Analysis of the goal conceded against FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (27/2)

Zozulya’s goal – Zozulya runs across our defensive line to get on the end of a whipped free-kick.

Dnipro Goal


Dnipro have a free-kick midway into the Spurs half, which is sent in relatively low and flat.


This angle shows how Spurs are holding the line on the edge of the box – Adebayor is a bit deeper than everyone else, though, so when Zozulya makes a run across the defence, he is played onside.


Zozulya meets the delivery and directs his header into the far corner.


This image shows how Vertonghen ended up “marking” (I use the term loosely!) two players.

I’d previously been pretty impressed by our defending of set pieces under Sherwood, so it was disappointing to see us concede in this fashion. However, our subsequent comeback was very encouraging – the spirit and desire in that second half spell was very pleasing, and we’ll need plenty more of that to progress in this competition.

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  1. Any idea what the free kick was for, or if it should have been a free kick? Haven't seen a replay and nobody round us had a clue what it was given for!


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