Released and retained players

The Premier League Released and Retained lists have been published this evening. There are no great surprises for Spurs, but some news:

Elliot Thorpe and Jeremie Mukendie have been offered professional contracts. Reporting suggests that Thorpe is in demand and my view is that he’s ready for a loan next season, so I would hope that we could get him to sign a contract with the commitment that we get him a loan move.

Kallum Cesay, Jeremy Kyezu and Timothee Lo-Tutala have had their scholarships extended into a third year and Kacper Kurylowicz and Rafferty Pedder have now been offered pro contracts after they completed the third year of their scholarships. Lo-Tutala was a slight surprise – I would have expected a pro contract for him, particularly given that he has been linked with other clubs.

In other news, I was on the Wicked Spursy podcast – great people, great show, give it a listen.

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