Analysis of the goal conceded against Wigan Athletic

We can’t say we weren’t warned! Wigan had just created two wonderful chances down the same side of the pitch – Martinez obviously recognising that Bale was bombing on, and that the gap between him and King was exploitable. I won’t often criticise King, simply because he doesn’t make many mistakes, but three times in a row he gave Rodallega far too much room – twice the Colombian picked out teammates in very dangerous positions (and both should have scored), and the third time he picked out the bottom corner.

Rodallega’s goal.

I think it’s Hendry Thomas who picks up the ball just over the half way line, and looks to make use of a huge gap in behind Bale.

This image shows just how far Bale has pushed on – absolutely fine, as we’re looking for a goal, but King should be aware of this. Look how much room Rodallega is in.

Rodallega has pulled away from King, just as he did twice prior. Ledley simply can’t influence play from this distance.

Rodallega gets the ball under control and takes the shot early. King can’t make the block as he has given him too much room.

The ball goes straight through Cudicini.

Despite his reputation, Cudicini is not a good goalkeeper, and we saw enough of him last year to know this – why we are at this stage without having replaced him, I’m not sure.

Much will be said of the “Champions League hangover”, but Spurs struggling against a team that defends deep and in numbers is not a new thing.

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  1. If easily could have been three from those chances, just relieved to see one of them go in! Need you to crack on now and take points off everyone around us! Good luck for the rest of the season.
  2. And to you - I like Martinez, and I'd like to see Wigan stay up.
  3. Let's get Luca Modric back to open up these packed defences
  4. I like Martinez also, I think he has a great career ahead of him.
  5. wigan parked the bus , cars, kit bags, in other words, they did a wolves from last season, our players didnt show up, hangover from wednesday, possibly, went out on the piss friday, underestimating wigan, probably, they had no focus, couldnt pass to one another, made basic mistakes, gave the ball away, showed no imagination, and were basically pitiful, wigan werent good, we didnt show up, pathetic.
    they let us down , and themselves, and especially the manager, who will roast them behind the scenes.
  6. Excellent anaylsis Windy. I couldn't agree more.

    I also would have opted to give both Pav and Keane a start today. It's ok conceding a goal, if we get 4 or 5 in return!

    Defoe looks off the pace, probably because of injury, and Crouch isn't god enough for a PL T4 side. Too inconsistent and very much a one trick pony.
  7. Dawson kept the player onside. He's the weak link when he assumes the Beckenbaeur role as a sweeper.He drops deepest most and is not comfortable on the ball
  8. Well played by Wigan and Martinez = :-(

    What we need is a player like Huntelaar who can make the room to score in tight games like this...and we will get plenty of them this season.

    Modric back might help. And Jenas would have posed more of a threat from midfield than either Palacios or Huddlestone.

    All footballers make mistakes, even Ledley King.
  9. Harry's philosophy is 'Well it worked on Wednesday so lets go with it again'.
    Fresh legs, fresh minds, squad players eager to make an impact should have been used.

    We're fighting on four fronts this year in two legged encounters in the Cl and we have to be more sophisticated in our approach and make better use of the squad that we have.

    You could almost tell from the first ten minutes what was going to happen.

    Poor goal but we actually got away with three other good chances.A lucky let off in some ways.
  10. jimmyg2 i hear that statement very often that wigan think they should have scored more with their chances, let me give you an example of why thats wrong, if they scored, from one of their earlier chances, they would not have got the one they did get, because, we would have woken up, and they would park absolutely everything trying to hold on to their lead, they wouldnt have got any more chances, we didnt show up, and the players should be ashamed of their lacklustre display.
  11. This is more about the coach than the players. We have a largish squad and needed to rest a few weary legs. They sure had an adrenalin come down from the YB match. I'd like to see Martinez suceed at Wigan......early setback for us but may help the boys refocus
  12. Anon 06:57.
    Yes and if my Uncle Bob had been a girl he'd have been my Auntie Margery.
    The point is that we gave them three opportunities to score and they eventually took one.
    If they hadn't scored with that one we might well have given them another the way we were defending.


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