Analysis of the goal conceded against Wolves

Alan Hutton, what an unlikely hero! I am not his biggest fan – primarily because I think he’s a poor defender – but he did well yesterday after replacing the equally impressive Kaboul. It was his driving run which drew the penalty, and then he also got the fortuitous third goal with another determined piece of play. On the whole, I felt Spurs dominated, and will be disappointed not to have kept a clean sheet -the goal we conceded was yet another sloppy one.

Steven Fletcher’s goal (and the others too).

David Jones comes off the touchline, tracked by Assou-Ekotto. At the bottom of the picture is Gareth Bale, who should be responsible for following the right-back, Foley, who is already well clear of him, and about the make a break to the by-line.

Jones tempts the challenge from Assou-Ekotto, and then slides in the full-back, who is in acres of space (Huddlestone has had to take up a more central position to stop the shot), with a nice reverse pass.

Gallas tries to step up and play offside – he has not only got that wrong, but has no idea of what is going on behind him. As a result, Foley is played on by both Gallas and Kaboul.

Foley gets his head up, and he has Fletcher making a dart from far to near post. He is goal-side of Kaboul, but is surely Gallas’ responsibility, with King near post. Having tried to play offside, Gallas is in no-man’s land.

It’s a good ball in but, and I say this yet again, I would fancy Gomes to deal with it – his anticipation and reach would have seen him palm this one out in my opinion. Cudicini makes a move for it but doesn’t get there and, with Fletcher unmarked, leaves a tap in.

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  1. Kaboul was in the process of being taken off when they scored...probable leg injury after watching him limp/walk off - you would hope to think if he was 100% this would would never of happened through better tracking
  2. gallas did everything right ... kaboul was injured and cost the goal. nuff said.
  3. I think Gomes would have got a hand to that cross, and Gallas with trying to get the offside had too much ground to make up in getting back to the 6 yard line.
    Looks like a bit of work to be done, the back line to move up as one, Bale to follow his full back, and have Sandro in there, as he would have covered the full backs run.
  4. It was a good goal for wolves a well worked one & it succeeded due to a myriad of mistakes: bale not tracking his FB; AE being fooled; Thudd being static in case the ball came back in; King not realising that Gallas & Kaboul werer making Foley onside; Gallas not moving up(obviously not coached by Adams) & Kaboul being injured & slow to move and Cudicini not covering quickly enough
    Culpability: Bale & Gallas & perhaps Cudicini as Kaboul was injured
  5. Pretty general cock up here and partly the result of Kaboul being injured and switching off whilst waiting to be subbed.
    Also the result of yet another back four formation who are uncertain of the movements of their colleagues.

    Kaboul very impressive, strong and bold. Hutton who I concede is not a top class defender was very good going forward as he usually is.
    Corluka will have trouble getting back in.
  6. Gallas was ball watching, his decision making was all wrong.
  7. This is a 'deja vu' story. Spurs concede stupid goals much too often. It happened against Bremen and it happened again yesterday. Something wrong with the defense...


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