I remember arriving for work on a Monday and one of my colleagues — a lady in her fifties, not a football fan — did the Dele hand/eye goal celebration at me.

Such an iconic footballer. In my eyes, one of the most iconic players in our recent history.

What a glorious player to watch. A player who, when he first joined, was noted for having the fearlessness of youth — in both his creative play and tendency to get involved in altercations — but who had the movement and positional awareness of a much more experienced player.

I remember, in the early days, regularly tweeting things like ‘Dele needs to come off now, he’s done nothing’ only for him to pop up with a late goal and make me look foolish. He was one of those players that often seemed to be on the periphery of a match but then would suddenly come alive and do something that no other player on the pitch could do.

Though I think that diminished overtime — he seemed to become more involved, want to feel the ball more. That was potentially a direct result of him moving from playing from the left (I liked him a lot there) to playing more centrally. He mainly played centrally — and crucially very high — in 2016/17, his most productive season.

Social media encourages ‘takes’, as people clammer for likes, and this has led to an overbearing abundance of definitive statements. Footballers are no longer human beings who have up and down times in terms of their own self-confidence and psychology, have space for improvement in one or several aspects of their game or who can evolve over time and adapt to positions, roles, or tactics. They are either world class or shit. ‘End of’. They should either be kept for the first team or sold to make room for the next signing.

I am guilty of this myself and don’t want to appear above it. I have been very dismissive of Moussa Sissoko and Lucas Moura (and others) – essentially writing them off as assets that are no longer viable, that should be moved on as soon as possible. Sissoko has proven me wrong by showing his utility in a number of ways. Lucas gave me the greatest moment in my Spurs-supporting life; had it been up to me he’d have been long gone.

The point I’m trying to make is that because Dele’s form has somewhat dwindled over time, we shouldn’t assume that it will always be so. It’s so short-sighted to think that this is Dele now, that he will never get back to his wonderful best.

Dele waves at the camera

This video is what Spurs’ YouTube channel calls ‘DELE ALLI’S TOP 10 SPURS GOALS!‘. You should watch it, it’s really fun. Clearly it’s missing some important moments but, that aside, what struck me is the number of individual pieces of brilliance from Dele that these included. And some — magic against Man United and a gorgeous finish against Brighton — as recent as December 2019, just over a year ago.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Dele has dropped off — for a whole variety of reasons, but the main one being, in my view, a drop to a deeper role under Mauricio Pochettino — but his level of productivity cannot be questioned, even in spite of this.

Dele in the Premier League

These are good-to-elite numbers, even in seasons where he has been perceived to have been ineffective. This is a good player who has been an elite player. He will likely be elite again.

But the thing with Dele is that it’s not just about numbers. It’s about fun. It’s about tricks and flicks and boisterousness and shithousery and handshakes and hand/eye celebrations and what’s your favourite chocolate bar. He’s as inquisitive and ephemeral on the pitch as he is off it.

He is also really fucking cool. There are children who are Spurs fans because of Dele. He only cost £5m (he’s better than Ozil, etc etc). As the piece of commentary from the Wheeler Dealer Radio podcast theme goes: ‘This young man is a sensation, Dele Alli, out of League One into the Premier League’

I have feared that this was the end of the road. I initially wrote this piece as a goodbye and I’ve been feeling quite sad about it. But Daniel Levy has once again vetoed a talented young midfielder leaving and given me a glimmer of hope.

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  1. Sadly Spurs did not get new striker which really need to cover Kane because Vincus is not good enough Spurs is typical spurs always talk but no action Well done to Liverpool and Everton sign new players SURE Spurs will NOT be in top four as Spurs will be NOT qualify for Europe in 2032/2022 as Spurs will be in eighth as Chelsea and Arsenal and Everton will overtake Spurs Spurs has only one attacking midfielder which is not good health for team Spurs made several mistakes on passing the ball last Sunday which is disgrace
  2. No point in keeping him if you are not going to play him - might as well have let him go to PSG and make room for a replacement. I understand he is not fit at present. Some players need a kick up the backside, some an arm round the shoulder. I think Dele is the latter. He's a flair player, a confidence player. I don't think Jose is the right manager to bring the best out of him. Bielsa probably would be. Much as I respect Jose's achievements, I would like to see Spurs with a bright young manager who would give players like Dele free rein and get Spurs playing exciting, attacking, adventurous football again.
  3. I loved this! Dele is the sort of player that one watches football in order to see. To see what he'll do next, what piece of skill or impudence, he'll pull out of the hat. Moreover, he always turns up in big matches; how many times has he scored against arsenal, chelsea, etc. That top 10 goal video was great (and, in its way, heartbreaking) and it didn't even contain his first goal, a brave diving header at the far post vs Leicester, nor his nutmegging Modric in pre season, nor his going into the crowd after scoring against Chelsea, nor his exquisite right footed finish against arsenal in the league cup. He may not be the sort of dutiful, workmanlike player that JM wants, but there is a reason that football is broadcast worldwide and people doing accountancy isn't. Dele Alli has had moments at Spurs that I, and other Spurs fans, won't EVER forget. He is, again, why one watches football. Finally, in a team that is crying out for more invention, more creativity, watching his career being squandered in the reserves, feels all the more like a blow upon a bruise.


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