Analysis of the goal conceded vs Portsmouth


Another poor goal to concede this weekend – we’re still stuck on one clean sheet, and this kind of defending shows why.

A ball is played down the channel which Kaboul chases. I think AssouEkotto is trying to shield Bassong from Kaboul so that he can get distance on his clearance. Either way, between them, they get in a real mess

Kaboul shows good desire, and gets a toe on the ball.

This has taken two defenders out of the game – pretty pathetic! The first rule of defending is “don’t talk about defending”. Or perhaps that’s only at Spurs? Of course, it should be “if in doubt, put it out”.

Kaboul sensibly passes the ball back to Finnan, who seemingly overhits his cross.

But at this point, Corluka has been forced to come across to cover Bassong, who had gone over to help AssouEkotto.

This leaves Boateng in plenty of space, and he has time to watch the ball on to his foot. Note Gomes‘ position at this point. He has already come across to this side of the goal, and his near post is seemingly well protected.

Also well worth noting Lennon’s position (at least I think it’s Lennon – apologies Aaron if it’s not you!). Perhaps harsh to blame a right midfielder for a goal like this, but he has not come round to cover for Corluka.

Boateng’s technique is decent enough – he strikes the ball well here but, again, worth noting Gomes‘ position. He simply shouldn’t be beaten from here.

But he lets it creep in – although he made some good saves this week, he has to take his share of the blame for this goal.

Personally I’d like to see Dawson or Woodgate back in the team next week. I think Bassong has had a promising start to his Spurs career, but he is still raw and his mistakes have already cost us goals this year.

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  1. Armchair manager. I think we should sack Redknapp and hire you. How many coaching badges do you have? Watching match of the day doesnt count!

    To be honest I'd rather concentrate on the goals we scored and another excellent away win. Bassong has been a life saver, remember his goal against Liverpool.

    Stick to watching match of the day and playing champ manager.
  2. Fascinating Stuff Windy .
    If we ever keep a clean sheet you will be out of business.Job for life then.
    Not sure how that goes in from there. Gomes seems to dive instead of just standing up.
  3. If you analised every goal scored in the premier league would you find similar errors by defenders in 60-70% of them.Some goals come from brilliance more come from errors.
  4. Good article, forget the negatives. Our clean sheet record is a joke and we need to tighten up if we are going to break the top four
  5. good blog windy
  6. 1st comment - I think there's a gap in the market given that we normally get 5 minutes at the end of MOTD!
    JimmyG2 - No chance! What I'd give for a few clean sheets... I've started writing an article on why they've not happened for us yet this season - watch this space.
    3rd comment - yes, true, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable, especially when there are multiple errors. We had three or arguably four players making mistakes in one move.
    4th comment - Couldn't agree more.
    hertyid - Thanks!
  7. There are three sorts of goals: ones from the stupidity of defenders; ones from the brilliance of attackers & composite ones which require a bit of luck(the collision) & someone with the sense to make something of it(Finnane)
    & the ability to cash in upon it (KPB).
    IMO it was a good goal for Pompey & they deserved it & Gomes saved our hides anyway so who cares if he misses the odd one,even Jennings was human.
  8. There are some goals you can't prevent as one poster says but to analyse what actually happens is very revealing. This is what every team does after a game and this site enables us to participate.
    I don't agree completely with Windy's analysis but that's not the point.If Bassong had not gone across then Kaboul might have got the cross in anyway.We only know what did happen not what might have happened.Corluka was probably sucked in too far but Boateng would not normally have scored from there.
    Would be even better with slo-mo videos W.

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