10 men when Daw plays, Lloris has to fill centre back
  6. Rose was exposed by Eriksen not tracking. He will need someone to do this against Walcott. Also, Dembele seemed to be injured and wasn't able to get across whole game to support. Do we know if he is fit?
  7. Brilliant ball and good movement by Welbeck.I agree though with Davspurs about Lloris. He hesitated then didn't quite get there. He should have stood up,Welbeck has a narrow angle and has dinked goals before. His normal slide only works if he gets to the ball. Saved us later in the game though and the header was brilliant. Important milestone for Tim.


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