Analysis of the goal conceded against Norwich City (23/2)

Snogdrass’ goal – Bentaleb loses the ball on halfway, and Norwich are quick to pounce. Johnson receives the ball from van Wolfswinkel and finds Snodgrass with a through-ball. He expertly curls a shot past Lloris.


Bentaleb is robbed of possession by Ricky van Wolfswinkel out on the touch-line. Losing the ball unexpectedly can cause a team all sorts of problems, as they are not set up to defend – this is certainly the case here. There are two key issues that lead to Norwich scoring, though.


Van Wolfswinkel plays the ball inside to Johnson, in acres of space. Rose is tracking Snodgrass, here. It’s not so easy to tell from the stills, but Rose does not track him at anything like full intensity. Paulinho is caught in two minds – continue filling in for Rose, or get back into the midfield.


Bentaleb tries to get across to press the ball (presumably seeing that Vertonghen wants to play Snodgrass offside), with Paulinho just getting back into position without any real intent. Notice Dawson, though. He panics and wants to move towards his own goal, whilst Vertonghen has held his line. If Dawson steps up with Vertonghen, Snodgrass is offside. The gap between Rose and Snodgrass has grown – Snodgrass is a pretty slow and cumbersome player, whilst Rose is rapid.


He receives the ball in space and Dawson’s decision-making is totally exposed, as he’s left with no-one to mark anyway.


It’s a cracking finish from Snodgrass, curled perfectly into the corner. But a very frustrating goal to concede, because the actions of Dawson, Rose, Paulinho and particularly Bentaleb, are naive and avoidable.

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  1. Spot on, and is why Rose and Dawson are not even good enough to be squad players, as are still showed up against bottom half sides. Bentaleb is being mid managed as should not be playing every game and could do with a rest. Levy and Baldini take ultimate blame here as they sign the manager and the players, and we could have strengthened defence in Jan, but won't buy for an interim manager! Mess!!!
  2. I think Levy should have just replaced AVB with a manager with champions league experience. A tactician at the very least. TS is definitely not what a club of such ambition needs. COYS
  3. Paulinho didn't make any effort to get back to defend for the goal. He was shocking throughout the game and was rarely seen on the pitch.
  4. Danny Rose for me is the biggest problem. He of supposed xpress. Snodgrass showed him a clean pair of heels. Absolutely no urgency, hares down the touchline and puts in hopeful crosses. Fantastic counter-attacking opportunity and he passes the ball ( under no pressure) between the two players attacking. This lad is absolutely shocking!!!
  5. Team cock up good and proper. A player losing the ball on the wide centre of the park should not cause that degree of confusion. A lack of concentration compounded by confusion. Top Four no chance.


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