Lo Celso Discourse… Brings Back Memories

Just a quickie from me on this but it’s something I might revisit later.

I’ve been thinking about the Giovani Lo Celso discourse (mainly because I’m staggered that some people think he’s rubbish) and I’ve realised what it reminds me of: Mousa Dembélé discourse before he became good.

Prior to Mauricio Pochettino getting hold of him, I was ready for us to sell Dembélé. He was being inked with a move to Sunderland. That’s the sort of level he was considered to be.

I was *so* wrong. I was on the wrong side of history. And I think the Lo Celso-sceptics will be proven equally wrong.

It feels similar because he’s considered an injury prone player without a position. We’ve not seen him get a proper run because he picks up knocks that restrict him. It was the same with Mousa. And his versatility is seen by some as more of a problem than a solution. It was the same with Mousa. He’s exceptionally one-footed. It was the same with Mousa.

The difference with Lo Celso, perhaps, is that his data is already exceptional.

Giovani Lo Celso FBRef Data

There’s loads to work with there but Nuno Espírito Santo perhaps needs to find the right role for him before people will start to appreciate him. I like him from the right of a front three as it gives him a view of the whole pitch given his typical body shape when receiving the ball, and suits his natural inclination to come inside. I’m down with that being the right role.

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  1. Agree he is absolutely vital to the team at the moment. We have to give him a decent run to see if we can get the best from him. Neither Ali or Winks can fill that creative role we need, and Ndombele is a different sort of player. I thought the criticism of him Sunday was a harsh he had an Ok first half but it was his first league game this season. If as everyone is saying we've never replaced Erikson why have we spent the last 3 transfer Windows buying wingers
  2. Big up Windy! I love the fact that Giovanni has the Argentinian edge - but really need to get him back to the position he was playing at Betis - then we'll see the best of him.v
  3. Totally agreed. His performance in the European game against Pacos, showed how great he can be. He created everything good in that match. He just needs a run of games.
  4. I'm in total agreement he looks a top player and hopefully at some point he has better luck with injuries and gets the opportunity to show what he can really do, I'm convinced there is a lot more to come from him. Funnily enough you could have written a similar piece on our other major signings from that window Ndombele and Sessegnon, I thought those three were going lead us to glory, shows how much I know or perhaps they just need a little time.
  5. Basically with Spurs at the moment you need to play the Hojbjerg/Skipp combination in midfield or the team falls apart. That leaves one attacking midfield spot if we play with a front three. Assuming you play Kane that then leaves two wide attacking players. You will always play Son if he's fit which leaves one wide attacking spot and one attacking midfield spot up for grabs. Lo Celsco could arguably play in either position but to me he's more useful to the team in attacking midfield. Bergwjin and Moura are both quicker and can probably do more damage in attack with that pace. Of course he has competition in midfield but as far as N'Dombele goes his attitude stinks. Which really leaves it down to a choice between Lo Celsco and Dele. At the moment I'd say Lo Celsco is ahead but its a long season. The unknown in all this is Gil, how quickly will he adapt and what is his best position ?
  6. 2 assists today for Argentina


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